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In His Own Words- Dividing Not Uniting

In His Own Words- Dividing Not Uniting

Written By Walt Long

Over the years I have always expected  Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrahkan to pimp for media attention (Mainstream media is always glad to help) and their racist remarks thus stirring up hate and division in America. The Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrahkan‘s of the world have become the Judge and Executioner when someone is of a lighter skin does something to someone of the darker skin.  BUT, to come from the President of the United States really shows his bigotry for White America, and does nothing more than divide our great country. I have to ask where are Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrahkan and Barack Hussein Obama when Black Teens Douse 13 Year Old With Gasoline, Set Him on Fire Or this news item from Barack Hussein Obama, Jessee Jackson and Louis Farrakhan town of Chicago Total bloodbath in Chicago: 10 dead, 40 wounded, below is a video about the bloodbath and a picture of the little girl, but then maybe it is because she looks to white for all of these so called leaders, (Obama, Jackson, Sharpton and Farrakhan).

Photo of Aliyah Shell murdered by Chicago, IL Gangbangers


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“They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or * antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

This statement by Obama concerning rural America, small town people from the midwest and Pennsylvania are racist, by the definition of antipathy, most of the rural area of Pennsylvania and the Midwest are white. This statement clearly shows who really is the bigot, and it sure isn’t all of small town USA…


[an-tip-uh-thee] Show IPA

noun, plural -thies.


a natural, basic, or habitual repugnance; aversion.

an instinctive contrariety or opposition in feeling.

an object of natural aversion or habitual dislike.
1595–1605;  < Latin antipathīa  < Greek antipátheia. See anti-, -pathy

Related forms

an·tip·a·thist, noun

1.  disgust, abhorrence, detestation, hatred.

After the arrest of Henry Louis Gates , a black professor and long time friend of Obama’s who verbally abused the police.

“Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home,”

Obama’s most recent comment concerning the Trayyon incident in Sanford FL

“When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids,” he said. “I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative to investigate every aspect of this and that everybody pulls together – federal, state and local – to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened. But my main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin: If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon. And I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are gonna take this with the seriousness it deserves and that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.”

Related article’s Witness counters Trayvon Martin media narrative   and    Zimmerman was on the ground being punched when he shot Trayvon Martin

Just in case you think I am taking any of these atrocities lightly you are wrong, anytime there is murder they all should be looked at as equal and not what color of their skin was, as well as we should not allow the Trial by Media interfere with the TRUTH of the whole mishap in it entirety. Walt


Israel Warns Neighbors Over March to Jerusalem

Source Link: Arutz Sheva

Israel Warns Neighbors Over March to Jerusalem

Israel warns neighbors that it will forcefully respond to attempted breaches of its borders during the ‘Global March to Jerusalem’.

By Elad Benari, Canada


As activists are planning to lead a Global March to Jerusalem next Friday, Israel has warned neighboring countries that it would forcefully respond to attempted breaches of its borders.

The Global March to Jerusalem initiative aims at getting over one million Arabs and their supporters to attempt to infiltrate Israel’s borders on March 30th. A spokesman for the march said last week the initiative “demand[s] freedom for Palestine and its capital Jerusalem.”

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) has presented information that Iran is behind the initiative and openly supports it. The march has also been endorsed by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who was U.S. President Barack Obama’s pastor for 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.

Diplomatic sources told the London-based Asharq Alawsat newspaper on Friday that Israel has sent messages to the governments of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, the Hamas government in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority regarding the planned march.

The report said that in the messages Israel made it clear that anyone who will come near its borders would be considered an infiltrator and the IDF will act against him with full force.

Israel also reportedly demanded that Arab countries not allow an escalation of the tension in the region through marches toward its borders.

Channel 10 News, which cited the Asharq Alawsat report, said that the Israeli Foreign Ministry and Prime Minister’s Office refused to comment on the report.

Earlier this week, radio host Aaron Klein of WABC radio in New York offered $50,000 to an organizer of the Global March to Jerusalem, if he could name one city in the Middle East, outside of Israel, that has more freedom than Jerusalem. The activist was unable to do so.

(Arutz Sheva’s North American Desk is keeping you updated until the start of Shabbat in New York. The time posted automatically on all Arutz Sheva articles, however, is Israeli time.)


Another flotilla heads to Gaza

Source Article Link: YNet

Another flotilla heads to Gaza

Two ships carrying 27 activists from around world depart from Turkey en route to Gaza; slated to reach Strip on Friday

By Yitzhak Benhori

'Tahrir' ship before setting sail

New flotilla: Activists in New York announced Wednesday that two ships carrying 27 activists from five states, including the US, are currently sailing through international waters in the Mediterranean Sea en route to Gaza. The vessels departed from Turkey.

“The Canadian ship Tahrir and Irish ship Saoirse have successfully reached international waters, initiating ‘Freedom Wave to Gaza’. The boats have embarked from Turkey and are on the Mediterranean Sea,” the organisers from Ustogaza group said in an e-mailed statement.

The activists said they did not announce the step in advance in order to prevent US and Israeli pressure on countries where their ships docked. The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) called for an end to the blockade on Gaza and said it supported flotilla efforts to end the isolation of Palestinians in the Strip.

The organization, which provides legal aid to terror suspects held in Guantanamo, criticized US Congress for supporting the blockade.

One of the organizers, Jane Hirschmann, pledged to send more ships to show solidarity with Gaza’s population which she said was being imprisoned. “We shall not keep silent,” she said.

Ben, a left-wing activist in the West Bank told Ynet that on board the ships are citizens from the US, Canada, Ireland, Austria, Denmark and the Palestinian Authority. He noted that the ships originally departed from Ireland and Canada.

“The reason we didn’t publically announce the flotilla before reaching international waters was to prevent delays or sabotage which plagued past flotillas,” he said.

Ben added that the ships are slated to reach Gaza shores on Friday and that the activists do not intend to confront IDF soldiers. “There are no weapons on board and we pledged not to use any form of violence but passive resistance,” he noted. According to Ben, the ships carry humanitarian aid worth $30,000.

IDF to stop flotilla

The government has instructed the IDF to stop any vessel trying to break the siege. The IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit said that Israel intends to offer the activists to transfer the humanitarian aid to Gaza via the Ashdod Port or Egypt. The Navy will not allow the ships to reach Gaza and is preparing to stop it.

The army’s information suggests that among the activists on board the vessels are journalists and an Arab-Israeli citizen. The flotilla was organized by Irish and Canadian pro-Palestinian groups and not the IHH, the army estimates.

IDF officials also believe that the ships carry little medical equipment as the flotilla’s purpose is to create provocation and not necessarily help the Palestinians.

Flooding web with updates

Meanwhile, the activists on board the ships are flooding the web with updates on their mission. Various websites have started following the vessels and are reporting on their whereabouts in the Mediterranean. They were last spotted east of Rhodes.

On activist wrote on his Twitter page that authorities have reduced the number of passengers on board each ship to 12. A journalist participating in the flotilla reported that the Turkish coast guard did not approach the ships.

Prior to setting sail the activists were documented in a video uploaded to the internet. Michael Coleman said he was “the Australian representative on the freedom flotilla. And yeah, there is a sense that this could possibly be déjà vu. I went home from the last flotilla feeling quite frustrated.”

The Alarab website posted a message from Majed Kiyal, a Haifa resident who is also participating in the flotilla.

MK Hanin Zoabi, who participated in 2010’s Gaza flotilla said: “This flotilla is proof that even the Palmer Report could not render an inhumane siege legal.” Zoabi expressed support of the activists and warned against a violent reaction by the IDF.

Elior Levy, Reuters, Hassan Shaalan, Roi Kais and Moran Azulay contributed to this report


PDF Copy of Flier Found at Occupy Phoenix Ponders: ‘When Should You Shoot A Cop?’ Also Bulletin Issued by Arizona Counter-Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC)

This is the same group Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are endorsing. This is the same Barack Obama who asked about the Republicans who would not accept his second stimulus plan disguised as another “Jobs Bill” and made this statement “Are they against putting teachers and police officers and firefighters back on the job?” Now who really is against the Police????????? W

H/T The Blaze

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View this document on Scribd


The Bigotry anti-Semitic Occupy USA

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History can teach us about preventing its Evil past from repeating itself. Yet again, we have individuals blaming the Jews for all the worldly problems, these are the same people Obama and Pelosi are standing with…W


Leftists Claim Fire Bombs

Source Article Link: Spiegel
H/T Internet Haganah

Leftists Claim Fire Bombs

Police Foil Attack on Berlin’s Central Station

Photo Gallery: Fire Bombs Found in Berlin Train Tunnel
Police safely removed several fire bombs found in a tunnel near Berlin’s main train station on Monday. The foiled attack came after a fire set along the line between the capital and Hamburg Deutsch caused major disruption to rail traffic.

German police foiled a planned arson attack on Berlin’s main railway station on Monday and said a statement by left-wing extremists claiming responsibility Seemed authentic.

Explosives experts removed seven petrol bombs equipped with detonators that time had been found by a railway worker in a tunnel leading into the station.

The discovery followed in arson attack on signaling equipment along a rail line in the state of Brandenburg, Which surrounds the Deutsch capital, at around 4 pm The cable fire caused severe delays to local trains and to the mainline service between Berlin and Hamburg, railway operator German railway said.

Thousands of commuters and travelers were affected by delays and cancellations as a result of the attack in Brandenburg and the discovery of the devices in Berlin.

A statement calling itself left-wing group claimed responsibility for the Hekla fire bombs in Berlin online. The group condemned the army’s mission in Afghanistan Deutsch and Demanded the release of imprisoned U.S. soldier Bradley Manning , accused by the U.S. military of having leaked information to Wikileaks.

Possible Connection to May Arson

Police said they were not familiar with Hekla, Which is also the name of an Islenska volcano. There is a possible link with a similar arson attack that caused severe disruption to local train services in Berlin’s May The name of an Islenska volcano which therefore featured in the statement of responsibility issued after the May attack, local newspaper Tagesspiegel reported.

Police said railway passengers would not have been in danger if the bombs had gone off in Berlin on Monday, although the resulting damage to signaling equipment would have caused major problems.

German railway said it will take until Tuesday morning to repair the damaged line in Brandenburg between the stations of Brieselang and Finkenkrug. Delays of up to threequarters of an hour were likely for trips between Berlin and Hamburg until Wednesday because trains have to be rerouted, they said.

Berlin has also seen to increase in arson attacks on cars this year.

Left-Wing Extremism RSS

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Another Anti-Semitic Bigot From The Progressive Left

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Glenn Beck has the article here- Disgusting anti-Semitism on Wall Street



Out for Israel: A New Answer to the Hate Speech of Queers for Palestine

Source Link: NewsRealBlog

Written By Phyllis Chesler

They mean to kill us. They have been saying so for a long time and murdering us as well.  Usually, the world stood by as Jewish blood was shed.

But this time, given the rise of jihad in the Arab Middle East and the deadly rivalry between Sunni and Shia Islamists for who will control the Caliphate, it is not surprising that, as of Egyptian President Mubarak’s departure, Gaza-based Islamists, possibly backed by Iran, stepped up their rocket and mortar attacks on southern Israel, or that, on March 23, a bomb blew up at a Jerusalem bus station filled with civilians. So far, one passenger, a woman, is dead and 39 are wounded, three seriously so.

Let us not forget—let us never forget—the recent murder of five members of the Fogel family in Itamar, which the world media turned into an opportunity to condemn Israeli “settlement” policy.

And now: Something closer to home but actually no less important. It must be seen as part of this same war, the war in which alleged Western progressives: leftists, feminists, anti-racists, and gay liberationists, are aiding, supporting, and funding the demonization of Israel, which they hope will lead to its demise which, in their view, will lead to world peace, even peace for the (unworthy) Jews (who have only themselves to blame if that doesn’t happen).

Yes, I am talking about all the self-righteous apparatchiks who call for boycott, divestment, and sanctions, who view Israel as a Nazi, apartheid state, who silence truth-tellers who are pro-Israel or anti-Islam in the streets, during lectures, at the United Nations, and on campuses all over America and Europe, and who scream ugly curses and carry hateful signs, and in every way try to imitate the hoarse roars of the “Arab street.”

I am talking about New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center. According to their website, the Center receives 6,000 visitors and hosts more than 300 groups each week. “We provide groundbreaking social service, public policy, educational and cultural/recreational programs. We also serve as an incubator for grassroots groups that meet here. Indeed, we were the birthplace of organizations such as the AIDS activist group ACT UP and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), the principal organization combating homophobia and stereotyping of gays in the media.”

According to its website, the Center reported in its audited financial statement that the government granted them $3,618,814 for the year ending June 30, 2010. That same year, it received $2,174,655 in private contributions. Apparently, the Center runs on an annual budget of approximately 10 million dollars and has 14 million dollars in assets. It has a major presence in the gay community both locally and worldwide.

Yesterday, I published a piece about a heroic Jewish gay man, Michael Lucas, who, together with other Center members such as Stuart Applebaum and Steven Goldstein, among others, actually stood up to the continued false portrayal of Israel as an “apartheid” state and the continued provision of space for the funding of possible foreign terrorist entities—and managed to have the third annual Israeli Apartheid Week party canceled at the LGBT Center.

The “party” planned to raise funding for yet another flotilla to break the siege of Gaza. The leader is Sherry Wolf, a socialist activist and writer who is an editor at the International Socialist Review. The anti-Israeli Apartheid group calls itself “Siegebusters”, and although they might have only 57 members, they are mainly Jewish lesbian feminists, and therefore, the Center trembles when they demand something. These are women who know how to yell, express anger, and simply persevere until they get their way.

Or so I have been told.

Intimidation and demonization by “Palestinianized” lesbians

Please understand: For more than 44 years, I have worked with the most noble of lesbian-feminists. Their courage and ability to make sacrifices for larger ideals has given me the greatest joy. I especially want to mention Wanda and Brenda Henson of Camp Sister Spirit who ran a bookstore, a domestic violence and rape crisis center, a woman’s music festival, and faced down the most profound homophobic and racist wrath in the Deep South.  I stood by their side in Ovett, Mississippi and hosted fundraisers for them here in New York City—but that is a tale for another day. My point: In addition to working with me on behalf of custodially embattled mothers and abused children, the Hensons really were anti-racists. They worked with and for African-Americans, and they held Passover sedarim each year in solidarity with the Jews.

I do not know who these new kinds of “Palestinianized” lesbians are.

This NYC LGBT Center is on record as a “home,” a safe haven for every kind of gay group and individual. And yet, amazingly enough, they really mean the Center is a safe space only for those gays, including Jews, who toe the pro-Palestinian and anti-Israeli line. After the Center canceled the March 5, 2011 Siegebusters event, they demonstrated outside the Center on that very day and, on March 14, 2011, Siegebusters packed a forum at the Center in which they drowned out the pro-Israel voices.

They also had their supporters sign petitions and email and call the Center. Thus, when the Gay and Lesbian Yeshiva Day School Alumni Association (GLYDSA), a gay Orthodox group which also meets regularly at the Center, requested that Michael Lucas deliver a lecture for their group at the Center—here’s what happened.

The Center canceled the Lucas lecture.

Well, not exactly. They intimidated and guilt-tripped GLYDSA and made them feel that they would be responsible for any unpleasantness or even danger the Lucas lecture might cause.

According to Lucas, they didn’t cancel it outright. Not at all. Instead, they took it upon themselves to call the GLYDSA representative to say that the “meeting is inappropriate because it won’t be safe…Jews will become afraid to come here. We have received so many threats, there will be protests, this is not a wise thing to do.”

The GLYDSA representative gamely hung in. He said: “At least, can you make sure that our meeting won’t be interrupted?” He was told: “Absolutely not. The Center is open to everyone, everyone is allowed to have their equal say. I suppose if you get interrupted or it seems dangerous, you yourself can call the police and the police can decide what to do.”

Thus, just as the universities, the United Nations, many churches, most mosques, and most other public forums in the West have become utterly dominated by angry hecklers, silencers of anything that is pro-Israel or anti-Islam, intimidators, shriekers, haters, Nazi brownshirts (who view themselves as liberationists and progressives and view the “other side” as Islamophobic demons)—the Gay and Lesbian Center of NYC has joined their ranks.

Increasingly, the only place one can speak the truth without being jeered, interrupted, silenced, and physically menaced is in the safety of one’s own home. Thus, Michael Lucas will be delivering a lecture in a private home for the Orthodox gay and lesbian Jews.

Here is an interview I recently conducted with Michael Lucas.

Read the full Q & A with Michael Lucas

Q: What happened on March 14, 2011?

A: Opponents showed up for the meeting who were just a handful of people who do not really represent the Jewish community or the gay Jewish community. There were people there from several different groups. The loudest group was Jewish lesbians. I would say there were probably 50 of them. Some of them did belong to groups like Siegebusters and some of them didn’t and were speaking for themselves.

There were phony Queer Palestinians who were making absolutely ridiculous suggestions that queers in Palestine were living fine lives, that the agenda of every queer in Palestine is fighting Israel, because they feel that they should “survive first as a Palestinian and then as a queer.” These “Palestinians” have probably never even been to Gaza, rather they were born here or came here at a very young age. They organized themselves to talk about the right to free speech, claiming the pro-Israel supporters were suppressing it. They said that by making the decision not to host Siegebusters, the Gay Center is suppressing free speech and is siding with Zionists. This is not true.

I think we still have not succeeded in getting across our key point —- we are not fighting “criticism of Israel” as many gay journalists wrote and many people think. We are fighting the delegitimization of the State of Israel. The stated goal of these groups is a united, multiracial Palestine. That’s inevitably a Palestine with a growing Muslim majority and the end of the Jewish homeland

The Gay Center Board doesn’t care about Israel. It’s just scared of losing federal funding and Jewish donors. The main concern of the Gay Center is the accusation of anti-Semitism. The Center’s Executive Director, Glennda Testone, says that their biggest concerns are that Siegebusters is not LGBT focused and that they are part of a movement, IAW, that associates Israel with apartheid and they are uncomfortable with that.

Q: Were Arabs involved in the protest on March 5th and in the March 14th meeting?

A: There are Arabs from different countries and many phony Palestinians. Gay Muslims living in the US don’t care about LGBT rights in Muslim countries. They are protected by gay rights here so they don’t care about gay rights for their gay brothers and sisters in their native countries. They live in safety in America. Their preoccupation is not with helping Iranian gays from being hung or beheaded. Their agenda is to crush Israel. This is what the gay Arab movement is about. I do not see the difference between straight Muslims or gay Muslims when it comes to Israel or LGBT rights in Muslim countries.

Q: Do you think that your experiences in Soviet Russia have taught you what Brownshirt fascism is really about, what totalitarianism is and can do?

A: Russia taught me that Israel is incredibly important. Russia was so anti-Semitic that for many Jews, Israel is a logical answer, just like for the Jews who survived the Holocaust. It’s the opposite of arrogant American Jews that, for the most part, don’t know about anti-Semitism. They don’t even know what Israel is about or of its purpose and creation. As for gay Jews, they are all totally involved with gay rights, so if they are not anti-Israeli, then they simply don’t have time for Israel. It’s not anywhere on their radar. Most gay organization boards are at least a quarter Jewish. And it never occurs to them that Israel is in much more danger than gay people in America are at this point.

Q: How do you answer their challenge that not being allowed to hate Israel and tell Big Lies about Israel is equivalent to squashing their First Amendment and Free Speech rights?

A: The point is that this has nothing to do with free speech. They can exercise their free speech anywhere else. They are even being hosted in universities. This has to do with their event not belonging in the Gay Center, which was founded on giving space to gay focused groups who are forwarding the LGBT agenda. Hate towards Israel has nothing to do with the mission of the Center.

Q: What do you think will happen next at the Center?

A: It’s difficult to say. I can tell you for sure that I will rally Jewish organizations and bring what happened at the Center to the attention of straight organizations which oppose anti-Semitism. Unfortunately we don’t have enough gay people to speak out on our side, though I’m about to change this. I am starting a new organization called Out For Israel. It will be my answer to the organization Queers for Palestine.

Phyllis Chesler is an Emerita Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies at City University of New York. For extended biography visit The Phyllis Chesler Organization.


Turkey: New Gaza Flotilla To Contain 15 Ships

To understand more about (IHH) you can click on Discover The Networks and A Portrait of (IHH). Also you may want to read Who Is Viva Palestina. These are not very nice people, example of two of their leaders are Billy Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn, yes that very same Billy Ayres that was just a person in Obama’s Chicago neighborhood.Walt

Source Link: Stratfor

March 22, 2011

About 30 organizers from 15 countries met in the Spanish capital of Madrid early February 2011 to discuss plans by the Turkish organization Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) and several European groups to send a 15-ship flotilla to the Gaza Strip between May 15 and May 30, the anniversary of 2010’s interception, Haaretz reported March 22. Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon will summon foreign ambassadors to the ministry to help stop the flotilla, which has asked the governments of some nationals planning to join the flotilla to guarantee their safety should Israel attempt to stop the ships again. Israel will launch a public campaign March 22 against the flotilla plan.


Greek Authorities Hit Back at Anarchists

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Source Link: Stratfor

Greek Authorities Hit Back at Anarchists
Greek police outside anarchist safe-houses in Athens raided on March 14

Greek police raided two apartments linked to members of the Conspiracy of Fire Cells anarchist group in the early morning of March 14, arresting seven people and seizing weapons and other equipment. Greek anarchists have increased their activity this year in response to the trial of 13 alleged Conspiracy of Fire Cells members. The March 14 raid provided authorities useful intelligence and evidence and may disrupt the anarchist group for some time.

The police raid targeted two apartments — one in Holargos, a suburb of northern Athens, and another about 326 kilometers (200 miles) north in Nea Ionia near Volos. Police arrested 25-year-old Constantinos Papadopoulos and his girlfriend, who was later released, in the Holargos raid. Authorities detained Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Bolano Ntamiano and Christos Tsakalos, aged 25, 24 and 32, respectively, in the second raid. These individuals have been wanted by Greek authorities for the past year for their alleged connections to Conspiracy of Fire Cells. Two other individuals, Olga Economidou and Giorgos Polydoras, were also arrested in the raid in Nea Ionia.

During the raids, police uncovered various weapons, including two to three automatic assault rifles, six to seven handguns, a large amount of ammunition and metal clubs. Authorities also discovered other items such as wireless radios, bulletproof vests, police uniforms, wigs and computers. Results from ballistic tests run on the weapons indicate they have not been used in any anarchist attacks, although authorities are carrying out more tests.

The anarchist group, Conspiracy of Fire Cells, believes in the rejection of authority, capitalism and consumerism. The group has carried out and attempted many attacks in the past few years. In November 2010, the group was implicated in parcel bombs addressed to the Mexican, Belgian, Dutch, Swiss, Russian, Bulgarian, Chilean and German embassies in Athens, as well as to French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. On June 24, 2010, an employee with the Greek Ministry of Public Security was killed when he opened a parcel explosive device allegedly linked to Conspiracy of Fire Cells.

Following the serial parcel bombings, Greek authorities began trying 13 individuals for their alleged connections to this anarchist group. In the lead-up to the start of the trial on Jan. 17, Conspiracy of Fire Cells and other anarchist groups stepped up their rhetoric, attacks and cooperation.

The raid on March 14 continues the authorities’ push to disrupt Conspiracy of Fire Cells in Greece. The intelligence and evidence gathered from these raids, such as fingerprints, ballistics and weapons tracing, and telephone and computer records, will enable Greek police to continue their ongoing operations to take down the group. Authorities have stated that they believe some of the individuals arrested in the latest raid were leading figures within the group. If so, this could leave a gap in the group’s logistics and operations functions — not to mention raise concerns about operational security — that Greece security forces could further exploit.


Israeli Apartheid Week: Political Theater at Its Worst

This is an excellent article written by Dr. Chesler. I have often wondered after reading the Qur’an and studying what the punishments are in Islamic Controlled States or Countries concerning Gays and Women who would dare show any part of their body, or not be with their husband, or a Male relative when they stepped out of their home. If a woman is raped, the woman is considered guilty unless she can provide 4 witnesses, where the male only needs himself. The only conclusion I can think of for this hatred of the Jews, is the prejudice and hate of the Jewish people much like Hitler and the German population under Nazism, the need to blame someone or something for all that was wrong with the world on the Jews, much like what is happening in the world today. I would hope we would have learned our lesson from such hatred.

Below the article is a PDF copy of what Islam says about homosexuality. Some might say yes but the Christians are against homosexuality, yes there are those in the Christian religion who do not condone homosexuality because of what the Bibles states about it, the big difference is, Christian Countries like the United States do not hang or stone the individual for being Gay. Walt

Source Link:

by Phyllis Chesler

The mob roars its hoarse, ear-splitting chants. “Death to the Jews,” “Death to Zionism,” “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free.” Keffiyas abound: On heads, over faces, around shoulders. The Arab “street” is on the move—in Toronto, Montreal, Amherst, Washington, D.C., Cleveland, St. Louis, Houston, Berkeley, and in Oxford, Belfast, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich, and many other Western cities.

Liberal-fascist westerners are busy “slumming,” all dressed up as presumably persecuted Arabs, but real Arabs are also mob-dancing in the streets of Nablus, Ramallah, Jaffa, Bethlehem, Amman, and Gaza, and in at least five cities in South Africa, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban—yes, Durban, the site of the infamous and sickening United Nations conferences of 2001 and 2009, where, in the name of “anti-racism,” UN members attacked only the Jewish state.

In 2001, the delegation from the United States at Durban withdrew after reviewing the working document which, once again, equated Zionism with Racism. The U.S. boycotted the second Durban conference. In 2009, the European Union delegates withdrew during President Ahmadinejad’s speech, in which he referred to Israel as “totally racist,” and to the Holocaust as an “ambiguous and dubious question.” However, many of the other delegates, from more than 100 countries, remained and applauded him.

The second Durban conference was chaired by a Libyan diplomat.

The lunatics have indeed taken over the asylum—but this time, they are armed with nuclear weapons, surface-to-air missiles, rockets, suicide killers, sarin gas and mustard gas. What’s new is that the supposedly sane people, the truth-tellers, the progressives, the “good people,” have joined them.

Yes, it is that time of year again. March is not only Women’s History Month. It is also the month in which Israeli Apartheid Week is appearing in 55 cities around the world. I use the word “appearing” advisedly. This is political theatre at its worst (or at its diabolical best), the kind of Living Theatre (pace, Judith Malina, I am not writing about your Living Theatre) that is meant to end with a genocidal attack on the Jewish state or, at the very least, its dismantling. There is no such thing as truth, everything is relative, there is no reality, only theatrical subjectivity. One of Berkeley’s Apartheid Week activities is “Resistance Through Rhymes,” a free concert and presentation including various hip-hop artists.

Oh, I am such an alarmist. So selfish, so provincial. The Arab Muslim Middle East is on a major meltdown; even as I write, Daffy Gaddafi is brutally massacring his own people, and here I go again, concerned with the Jews. There are eighty million non-Jews in Egypt alone, and here I am, concerned with the fate of, at most, 13-14 million Jews world-wide, of whom a mere six million live in Israel. Have I no shame?

But Israel is the symbol of what’s best about the West: the rule of law, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, the right to dissent, individual rights, human rights, gay rights. Israel even provides a safe haven for Arab women in flight from being honor murdered and gay Arabs from the disputed territories who would otherwise be tortured and murdered either by their families, their neighbors, or their leaders.

Allow me to say, not once, but a hundred times: Israel is not now and has never been an Apartheid or Nazi nation state. It is nothing—absolutely nothing–like the former South Africa. However, Muslims are the world’s largest practitioners of both gender and religious apartheid. You can quote me on that. Please do.

Whenever the innocent are punished, the guilty get away scot free. It is the Muslim world, not Israel, which is the world’s greatest practitioner of gender and religious apartheid. Islam has a long and bloody history of imperialism, colonialism, racism, and slavery. Indeed, ethnic Arab Muslims, in Sudan for example, still keep slaves, usually black African Muslim, Christian, and animist slaves. The West, including our so-called progressives, must understand that the West has not caused such barbarism and misogyny in the Muslim world. Some customs are endemic to cultures which have, so far, refused to evolve.

According to Dr. Catherine Chatterley, the founding director of the Canadian Institute for the Study of Antisemitism:

The first [Israeli Apartheid Week] event was held at the University of Toronto in 2005. The following year, it included Montreal and Oxford. In 2007, it grew to eight cities; in 2008, to 24 cities; in 2009, to 38 cities; last year, to over 40 cities. This year, IAW will be held in over 55 cities worldwide.

Four years after Durban I, in 2005, Israeli Apartheid Week was born in Toronto. That July, 170 Palestinian civil-society organizations released an official call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (better known as BDS) against Israel. The document clearly stated that the call was modelled on the example of the South African struggle against Apartheid.

As with the original anti-apartheid movement, the goal of IAW is explicitly political. And yet the rhetoric of IAW is left open enough to incorporate: (1) critics of Israel who still support a two-state solution; (2) those who support the dismantling of the current Jewish State and its replacement with a single (highly theoretical) secular democratic state; and (3) those who support the destruction of Israel by any means necessary. All three camps are included amongst supporters of IAW and the BDS campaign, and therefore the lines are often blurred between harsh criticism of the state of Israel, outright condemnation of its continued existence, and calls for its eradication. This is a serious problem, and one that appears to be designed quite consciously by IAW and the BDS movement.

In my view, the world-wide political left, especially the New Left, which came of age in the 1960s, cannot abandon its own youthful and exceedingly self-righteous identities. They continue to fight against American capitalism, American racism, and American foreign policy, and refuse to give up the political “high” of fighting South African apartheid as an international movement. That was their Good War, their best Broadway production, and they cannot bear to ring the curtain down.

Please understand: Israeli Apartheid Week takes place both on and off campus and lasts anywhere from four to eight days. For example, this year at Berkeley, the political festivities began on March 1st on campus and featured Susan Abulhawa: “Telling the Palestinian Story.” The programmers proclaim that “Palestinians are not always given the opportunity to share their experiences and their struggle. In Susan’s best seller book, Mornings in Jenin, she expresses fully the human dimension of the Palestinian struggle.”

This is a Big Lie since the pro-Palestinian point of view has flooded our culture not only on campus but in the media, on the internet, at the United Nations, in books, and at every human rights organization.

Other Berkeley Apartheid Week activities are planned at the Memorial Glade Church, the Multi-cultural Community Center of the Student Union, and the First Congregational Church of Berkeley, as well as on campus. The week also features a screening of the documentary “Soweto to Berkeley” which has interviews with South African Bishop Desmund Tutu and Berkeley Free Speech activist, Mario Savio. Their last event will take place on March 9th, and is a panel on Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions.

I do not think that UC Berkeley is providing its students with an even-handed presentation of both sides. Do you?

It is also important to note that the Muslim Student Association is a key sponsor as well as a group which reflects the vision and does the bidding of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Canada’s Dr. Chatterly believes that Israeli Apartheid Week is the linchpin of a “global strategy to weaken Israel’s connection to the West by delegitimizing Zionism.” This strategy includes boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israelis in all areas “from culture to sport to business to academe” and includes having “Western courts issue arrest warrants for visiting Israeli officials…and (seeks) to justify anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism as legitimate forms of anti-Zionist or anti-racist resistance.”

She is right.

Today, anti-Semitism is not only the province of Islamists or of right-wing racists but is precisely what characterizes the Stalinized and “Palestinianized” western intelligentsia and their trendiest members: Gay liberationists.

Six years ago, then Israeli Minister of Global Anti-Semitism, and Russian refusenik hero, Natan Sharansky, asked me whether I thought that “leftists, feminists, and gay liberationists could be turned around on the question of Israel.” I told him that I did not think this was possible but that I would work on the problem.

The “queers,” including the Jewish “queers,” marched up front in all the anti-Israel pro-Palestinian rallies; they were and still are heavily overrepresented in the Israeli Apartheid Week activities.

True, over the years, but only privately, a few Jewish lesbian or bisexual feminists told me, quietly, that they “wished they had my courage” or that I was “definitely right about Israel.” Lady-like stuff, nothing too loud, too pushy or too Jewish. When Christian lesbian feminists started coming around on this subject they were more outspoken, (still in private), less torn or ambivalent.

In the last year, a few Jewish lesbian feminists, together with StandWithUs, have actually been gathering on a regular basis in Berkeley’s Sproul Plaza, holding an Israeli flag. They have lost all their friends and former political comrades who now stand opposite them holding a Palestinian flag. This was the first and possibly only break within the ranks that I knew about.

Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when New York’s LGBT Center canceled an anti-Israel “Party to End Apartheid” which was scheduled to take place on March 5th, just before Israeli Apartheid Week. This was a small but significant “first” of its kind. The cancellation took place after Michael Lucas, a gay celebrity and “adult entertainment” producer, threatened to organize donors. Nevertheless, on March 5th, LGBT anti-Israel protestors descended on the center en masse, recreating the excessive rhetoric of Act Up, to protest the cancellation. They claimed they had been censored, that free speech was on the line, that LGBT Jews with money had shut down their hate speech party.

The March 5th Israeli Apartheid Week party was planned by a group called Siege Busters, which is working to raise funds for a new flotilla to challenge the Israeli navy’s blockade of the Gaza Strip. (No, they are not working to free Israeli captive Gilad Shalit). Its online petition protesting the cancellation of the anti-Israel “party” has so far garnered more than 1,600 signatures, including those of Joan Nestle, Judith Butler, Matt Forman, and Scott Long, who formerly headed the LGBT desk at Human Rights Watch. However, the majority of signatories do not seem to be “known” intellectuals and activists, which means that the poisoned propaganda has filtered right on down to the people.

Lucas and his supporters are outraged. “If the LGBT Center wants to host a fundraising and awareness party for anti-Semites,” Lucas said in a statement, “they might as well go all the way and host a tea dance for Fred Phelps (the gay-hating head of the Westboro Baptist Church).” Steven Goldstein, a rabbinical student and chair of Garden State Equality, pointed out: “I find it impossible to separate Zionism and Judaism. Those who try to separate them don’t have a clue as to what Judaism is all about…To call it an apartheid state, that is meshugge. It is a word designed to hurt and designed to de-legitimize the state of Israel.”

But the Israel = Apartheid charge is not only anti-Semitic and therefore racist; it is ridiculous on its face. How can Israel be an apartheid state when there is no legal separation between Arabs and Jews in Israel? Unlike black South Africans under apartheid, Arabs (“the Palestinians”) are citizens. Fourteen of the 120 members of the current Knesset are Arabs. Arabs can work in the same offices, learn in the same schools, receive medical treatment in the same hospitals, and relax on the same beaches. Yes, there is some discrimination against Muslim and Christian Arabs, (as well as discrimination against Jews from Arab countries), and some de facto racial segregation in Israel—just as there is in America, Canada and Europe, and in every other country where Israeli Apartheid Week events will be taking place.

Please realize: The Arab, mainly Muslim Middle East, is almost entirely “judenrein;” Jews have been ethnically cleansed from these lands. For that matter, Christians, cannot worship openly and are savagely persecuted. Muslims who convert to Christianity are honor murdered. Finally, both Jews and Palestinians are denied citizenship, residency, and certain jobs in the Arab Muslim countries of the Middle East.

These week-long/nearly month long Israeli Apartheid Week pageants provide no such balance, no context, no historical or moral perspective. They fail to note that Muslim-majority countries are religious supremacists; that Muslims feel “persecuted” when infidels have rights of any kind, and have persecuted, exiled, force-converted or slaughtered Hindus, Sikhs, Ba’hai, Zoroastrians, Christians, and Jews—who are also peoples of color.

What makes the LGBT center’s initial decision to sponsor the anti-Israel Apartheid party so outrageous is that Israel is the safest haven in the Arab and Muslim world—get ready for it, here it comes—for Arab Palestinians who do not have the same civil rights in Gaza, on the West Bank, or anywhere else in the anti-Palestinian Muslim Middle East. Michael Lucas is also right: Israel is also the only safe haven for gay people, especially for “out” gays in the Middle East. Palestinian homosexuals are tortured and murdered by the gangsters, Islamists, and terrorists who are now running Gaza. Israel grants Palestinian gays asylum.

Lesbian feminist Sherry Wolf, associate editor of the International Socialist Review, and her comrades, accuse Michael Lucas of using his money and influence to censor them, to squelch their First Amendment rights. But this is absurd; there is a difference between being censored and being unsponsored by one organization. Those who condemn Israel as an Apartheid state, are allowed to trumpet their Big Lies everywhere, which they are doing to great effect on campuses, (which should teach the truth but do not do so), at rallies, at human rights organizations, at the United Nations, and in the world-wide media. The fact that Wolf claims to be speaking for and defending the rights of Palestinian “queers” is a nonstarter.

Wolf is not alone. She, and so many other gay people, including leftists and feminists, are so afraid of being called “racists,” that their fear trumps any interest they may have in women’s rights, human rights, or even gay rights.

In reality, this “politically correct ” position is meant to help all those whose self-perceived psychological safety lies in merging with the trendiest-victim-of-them-all. This choice is all about maintaining one’s own social, career and funding status.

This pro-Palestinian position is not an anti-racist position; it is an opportunistic and cowardly position. What’s more: It is actually a racist position. If one is genuinely an anti-racist, one does not condemn Arab and Muslim women, gays, and dissidents, including Palestinians, to a lower sub-human standard of human rights and reserve for oneself a higher and different standard.

How and why has Israeli Apartheid Week come into being and remained in existence for six years? The monied Saudi Lobby, the former Soviet Lobby, the Arab League Lobby; the influence of Edward Said’s work on the post-colonial anti-racist western academy; the world-wide rise and influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Palestine Liberation Movement, Hamas, Hezbollah and Khomeinism; the anti-American and pro-“Palestinian” Western Left (with its penchant for theatrical politics)–have all played a part in this grotesque tragedy.

In addition, Charles Jacobs, President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, has suggested that the extraordinarily ugly, and really out-of-control anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hatred on American campuses is due, in part, to the failure of American Jewish organizations to both acknowledge and combat it. And to a long-term, patient, and little-noticed Arab-American strategy. Jacobs writes:

In 1990, (more than 20 years ago), James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, explained on Jordanian TV how the Arab Lobby can and will match Jewish political and organizational success in America. Zogby and his allies recognized that the campus and the media, unlike Capitol Hill, are two battle grounds that Arabists could win by allying themselves with the American left. In both venues they already had beachheads and feet on the ground. The campus was in transition politically, influenced by ’60s tenured radicals who had adopted the dogma of post-colonialism, and its Palestinian version, Professor Edward Said’s ‘Orientalism.’

Moreover, America was experiencing a significant increase in foreign born Muslim students as well as increased Muslim immigration (many from countries with a culture of vicious anti-Semitism). Zogby focused on forming alliances with Marxist professors, die-hard socialist activists, African- American student groups, gay-lesbian groups and, most importantly, Jewish progressives.

Zogby’s strategy, together with massive Arab funding, has quite clearly worked. The world now believes that the most important and most persecuted group alive are the Palestinians and that the Israelis oppress and torment them, are the sole cause of their enormous suffering, and that Israel is, indeed, an Apartheid nation state.

However, the real victim is not the barefoot Palestinian peasant but the Jewish state. Israel is engaged in an asymmetrical battle for its very existence According to Elliott Chodoff, a major in the Israeli Defense Force and a political and military analyst whom I met and worked with at the Advocates for Civil Liberties conference last month in Toronto, (“When Middle East Politics Invade the Campus”) there has only been one, long, still ongoing war against Israel since the state first came into being. “Israel’s many enemies want to destroy the Jewish state; Israel does not want to be destroyed. Our enemies want to make it impossible for us to defend ourselves. If Jews defend their lives it is seen as criminal.”

And if Jew haters viciously attack Israel it is seen as…self-defense or as freedom-fighting or as “anti-racist” work.

The propaganda war against Israel, especially as personified by Israeli Apartheid Week has grown grotesquely out of hand. It will not be simple or easy to reverse.

Canadian corporate consultant Joel Shapiro suggests that pro-Israel groups “go to universities which allow/enable/facilitate/sponsor” an anti-Israel Apartheid week and “insist that they also allow an anti-Pakistan, anti-Saudi, or anti-Iran week.” Once the University admits the impossibility of allowing a major event that is critical of an Islamic country, they will almost always be forced to likewise cancel the anti-Israel week. If they won’t do one, they shouldn’t do the other. And if they continue with the one but not the other, then we should follow up with a STRONG media campaign on how they are targeting Israel but refusing to even contemplate legitimate critique against other nations, and hence are complicit in promoting racism.”

Professor Catherine Chatterly calls for “intelligent discussion and debate that employs meaningful, ethical, and accurate language to describe what are truly difficult, complex, and contested histories. People need to take responsibility for their own personal feelings of rage and frustration and they must be encouraged to exercise self-control in multicultural public spaces.” She wants to teach students to “unpack” the gross propaganda against Israel, she wants better academic programming, fact-driven objective truth to be taught on campus. She wants disagreements among informed truth-tellers to be civil and respectful.

As a scholar and former professor, I have always prized hunting the truth down and then teaching it—along with the views of others–to my students. I do not think that I am obliged to teach Big Lies or to welcome such Lies on campus merely because they may be protected by the First Amendment.

I do not trust the “truths” of those who heckle, jeer, mock, interrupt, physically menace, and in so doing, silence and censor any speech with which they disagree. This decidedly uncivil and menacing behavior most resembles the Arab, Soviet, and Maoist Streets at their worst, the 1960s old New Left in America, including the Black Panthers–and, for that matter, their late 20th century and early 21st century admirers and descendents such as Act Up, Code Pink, Acorn’s bullies at the American voting booth, and Alinsky-style labor union thugs in Madison, Wisconsin.

What is Islam’s Position on Homosexuality?

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Obama’s Economic Advisers: International Socialists, Union Thugs, NBC Execs, Soros Scholars, Subprime Lenders, Amnesty Shills, and Campaign Cronies

Source Link: Floyd Reports

Written By Ben Johnson

The media enthused when Barack Obama bloviated during his State of the Union Address, “We need to out-innovate, out-educate, and out-build the rest of the world.” They now enthuse that the president has appointed members to his new Council on Jobs and Competitiveness allegedly designed to cut down inefficient regulations and unnecessary government burdens. None of the media announced that the appointees are a collection of globalists, media elites at NBC News, union thugs, amnesty activists, employees of Soros-funded think tanks, wealth redistributionists, business failures in the subprime lending industry, and Chicago cronies. Nonetheless, today’s issue of USA Today is already spinning the story under the headline, “Obama Wants Business World’s Best Ideas on Jobs.”

Where he would get those ideas is anyone’s guess.

Richard Trumka is perhaps the most conspicuous choice on this job-creating council. Trumka, who recently admitted to Astroturfing the protests in Wisconsin and around the country, is president of the AFL-CIO and a longtime Big Labor activist with a shady history. Michelle Malkin has noted that Trumka led the United Mine Workers when a non-union worker named Eddie York was shot to death in the midst of a mining strike. The UMW aided all eight union members present at the scene of the crime and disciplined none of them. In a separate incident, Trumka incited a crowd in Illinois to “kick the s–t out of every last” person who crossed the UMW picket line. Working his way up the ranks, as AFL-CIO treasurer he was implicated in two money-laundering scandals involving the Teamsters. He said if he were forced to testify before Congress, he would invoke the Fifth Amendment. Trumka climbed the ladder by gripping the coattails of John Sweeney, the union’s former president and member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Sweeney and Trumka saw the union donate more than $200 million in political aid to the Democrats in 2008 and send out more than 250,000 “volunteers,” many of whom worked for Obama in swing states. On February 15, Barack Obama awarded Sweeney the Medal of Freedom.

After succeeding Sweeney as the union’s president in September 2009, Trumka decided to further radicalize the union. Just last fall, Trumka insisted, “We need to fundamentally restructure our economy and re-establish popular control over the private corporations which have distorted our economy and hijacked our government. That’s a long-term job but one we should start now.” To that end, Trumka has worked with European socialists to establish a global tax, a measure that is also a top priority of Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren. Last year, Trumka carried out his threats to go after Democrats who opposed ObamaCare’s “public option,” failing to oust Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln as the Democratic nominee.

The new council position provides no real boost to Trumka; he doesn’t need one. Although certain members of Obama’s Cabinet have not heard from the president after serving two years into his administration, Trumka recently boasted: “I’m at the White House a couple times a week. Two, three times a week. I have conversations everyday with someone in the White House or in the administration. Everyday.”

Trumka is not the only union thug with a seat at the table.

Joseph T. Hansen helps Trumka present the Labor Left’s views. Hansen is president of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) and chairman of Change to Win, the AFL-CIO’s major union rival (the one formed by SEIU). Like Trumka, Hansen is already a frequent presidential advisor. Hansen serves as a member of Obama’s Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiations. Hansen, too, helped elect Obama. UFCW’s political action committee, United Food & Commercial Workers International Union Active Ballot Club, spent $673,309 on Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and $3.5 million on Democratic candidates in 2008 and 2010.

Perhaps Hansen’s most valuable contribution, though, was his union’s most famous alumna, Buffy Wicks. Wicks ran the union’s Wake Up Wal-Mart campaign. During her time on UFCW’s payroll, the union announced “an exciting new partnership” with ACORN. After honing her community organizing skills on that crusade, she ran the 2008 Obama campaign on the West Coast and Missouri, for which she was rewarded with a position in Valerie Jarrett’s Office of Public Engagement. Wicks famously presided over the conference call instructing publicly funded artists to produce political propaganda to advance the president’s agenda. (Left-wing activist Sally Kohn recently admitted the administration presided over a series of such potentially illegal meetings.) In addition to his union’s assault on the nation’s largest employer, Hansen is part of the group America’s Agenda, an alliance of Big Labor and Big Business whose members work to promote national health care. Coincidentally, the UFCW also received an ObamaCare waiver.

Hansen, too, is an international socialist and amnesty advocate. His biography at the UFCW website states, “His early experience with global unionism provided him with the foresight to realize that only global solidarity can confront global corporations.” Translated, that means, “Workers of the world, unite.”

Hansen advocates amnesty for illegal aliens. He accused Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of violating the Fourth Amendment “rights” of illegal immigrants during workplace raids in the Bush years. Hansen co-authored a piece for The Huffington Post demanding “immigration reform” (read: amnesty) for the nation’s 13 million illegal immigrants, claiming that would raise wages for all Americans. His co-author, SEIU International Secretary-Treasurer Eliseo Medina, was more forthcoming about his real intentions. An honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America, Medina admitted he supported the bill because “it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters…we will create a governing coalition for the long-term, not just for an election cycle.” Hansen has served as president of Union Network International (UNI), an international union, since 2003.

Laura D’Andrea Tyson, another appointee, is currently a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. CAP, which received significant start-up money from George Soros, is the most influential think tank in the Obama administration, housing such intellectual giants as Van Jones. Tyson is also a professor in the business school at the University of California at Berkeley, and formerly its dean. She sits on the advisory board for Newman’s Own Foundation, which heavily funds left-wing causes. Tyson gave a preview of her economic advice in an August op-ed for the New York Times entitled, “Why We Need a Second Stimulus.” She argued, “Our national debate about fiscal policy has become skewed, with far too much focus on the deficit…too much worry about the size of government.” Echoing the economic savant Nancy Pelosi, Tyson wrote, “Two forms of spending with the biggest and quickest bang for the buck are unemployment benefits and aid to state governments. The federal government should pledge generous financing increases for both programs through 2011.”
Monica C. Lozano is “Publisher and CEO of La Opinión, the nation’s largest Spanish language daily newspaper,” as well as CEO for impreMedia LLC.  The White House press release states Lozano sits on the boards of “several non-profit organizations.” It omits the fact that one of these happens to be the National Council of La Raza. La Raza (“The Race”) supports giving drivers licenses, voting rights, and in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. Its generous donors include George Soros. Gray Davis appointed Lozano a regent of the University of California in 2001. However, her own academic career seems less than stellar. She described her undergrad days at the University of Oregon in Eugene, saying, “I studied sociology and political science for the most part, and became involved in a women’s collective that put out a newspaper called Women’s Press…Keep in mind that this was when women’s studies was born.” She did not finish her degree but instead bummed around Latin America before using her family connections to land her job at La Opinión, a newspaper founded by her grandfather. “When I came to La Opinión in 1985, I came without direct newspaper experience, no daily print experience whatsoever,” she confessed. “It’s a family-owned and operated company, started by my grandfather, then my dad and my brother and my sister, and so obviously my relationship to what I was doing and why I was here was different than most people who had worked their way up through the ranks to end up editing a major newspaper. They really opened the doors and asked me to come in, knowing full well that I didn’t have sort of a traditional background and experience that you would find in most managing editors.” She defends the newspaper as challenging the Roman Catholic Church, supporting abortion on demand, condom distribution, and needle-exchange programs for junkies. She admitted candidly, “I think, people have seen me as being too liberal or too left-wing.” However, she will not challenge her readership on one important point: she will not ask them to learn the English language. Lozano has said as far as she is concerned, language balkanization is here to stay – so get used to it, Gringo! “[A]ll of our readership studies show that even when 40 percent of our readers have been here twelve years or over, they still prefer to read in Spanish,” she said.” Even though they’re perfectly bilingual and proficient in English, they still prefer to be informed in Spanish. They prefer reading Spanish.” One need hardly guess her position on illegal immigration. Lozano’s lack of business preparation hardly hampered her business growth due to a bustling trade in illegals and the near-complete lack of assimilation of the nation’s Hispanic population, urged by academia. At least her business succeeded, unlike that of another council member’s family business.

Penny Pritzker is a longtime Chicago crony of Barack and Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett. An heiress to the Pritzker fortune (Hyatt hotels, etc.), she served as Obama’s 2008 national finance chairwoman. Chicago Sun Times columnist Lynn Sweet notes that Pritzker cost Superior Bank customers a pretty penny by pushing the bank to invest in subprime loans, the kernel of the housing market collapse and current recession. Bert Ely, a banking consultant, testified before Congress that “Superior was effectively facilitating very sleazy lending.” When federal regulators seized the bank in 2001, the institution left 1,400 customers without some of all of their savings. Pritzker addressed the situation, writing, “I am proud of how my family responded to this situation.” The Washington Post reported that this performance put her “at the top of Obama’s list” for Commerce Secretary, a post she declined. That has not kept her or her family from closely advising the first couple. Penny Pritzker’s husband, Bryan Traubert, serves on the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships; so does Cindy Moelis, the Executive Director of the Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation established by Penny and Bryan. Yet another Pritzker, Rachel Pritzker Hunter, is the treasurer of Media Matters and a member of the Democracy Alliance, one of the many groups George Soros established to pool and distribute money from wealthy elites to far-Left causes. Other women on the new economic council have been more successful but no less radical.

Sheryl Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer of FaceBook. Sandberg entered the public eye as chief of staff to Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, Lawrence Summers. She also serves on the board of the center-Left Brookings Institution and a group known as V-Day. And what is V-Day? It is the international feminist organization founded by playwright Eve Ensler, which produces “annual benefit performances of The Vagina Monologues.” The play’s thorough-going vulgarity – including a slang term for vagina that begins with “c” and questions about the odor omitted from that orifice – is the least offensive part of the play. The script gives a positive portrayal of a 24-year-old lesbian seducing and raping a 13-year-old girl. (Subsequent scripts raise the minor’s age to 16.) Before the 2004 election, V-Day produced a show at the Apollo Theater entitled “Vaginas Rock, Chicks Vote.” As part of V-Day, Sandberg helps bring Ensler’s glorification of deviate pedophilia to new audiences around the country.

Jeffrey Immelt, who will head the council, is CEO of General Electric, the parent company of NBC, and whose holdings include MSNBC, the president’s favorite network. Its political action committee, GEPAC, donated $2.4 million to Democrats. Immelt’s colleagues at GE told BusinessWeek they hope Immelt’s role in the administration will give him inside information about policies set “to impact GE coming out from Washington.” Others have noted how Obama’s “green energy” agenda benefits GE, as well as mainland China. By one estimate, GE received $49 million in federal stimulus grants alone. However, Immelt is not the only NBC interest represented on the board.

Brian L. Roberts, as head of Comcast, made the decision to become majority owner of NBC Universal. By chance, on the very day he announced he would be merging the two media titans, he sent Barack Obama a letter endorsing ObamaCare. Upon sealing the deal, he enthused, “The single most awesome asset that comes from this deal is NBC News.” He gave a not-very-convincing promise that the Peacock Network’s public affairs coverage would “keep down the middle, whatever that means.”

That is not to say the president appointed nothing but extremists to this panel. There are some genuine business authorities, including some Republicans. They serve as eyewash. As with his Cabinet picks, which lulled some pseudoconservatives into sycophancy, the moderates exist to provide cover for the council’s radical members, who alone have Obama’s ear.

Not only does this council not include business’s “best ideas,” it is virtually a retread of an earlier presidential advisory group. No fewer than nine members of the “new” council already serve on the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

Despite the abundance of Big Labor and Big Business appointees, not everyone is represented. Small businesses were frozen out of the discussion, as they have been from the entire administration, although they are the engine of economic growth. Jean Card of the National Federation of Independent Business, observing the council’s makeup, remarked, “It feels like (an effort to win) political points.”

Small business people and the taxpayers have no place in the administration. Meanwhile, USA Today reports that Valerie Jarrett, the main conduit of radicals into the Obama administration, is maintaining her “longevity” in the White House.

Unlike the mainstream media, we have seen the Obama administration’s version of America’s economic future: It is globalist, socialist, unionized, borderless, politically correct, run by heiresses and people with family connections, has a state-run media, speaks Spanish, and made a generous campaign contribution to the Democratic Party before it could even get a seat at the table.

Pardon me if I object.


Consumer Watchdog is looking to hire hell-raisers

You cannot make this stuff up. This arrived yesterday in my Email. To actually qualify to be a hell-raiser you must have at least 2 years experience. Who is a Professional Hell-Raiser? I have never met one. Never saw it offered as a Major in any Universities. It is the first time I have ever seen it as a Job Title. Is it something like a Community Organizer?? Or a Union Boss who breaks your skull open and/or break your legs if you disagree with their methods?

The Consumer Watchdogs are going after the people who actually pay salaries and produce a product, Corporations and Wall Street, unlike Big Government or Union Bosses who produce nothing. The Email even makes what appears to be a threat stating “The 2008 election was supposed to settle the score with Wall Street and the corporate elite”.W

The largely peaceful revolution in Cairo and Americans’ celebration of it raises the question:

What would it take to mount a peaceful revolution in America against the Wall Street and corporate powerhouses that have turned the government against the best interests of our people?

In America, the corporation is king and the abuses of corporate power are the subject of our people’s greatest grievances.

The 2008 election was supposed to settle the score with Wall Street and the corporate elite that have ransomed, ransacked and run over the average American. The change never came, and it’s even less likely in 2012.

At Consumer Watchdog we build populist revolutions one spark at a time where the public has spoken but the rich and powerful won’t listen. While our work cannot compare to the heroism of the Egyptian people, we are inspired by their example.

The revolution in Cairo showed the power of online platforms like Twitter and Facebook to authentically air outrage and connect change makers. In Washington, DC, we are fighting to protect your freedom online, which is being threatened in the name of greater profit, by some of the very corporate innovators that created these platforms.

Thanks to all of you who signed the “Do Not Track Me Online” petition we started in September. Your protest worked.

On Friday, the “Do Not Track Me” revolution began with the introduction of legislation by Congressional Rep. Jackie Speier (HR 654) to force corporations to respect our right to keep personal information and online habits private. You can now weigh in with your Congressional Representative to pass the legislation here.

Health insurance companies like Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross thumb their noses at our democracy daily. They hijacked health reform to give themselves a guaranteed market, even as they fight daily to erode the consumer protections in the new federal law. Consumer Watchdog is working with regulators to force the health insurance companies to live by the new rules and with California legislators for “Do Not Gouge Me” legislation — giving government the right to stop unnecessary premium hikes. (You can weigh in for AB 52, if you have not already, here.)

What happens after a revolt is as important as the uprising itself. Insurance companies like Mercury Insurance, Allstate and Farmers have been fighting for two decades against the ballot box revolution of insurance reform Proposition 103. Consumer Watchdog’s lawyers fight back daily to protect and further that voter revolt, which has saved motorists $62 billion on their auto insurance, and to show that even the biggest and most powerful companies have to respect the people’s will.

If you would like to play a bigger part in our revolution there are a few opportunities:

• Our new “Take Action” page lists all the current actions in our campaigns. Visit it to join the efforts.

• Our attorneys are always looking out for corporate abuses that cross the legal line. If you have been cheated, fill out our complaint form and send in your grievance.

• Join our community on Facebook and Twitter to share your experiences and ideas.

•  Read more about our tactics, strategies and successful battles in my latest book The Progressive’s Guide To Raising Hell.

Consumer Watchdog is looking to hire hell-raisers with at least two years experience fighting for justice. If you have the passion and some basic experience, as well as excellent oral and written communications skills, send your cover letter and resume to

• Your tax-deductible donations to our cause are always welcome and very much appreciated.

Thanks for keeping our revolutions evolving. Dramatic changes in ideas and practices are the results of long, hard marches toward freedom and accountability. Together we will take the next steps forward!

Thanks for all that you do,

Jamie Court
President, Consumer Watchdog


11 Muslim Student Union members charged with disrupting Israeli ambassador’s speech at UC Irvine

Source: LA Times

Orange County D.A. charges the students with conspiring to disrupt a meeting. The university has already suspended the organization and disciplined the students.

By Nicole Santa Cruz, Los Angeles Times

The Orange County district attorney’s office charged 11 students on Friday with conspiring to disrupt a meeting and speech at UC Irvine last year by the Israeli ambassador to the United States.

In a statement, Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas said charges were filed because of an “organized attempt to squelch the speaker.” He said the students “meant to stop this speech and stop anyone else from hearing his ideas, and they did so by disrupting a lawful meeting.”

“We must decide whether we are a country of laws or a country of anarchy,” Rackauckas said. “We cannot tolerate a preplanned violation of the law, even if the crime takes place on a school campus and even if the defendants are college students. In our democratic society, we cannot tolerate a deliberate, organized, repetitive and collective effort to significantly disrupt a speaker who hundreds assembled to hear.”

The Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine has denied planning to obstruct the event on Feb. 8, 2010. The so-called Irvine 11 are accused of disrupting a speech by Michael Oren, the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Oren was shouted down repeatedly, and supporters cheered as students were escorted away by police. About 500 to 700 people attended the meeting, authorities said.

The Muslim Student Union was suspended by the university last year, and those involved in the disruptions were also disciplined by the university. It was one of the few recent instances in which the school recommended the ban of a student group for an action other than hazing or alcohol abuse. The incident and its aftermath sparked wide debate about free speech on campus.

Rackauckas’ decision was announced just days after about 50 protesters rallied Tuesday in front of his office against possible charges. Though some inside and outside UC Irvine have criticized the students’ method of protest, many said university sanctions were sufficient punishment.

Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of UC Irvine’s law school, said that he didn’t think criminal charges were warranted and that he hopes the charges can be dealt with simply.

“I think that university discipline was sufficient,” he said.

The defendants are accused of meeting with other members of the Muslim Student Union six days before the event to discuss options to respond to Oren’s speech.

According to prosecutors, students circulated e-mails and held multiple meetings to plan the disruption. Mohamed Mohy-Eldeen Abdelgany, 23, a defendant in the case and the president of the Muslim Student Union at the time, is accused of sending an e-mail Feb. 3 to the organization’s message board announcing: “We will be staging a University of Chicago Style disruption of the Ambassador’s speech.”

Abdelgany is accused of sending an e-mail on Feb. 7 to the same message board advising “nondisruptors” to cheer after each “disruptor” finished.

The other defendants are Khalid Bahgat Akari, 19; Aslam Abbasi Akhtar, 23; Joseph Tamim Haider, 23; Taher Mutaz Herzallah, 21; Hakim Nasreddine Kebir, 20; Shaheen Waleed Nassar, 21; Mohammad Uns Qureashi, 19; Ali Mohammad Sayeed, 23; Osama Ahmen Shabaik, 22; and Asaad Mohamedidris Traina, 19.

Jesse Rosenblum, president of the Zionist Organization of America’s Orange County chapter, said he attended the event and called the students “unruly.”

“It is only appropriate that violations of our valuable 1st Amendment protections should be prosecuted,” he said in a statement.

Eight of the defendants are students at UC Irvine; the other three were students at UC Riverside. Each is charged with one misdemeanor count of conspiracy to disturb a meeting and one misdemeanor count of disturbance of the meeting. If convicted, they face possible fines, probation, community service or jail time.

Jacqueline Goodman, a criminal defense attorney representing some of the students, said Rackauckas’ actions are “dangerous to a democracy.”

“The last thing we want to do is inhibit the free exchange of ideas, and that’s the only thing that prosecuting these students can achieve,” she said.

The students will be arraigned March 11 in Santa Ana. Goodman said late Friday that all 11 plan to plead not guilty.


Botched Abortion Nightmare: ‘I wish I never heard of them’

I have a very strong belief that a baby is born at conception and is not a blob as so many pro abortionist claim. Watch the video of actual child growth inside the mothers womb, then read how old the child was inside the womb of the mother by these butchers from hell. It makes me sick to think that we could be murdering the next great sports hero, musician, artist, president,  someone who could do good for mankind, but will never be given that chance because of the murder called abortion being performed. Walt

Details emerge of a secret criminal plot to commit illegal late-term abortions in New Jersey and Maryland

By Cheryl Sullenger

She is only eighteen, but she is lucky to be alive. The ordeal that nearly cost her life began in early August. D.B., as records identify her, was on a popular brand of birth control pills that limited the number of periods, so she was unaware that the pills had failed until her pregnancy was advanced. On August 9, 2010, D.B. went to American Women’s Center in Voorhees, New Jersey, and discovered she was 21.5 weeks pregnant.

What happened next led to a dramatic abortion clinic raid, the suspension of the medical licenses of three abortionists, and launched investigations that span four states. News of the discovery of a multi-state illegal late-term abortion scheme has shaken the abortion industry to its crumbling foundations.

Authorities believe that if D.B. had not suffered her terribly botched abortion, the dangerous late-term abortion ring would still be one of the abortion cartel’s dirtiest of secrets.

Documents paint a shocking picture

Operation Rescue received 302 pages of documents from the State of New Jersey on September 9, 2010, through an open records request. The documents tell a shocking story of a well-planned conspiracy to circumvent abortion laws, evade discovery of the unlicensed practice of medicine, and deceive women and authorities who have long suspected illegal activity at the chain of clinics operated by troubled abortionist Stephen Chase Brigham.

The documents were related to a New Jersey complaint against Brigham filed on September 8, 2010, that demanded the suspension of his medical license after D.B.’s serious late-term abortion injuries caught the attention of the police as well as physicians at Johns Hopkins Medical center where D.B. was eventually treated. Brigham has since agreed to a suspension effective September 15, to give him more time to present his case to the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners, (NJBME), at its scheduled meeting on October 13, 2010.

Brigham’s need to evade the law

The time-line of events actually began in January, 2010, when Brigham, who is not licensed to practice in Maryland, opened a secret office in a rented medical space in Elkton, Maryland. This clinic was not advertised under Brigham’s American Women’s Services, his four-state empire of 15 known abortion mills. Documents show that the Elkton facility’s paperwork often bore the name Grace Medical Services, but the people that worked there simply referred to it as Elkton. (See D.B. AWS Record, p. 30) The purpose of this under-the-radar office was to complete second and third trimester abortions that were illegally initiated at Brigham’s Voorhees, New Jersey, headquarters.

New Jersey law states that abortions can only be done up to 14 weeks at clinics not licensed as ambulatory surgical centers or hospitals. (N.J.A.C. § 13:35-4.2) The upper limit for any abortion in New Jersey is 18 weeks gestation. Brigham’s clinics are not licensed as ambulatory surgical centers, but that did not stop him from beginning abortion procedures there on women as late in their pregnancies as 36 weeks, according to his own records. (See Elkton Patient Logs)

According to interviews conducted by the Maryland Board of Physicians, (MDBP), with those involved in D.B.’s abortion, Brigham would, in spite of the law, see women who were beyond 14 weeks at his Voorhees, NJ clinic, where he would inject digoxin into the baby’s heart in order to initiate fetal demise, (in other words, kill the baby), then insert laminaria, thin sticks of seaweed that slowly expand to begin the cervical dilation process. He would also prescribe medications there. The women would be told to report to the Voorhees clinic the following morning where they would be taken to another undisclosed location for the completion of their abortions.

In June, 2010, suspecting illegal late abortions were being done by Brigham in Voorhees, the New Jersey Deputy Attorney General sent Brigham a list of questions that were was supposed to be answered in writing under oath. Brigham sent back a letter dated June 30, 2010, asking for additional time, but also addressing the question of late abortions. He wrote:

I looked briefly at the Demand and it appears that you may have the false impression that late-term abortions are being done by us in an office setting in New Jersey. This portion of your Demand I can directly answer now in this letter. We are not performing any abortions beyond 14 weeks in an office setting in New Jersey.

However, the documents supplied to patients and signed by them clearly show that abortions as late as 36 weeks are being started by Brigham in New Jersey.

Post-Laminaria Insertion Instructions given to patient D.B. in New Jersey clearly state, “You have just completed the first step of your abortion procedure…Remember that your abortion really begins when the laminaria is inserted into your cervix.” (D.B. AWS Record, pg. 21)

Brigham is charged with lying to the New Jersey Attorney General’s office about his late-term abortion activity in New Jersey. (See Pleadings, Count IV, p. 14)

We’re not in New Jersey anymore

Once the late-term women gathered at the Voorhees on the second day of their abortion procedure, they are assigned places in a caravan by Brigham, then led in their private vehicles to the Elkton facility where they are locked down for the remainder of their abortion.

Such was the case on August 13, the day of D.B.’s abortion. D.B., who was accompanied by her mother and boyfriend, was under the impression she was going to a clinic in Baltimore and was surprised to find herself in Elkton. In the caravan were some of Brigham’s New Jersey clinic workers, which were transported to Elkton to assist with the abortions. Other clinic workers from his Pennsylvania operations also met them in Elkton. It appears that there were no Maryland residents working at the Elkton clinic.

When they arrived at Elkton, the patients along with their accompanying family members were separated and placed into cubicles, or “booths” where they waited for the conclusion of the abortions. One of the other girls seemed to be in more pain than D.B. and the third abortion patient, so they took her first. Records show that this woman aborted twins that were 25 weeks gestation.

Nicola Riley

At about 11:00 a.m., D.B. was called back to the procedure room for her abortion. There, Brigham introduced her to Nicola Irene Riley, an African-American abortionist from Salt Lake City, Utah, that had recently been hired by Brigham. Riley’s first day on the job had been July 30, 2010, when she received training in third-trimester abortions on a woman who records show was 33 weeks pregnant. Riley reluctantly described that abortion as a “partial delivery.” The day of D.B.’s abortion was only Riley’s second day of work at Elkton. (MDBP Interview with Riley, p. 7)

Riley had been doing abortions for five years at another low-key abortion clinic in Salt Lake City known as SMP Family Medicine and Homecare, P.A., having been trained to do abortions through 20 weeks by experienced abortionists Colorado and Salt Lake City. She had agreed to work for Brigham every other weekend. She would spend Fridays in Elkton and Saturdays at the Baltimore and Frederick locations. Riley was trying to establish herself in Virginia, where she has family, in advance of a permanent move to the East Coast for the purpose of attempting to regain custody of her children.

In fact, it was D.B.’s impression that Brigham was training Riley on the day of her abortion. In her interview with the MDBP there was the following exchange:

Q. …Now when you walked into the exam room, Dr. Brigham was in there?
A. Mm-hmm
Q. Okay, did he say anything to you?
A. He introduced me to Dr. Reilly [sic]
Q. Okay. So, he just said this is Dr. Reilly?
A. Mm-hmm
Q. Did he say what Dr. Reilly was going to be doing?
A. No.
Q. Okay.
A. But it seemed like he was training her.
Q. Okay. Why did it seem like that to you?
A. Because she went to put in my anesthesia and he just like was telling her what to do.
Q . Okay.
A. And I was like nervous. I did not go to sleep right away.

While Brigham stroked D.B.’s shoulders in an attempt to calm her, Riley injected her with additional medication then proceeded with the D&E dismemberment abortion on her 22 week old baby.

But the patient’s mother, identified in documents only as C.B., began to think something was wrong. She estimates that D.B. had been in the procedure room about 2 hours. C.B. was disturbed by her daughter’s screams of pain. She told the MDBP, “Well, I kept hearing her [D.B.] screaming and hollering. And then – I mean, it did take long. It took like two hours, I think…But all I kept hearing was her screaming and hollering. And I told the lady that worked there, I can’t stand this. I got to leave out. So I kept going out to the hall, you know, to the other part of the building, you know, in front… Because, you know, I didn’t want to hear her [screaming] – and why is she screaming now because they put her to sleep.” (See MDBP Interview-CB)

Meanwhile, in the procedure room, Riley had begun the abortion procedure. She admits she remembers removing an arm, a leg, and some soft tissue. As she was going in to search for the cranium, Riley discovered what appeared to be a bowel in D.B.’s birth canal. Brigham confirmed that the tissue was likely a bowel. The abortionist had perforated D.B.’s uterus, shoved the remains of baby into her abdominal cavity, and pulled out part of her bowel through her vagina.

Time line problems and other discrepancies

There is a discrepancy in the time line and in accounts of the events that happened next.

C.B. claims that D.B. began her procedure at about 11:00 a.m. and that it lasted for about two hours. At that point, Riley came out and told C.B. that her daughter had complications and needed to be taken to the nearby hospital. Riley had placed D.B. into a wheelchair with her legs up and had intended to push her the two blocks to the emergency room. C.B. said that she insisted that an ambulance be called, but Riley refused, and after some discussion, D.B. was loaded into Brigham’s rental vehicle and transported to Union hospital where records* show that they arrived at 1:39 p.m.

Riley first told the MDBP that she began the abortion around 11:00 a.m. but changed her story to 12:00 p.m. after the interviewer confronted her with the time of arrival recorded by Union Hospital. Riley recorded in D.B.’s medical record at the clinic, that she started the abortion at 1:00 pm. She told the MDBP that she was only 10-15 minutes into the abortion when she discovered the apparent complication, stopped immediately, and got her patient to the hospital within 10 minutes. (See MDBP Interview-Riley)

It is impossible that Riley’s confused account of the time line and C.B.’s account could both be true. Riley’s account changes three times, while C.B. and D.B. both have similar stories, making their version the most credible.

Records show that Riley ordered one of the aids to start an I.V. on D.B. before she was transported to the hospital, (see DB AWS Record, p. 31) however, Riley told the MDBP that she started the I.V. herself which “blew out” after a few minutes. (See MDBP Interview-Riley, p. 24) Riley says she monitored D.B.’s vital signs during the drive to the hospital and that her patient remained stable. Union Hospital records indicated that D.B. arrived unmonitored and without I.V. support. Their records also indicate that an IV was established in D.B. at the hospital with no problems.

I work “at the secret clinic that performs second trimester abortions in town.”

Once at the hospital, Riley and Brigham were said to have behaved strangely. Riley identified herself as a physician “that works at secret clinic that performs second trimester abortions in town.” (See Union Hosp Records*) Brigham did not identify himself and hung back from the conversations. Riley insisted that an E.R. doctor come outside and speak with her, which delayed D.B.’s care. Riley informed the E.R staff of the complication and of the medications the patient had been given, but was evasive about the time and dosage of those medications. After ten minutes at the hospital, Riley and Brigham returned to the “secret clinic” in Elkton and completed another abortion.

Meanwhile, the staff members at Union Hospital were shocked. Records indicate that the physicians were not aware of any abortion clinic operating legally in Elkton.

Union Hospital examined and evaluated D.B. and determined that the injuries she suffered were so severe that the decision was made to transport her via helicopter to Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore where she was rushed into surgery immediately upon her arrival. There, doctors removed the remains of her partially aborted baby from her abdominal cavity, removed and repaired part of her small intestine, and repaired a tear at the back of her uterus. (See Johns Hopkins Records*)

Elkton Police Arrive, Brigham Flees

Someone tipped off the Elkton police, because while Riley was finishing up her last abortion of the day, an officer arrived at the clinic and asked to speak with her. After the abortion was done, Riley spoke with the police. She presented her Utah drivers license and her Maryland physician’s license card.

Police asked if any other doctors were present. When she indicated that Brigham was there as well, police asked her to go get him so they could speak with him. To her surprise, when she went to notify Brigham that police officers wanted to see him, he had already fled the building, leaving Riley to deal with the increasingly tense situation with the police.

Riley resisted showing the officers around the clinic, citing “patient privacy” concerns. Finally she consented to walk the police through the building. Of that encounter Riley told the MDBP, “It was very kind of heated, I can actually say. And I said – I told them, you have to respect the patients’ privacy.”

She gave the police the website for Brigham’s American Women’s Services and his clinic license number and told them if they wanted more information, they would have to talk to the Voorhees office.

Police Raid Elkton

Riley’s next shift at Elkton was scheduled for August 20, 2010. Riley told the MDBP that she suspected that, based on the way she was “treated” in their previous encounter, the police may attempt to “impede procedures” on August 20. She arrived for her duty shift two hours early and remained in her car reading and drinking coffee.

Riley was approached by a plain-clothes detective who asked for her identification. Before she knew it, six squad cars had blocked both entrances to the clinic, including her vehicle. Even the Elkton Chief of Police was there.

The questioned Riley about “Maryland law and illegal criminal activity” and informed her that there was an open criminal investigation. Riley indicated that she either had to have an attorney present or they needed to let her go if she was not being arrested or subpoenaed. After about ten minutes, police allowed Riley to leave the scene.

She confided with the MNBP that she was anxious to get away from the police because she knew that Brigham was already in route from Voorhees, New Jersey, to Elkton, Maryland, with a caravan that included four women who were “active” and would need to have their abortions completed. Once free from the police, Riley says she called Brigham and told him that the police were at Elkton and that the women should be diverted to Baltimore. Riley rushed to Baltimore and readied the clinic for the late-term abortions. The caravan arrived about an hour after she did, and the four late-term abortions were done.

Riley admitted she arrived at Elkton early because anticipated the equivalent of a “picket line” of police and wanted to warn Brigham if that was so.

Open murder investigation

It was not until August 24, that Riley became aware that Brigham had been served with a search warrant for the Elkton clinic when he “casually” brought it up in conversation. Riley was stunned that the basis of that warrant was a open murder investigation. Riley was upset at Brigham for ducking out during the first police encounter, then for failing to notify her of the search warrant. She considered his conduct “unprofessional.”

In Maryland, there is no legal limit on when abortions can be done. However, if a pre-born baby is past viability and his or her life is taken in an illegal act, murder charges can be brought. (Md. Criminal Law Code Ann. § 2-103) Viability, as mention previously, is generally considered to be 24 weeks gestation.

Abortion logs recovered from the Elkton clinic show that Riley was involved in an abortion on twins at 25 weeks on the day of D.B.’s abortion, and on a 33 week baby on July 30. The gestational ages of the babies aborted in Baltimore on August 20 after the police raided the Elkton clinic are unknown.

Those same logs show that between June 23 and August 13, 2010, 51 abortions were started in Voorhees, New Jersey, after the 14-week legal limit there and completed in Elkton, Maryland. Of those abortions, 15 were done on viable babies either by Brigham or at his direction.

Riley’s “Physician Independent Contractor Agreement” dated July 30, 2010, provides a pay scale for Riley’s abortion services up to 37 weeks gestation.

Based on these records, felony charges in New Jersey of illegal late-term abortions and murder charges in Maryland would be very appropriate.

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Anti-Semitic Cartoons on Progressive Blogs

Source: JCPA

by  Adam Levick

Published September 2010

The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the Board of Fellows of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

No. 101, 1 September 2010 / 23 Elul 5770

Anti-Semitic Cartoons on Progressive Blogs

Adam Levick

  • Political cartoons often have more of an immediate impact in reinforcing negative stereotypes about Jews than a lengthy essay. By far the largest output of anti-Semitic cartoons nowadays comes from the Arab and Muslim world. A yet uncharted field of hate cartoons against Jews is that in progressive blogs.
  • Anti-Semitic cartoons found – and seemingly tolerated – on progressive blogs such as Daily Kos, MyDD, Mondoweiss, and Indymedia are mainly expressions of anti-Israelism, a more recent category of anti-Semitism than the religious and ethnic-nationalist versions.
  • Traditionally the core motif of anti-Semitism is that Jews represent absolute evil. The cultural notion of what that means has changed over the centuries. Nowadays absolute evil is often expressed as Jews or Israelis being Nazis. Indeed, the cartoon motif most frequently appearing on the progressive blogs is imagery equating Israel with Nazi Germany. Others reflect Jewish conspiracies, Zionists controlling the world, the blood libel, or show Jews as animals.
  • Most of the progressive blogs discussed, containing such anti-Semitic imagery cited in this essay, generally fail to remove such hateful cartoons, despite blog policies expressly prohibiting posts that contain “hateful” or “inflammatory” content.

Cartoons have to express ideas in an easy-to-understand way. Therefore they are often accessible even to people who cannot read. Cartoons are also an efficient way to transmit hate and prejudices, including anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism in cartoons has been investigated, among others, by the Belgian political scientist Jöel Kotek in his book Cartoons and Extremism.[1] Political cartoons often have a more immediate impact in reinforcing negative stereotypes about Jews than a lengthy essay.

The largest output of anti-Semitic cartoons nowadays comes from the Arab and Muslim world. Outside it one also finds a significant number of anti-Semitic cartoons in many countries. In Europe, for instance, over the past decade such imagery has been particularly strong in countries such as Norway and Greece.[2]

A yet uncharted field of hate cartoons against Jews is that in progressive blogs. They are mainly expressions of anti-Israelism, a more recent category of anti-Semitism than the religious and ethnic-nationalist versions. Traditionally the core motif of anti-Semitism is that Jews represent absolute evil. The cultural notion of what that means has changed over the centuries. In current times absolute evil is often expressed as Jews or Israelis being Nazis. This charge is usually identified with the virulent anti-Semitic cartoons on right-wing extremist sites and in Arab media. This motif, however, is also the main one found in anti-Semitic cartoons on progressive blogs.

Also the three major submotifs of anti-Semitism are expressed in cartoons on progressive blogs. The first one is that Jews lust for power. In progressive blogs this is manifested mainly as caricatures on Jewish conspiracies and Zionists controlling the world. The second major anti-Semitic submotif is that Jews lust for blood, and progressive blogs include cartoons accusing Jews of infanticide. The third anti-Semitic submotif, namely, that Jews are inferior beings, is expressed on these blogs in cartoons showing Jews as animals.

The cartoonist most frequently appearing on the progressive blogs analyzed here is Carlos Latuff. He is an extreme left-wing political activist who won second place in the notorious Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Competition. Latuff is one of the more prolific anti-Semitic cartoonists on the web, with a staggering amount of work dedicated to advancing explicitly anti-Semitic political imagery.

Israel as a Nazi State

The U.S. State Department’s 2008 report[3] on “Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism” asserts regarding the new anti-Semitism:

Comparing contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis is increasingly commonplace. Anti-Semitism couched as criticism of Zionism or Israel often escapes condemnation since it can be more subtle than traditional forms of anti-Semitism…those criticiz­ing Israel have a responsibility to consider the effect their actions may have in prompting hatred of Jews. At times hostility toward Israel has translated into physical violence directed at Jews in gener­al.

The European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia presents a similar definition.[4]

The 2009 report on anti-Semitism by the Stephen Roth Institute noted that anti-Semitic attacks on Jews worldwide doubled from the previous year. The study also points out that extreme anti-Israel sentiments, such as equating Israel with Nazi Germany, are often the catalyst for such attacks.[5] As the report observes, “The dramatic increase in anti-Semitic manifestations in West European countries was influenced considerably by the virulently anti-Israel discourse and propaganda that portrayed Israel as a Nazi state and consequently delegitimized its right to exist.”

As analyzed in an interview with Kotek in 2004,[6] as well as by Arieh Stav in his 1999 book on anti-Semitic cartoons in the Arab world,[7] the charge that the behavior of the Jewish state is similar to that of Nazi Germany has been a staple in the Arab media for years, used as a tool for demonizing and delegitimizing Israel. As Kotek noted, “Long before [Ariel] Sharon came to power [as prime minister], the theme of the Israeli as a Nazi was well-represented in the Arab caricature. According to it, all Zionists from Peres and Barak to Sharon are inspired by Nazi methods.” As Stav pointed out, “The idea of NaZionism…was a central theme of the Soviet Press [during the Cold War] and had considerable impact on Egypt and Syria…particularly during the Lebanon War and the Intifada, as well as in the Western Press. The Arabs…are in the vanguard of this trend. The Judeo-Nazi Motif is among the central themes of Arab propaganda.”[8]

The following cartoons illustrate how the hate motif of Israel as a Nazi state appears regularly on progressive blogs. As Kotek remarks, “Cartoons [that] convey the idea that Jews behave like Nazis [would] lead readers to conclude that Israel, alone among the nations, has no right to exist. Such cartoons represent a continuation and rebirth of the malicious Zionism=Racism charge codified in 1975 – later repealed – by UN member states (Arab and Soviet bloc) who at the time were openly dedicated to Israel’s destruction.”

The above cartoon, showing a bloodstained Israeli flag with the Magen David morphed into a swastika, is posted[9] on the progressive blog Daily Kos. It accompanies a column by a Kos blogger entitled: “Eulogy before the Inevitability of Self-Destruction: The Decline and Death of Israel.” While it is important to note that this post elicited an overwhelmingly negative response by Kos readers, it is also certainly worth noting that the graphic and accompanying story – which warns of “A Zionist movement multiplying like cancer cells” – was still posted on the site as of August 2010.  The section on “posting privileges” at Daily Kos clearly stipulates that “hateful” or “inflammatory” posts will be deleted.[10]

The cartoon above by Derkaoui Abdellah, presumably comparing Israel’s security fence with Auschwitz, won first prize at the abovementioned 2006 Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Competition in Tehran.[11] It was also posted on Daily Kos, and is still up at the site as of August 2010.[12] The Kos blogger who posted the cartoon referred to it as “merely” depicting “a political statement that what the Israelis are doing in building the wall around the Palestinian territories echoes what was done to them in the past.” While much of the commentary regarding the cartoon was negative, it needs to be asked why – again, given that Daily Kos reserves the right to delete material that is hateful – such a hideous cartoon would appear at this progressive site at all, let alone remain there to this day.

In a post entitled “Zionism was and remains a racist ideology,” Daily Kos blogger Ben Heine – who also participated in the Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Competition[13],[14] – shows Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman as Adolf Hitler. Any pretense that this cartoon only vilifies Lieberman can be refuted by the word Zionism colored in blood in the background, along with the vicious-looking skull in Lieberman’s hand wrapped with the Israeli flag. Though the image, and accompanying text, was removed[15] from Daily Kos, merely citing “copyright reasons,” the post attracted 564 comments, many of them defending the cartoon. One such comment suggested that “the artist was not claiming Jews are Hitler. He was [merely] comparing the behavior of Avigdor Lieberman to Hitler.”[16]

The Latuff cartoon above, showing Sharon kissing Hitler, appeared on the (Washington) DC Indymedia site.[17]

The above is another Latuff cartoon on the DC Indymedia site[18] comparing the war in Gaza with the genocide of Jews by the Nazis.[19]

The above Latuff cartoon was published by Indymedia[20] on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The above is yet another Latuff cartoon on Indymedia.[21] It makes sure there is no doubt that the Jewish state has morphed into the new Nazi Germany by showing the tracks of the Israeli tank shaped like swastikas.

The above cartoon by Pat Oliphant, portraying Israel as a jackbooted, goose-stepping, mindless Nazi-like monster, was initially published in the New York Times and the Washington Post.[22] Eventually it was reproduced on several extremist right-wing websites, as well as in a publication of the terrorist organization Hizballah with the heading “Zionist Nazism.”[23] The progressive blog Mondoweiss reprinted the cartoon and defended it by saying, “Considering the next foreign minister [Avigdor Lieberman] has been widely called fascist, and recommended nuking Gaza, I see no reason to criticize it.”[24]


The blood-libel motif originated in the twelfth century in Christian England.[25] It alleged that the Jews needed Christian blood for their Passover service and, clearly, were evil. In today’s Arab world this staple image of unbridled hatred has mutated into the alleged quest for Palestinian blood.[26] The blood libel sees Jews not only as murderers, but murderers who prefer to target children.

The abovementioned U.S. State Department report on anti-Semitism notes, for instance: “In Bahrain, in June 2002, the independent news­paper Al-Wasat published a cartoon depicting a Jewish man impaling a swaddled infant on a spear, furthering the anti-Semitic blood libel that Jews kill children” (emphasis added).

The cartoon above by Latuff, depicting former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert cradling a dead Palestinian baby, was published on Indymedia.[27] It suggests that not only do Israeli leaders intentionally kill Palestinian children, but also that such child murder is popular among the Israeli public and helps Israeli politicians get elected.

The Latuff cartoon above was posted by MyDD blogger shergald, and is still up at the progressive blog as of August 2010. It is posted under the title “Gaza Holocaust Has Begun.”[28] While the theme of the cartoon is child murder, the title corresponds to the Israel-as-Nazi theme. The appearance of more than one anti-Semitic motif is not an isolated phenomenon.

The hate motif of infanticide also appeared in a 2003 cartoon by Dave Brown in the progressive British daily The Independent. The cartoon shows Sharon eating the head of a Palestinian baby and saying, “What’s wrong? Have you never seen a politician kissing a baby?”[29] It won Britain’s 2003 Political Cartoon of the Year Award. After receiving numerous complaints, the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) decided that the cartoon did not breach its code. In the wake of the controversy surrounding the publication, a blogger at Daily Kos – who goes by the name “Neocons will ban me” – posted the same cartoon under the heading “Champions of Free Expression.”

This Latuff cartoon above, appearing on the Indymedia site,[30] is clearly meant to evoke the iconic Holocaust photo (below)[31] of a little Jewish boy in the Warsaw Ghetto raising his hands in surrender to the Nazis. The Israeli soldier in the cartoon has a look of pleasure as he terrorizes a Palestinian child.

Jews Control the Government/Zionist Conspiracy

The term ‘‘Zionist Occupation Government” (or ZOG) has been a staple of right-wing extremists for some time.[32] The State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism includes: “stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as a collective – such as, especially but not exclusively, a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.”

The above cartoon[33] was posted on Daily Kos but was eventually taken down for reasons that were never clearly stated.[34] It was accompanied by a story by the author alleging that the vast Jewish conspiracy was preventing Dr. Juan Cole from being appointed to a position at Yale. The Kos blogger, named “Grand Moff Texan,” made the following comments that are still up at the site (as of 1 August 2010): “I have a problem with the fact that Yale decided not to hire someone because a bunch of Israel-first, rightwing flacks went and scared Yale’s Jewish donors, and they in turn scared administrators at Yale.  That’s three groups of people right there who need to reconsider what country they live in.”

The above image – commenting on efforts by the pro-Israel media watchdog group, CAMERA, to challenge anti-Israel distortions on Wikipedia – suggests a Jewish-Zionist world conspiracy to “rewrite history,” and was posted by shergald on MyDD.[35] The image was still up at the site as of August 2010. The post contains a title, “Zionist Infiltration,” that is the kind of rhetoric typically also used by right-wing extremists such as David Duke. The title has not been deleted despite the blogger user agreement at MyDD prohibiting the use of “inflammatory titles.”


Zoomorphism is a common theme throughout the world. As Kotek noted in the abovementioned interview, “To abuse one’s adversaries, one dehumanizes them by turning them into animals. In Nazi and Soviet caricatures, the Jew is often depicted as a spider or an octopus – perceived as an evil animal.”

The anti-Semitic idea of Jews, or Israel, as savage beasts is not typically expressed on the mainstream web.  However, a regular Mondoweiss[36] blogger, called Seham, linked to a Latuff cartoon within his “Flotilla News List” post.  Mondoweiss is funded by The Nation Institute.

The cartoon above represented a commentary on the May 2010 flotilla incident off the coast of Gaza. It combines both the cartoonist’s frequent claim that Israel has become a Nazi-like state and imagery portraying the Jewish state as a beast, with its tentacles wrapped around the flotilla – which is emblazoned with the word freedom. The ten comments in the thread below were all positive.

The Nazis often portrayed the Jews as an octopus with tentacles wrapped around the world. The above caricature, however, is updated to include the post-Holocaust anti-Semitic notion that the Jewish state has morphed into the old Nazi state. Below, for comparison, is a Nazi anti-Semitic cartoon from about 1938 in which an octopus with a Star of David over its head encompasses the world with its tentacles.


The use of such extreme and hateful cartoons by a site as radical and open to expressions of outright anti-Semitism as Indymedia is not unexpected. The site has even been criticized by the socialist Left[37] for its defense of expressions of Holocaust denial. The use of such images by such “mainstream” sites as Daily Kos and MyDD[38] is much more surprising, and may represent an ominous development within a significant segment of the progressive community. (One blogger at another mainstream Democratic blog, Democratic Underground, linked to the main Carlos Latuff site and said Latuff was a “radical” but “great” – a post that is still up at the site as of August 2010.)[39]

This author’s 2009 report on anti-Semitic themes in the progressive blogosphere found both “Israel as a Nazi state” and “excessive Jewish control/conspiracy” to be present to varying degrees at the three most popular progressive blogs: Daily Kos, Salon, and Huffington Post.[40] Although Mondoweiss does not have a fraction of the traffic of Daily Kos and MyDD, the blog’s creators and contributors have posted on the most widely read progressive blog, Huffington Post. In addition, the influential Talking Points Memo (the twelfth most popular political website),[41] and via it TPMCafe, now syndicate Mondoweiss’s posts.[42] The Nation, which, as noted, funds Mondoweiss, has been one of the standard-bearers of liberal-Democratic thought for years and is the twenty-fourth most popular political website overall.

As Indymedia Watch, an Indymedia watchdog group, noted,[43] “Indymedia was set up to fill a void in the corporate media. Unfortunately, as a largely un-moderated, unrestricted medium it was promptly over-run by bigots…who confuse free-speech with hate-speech. I believe the Indy Media [sic] experiment has failed.”

The question of how the more mainstream liberal-Democratic blogosphere will respond to the continuing presence of such hate speech in their own ideological community remains open. Indeed, given these blogs’ increasing power and influence within the progressive “activist” circles, the way they respond may affect the broader acceptance of such hateful canards for generations to come. For committed antiracists – or anyone, for that matter, truly concerned about the values of tolerance and diversity, and the future direction of the entire “progressive” movement – the seeming refusal to take such trends seriously represents, at the very least, an egregious case of hypocrisy.

More important, the failure to act in the face of such clear expressions of Jew-hatred constitutes a shameful – and potentially calamitous – moral abdication.


Progressive Blogs in This Report

Daily Kos: Daily Kos[44] is an American progressive blog publishing news and opinion.  It was recently ranked as the tenth most popular political website in overall traffic. Daily Kos functions as a discussion forum and group blog for a variety of activists, whose efforts are primarily directed toward influencing and strengthening the Democratic Party.

The site makes clear that “This is a Democratic blog, a partisan blog…with one goal in mind: Electoral victory.” Additionally, the site features a participatory political encyclopedia, glossaries, and other permanent content. Daily Kos was founded by Markos Moulitsas in 2002. In June 2006, members of Daily Kos organized the first-ever political blogger convention, called YearlyKos, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event was attended by approximately one thousand bloggers and featured appearances by prominent Democratic Party leaders. Subsequent annual conventions became known as Netroots Nation and also were attended by an array of prominent Democratic leaders.

As this author’s report on progressive blogs demonstrated, some bloggers on Daily Kos freely advance narratives of a moral equivalence between Israel and Nazi Germany, as well as more general tropes suggesting Jewish conspiracy. The impunity they seem to enjoy in engaging in such toxic commentary about Jews, and the Jewish state, is notable given the site’s explicit warning that posts or comments may be deleted that: “Contain hateful or defamatory writing; Are deliberately designed to inflame; Contain deliberately inflammatory titles.”

MyDD: MyDD is one of the more popular and influential progressive blogs on the web.[45] MyDD describes itself[46] as “a group blog designed to discuss campaigns, the progressive movement, and political power. We do polling, research, commentary, analysis, and activism.” Jerome Armstrong, the founder of MyDD, has consulted and worked for many organizations and campaigns, including Jon Corzine’s successful 2005 campaign for governor of New Jersey and the presidential efforts of Howard Dean and Mark Warner. Armstrong coauthored the acclaimed book Crashing the Gate. The site prohibits comments and posts that contain inflammatory titles or remarks. Yet, as this report demonstrates, posts containing political cartoons advancing the infanticide and conspiracy narratives about Jews are still found on the site. MyDD is ranked fifty-seventh in overall web traffic among liberal political blogs.

Mondoweiss: The site, funded by The Nation Institute,[47] is an openly anti-Zionist Jewish blog.[48] Philip Weiss, an investigative journalist who, together with Adam Horowitz, runs the blog, does not think Israel should exist. Mondoweiss consistently advances, among other classical anti-Semitic tropes, the argument that Jews exercise too much power over U.S. foreign policy[49] and that Jewish progressive voices on the Middle East are censored, or at least muzzled, by the “right-wing” organized Jewish community. Further, the site argues, accusations of anti-Semitism are cynically used to stifle debate.

Weiss, the main blogger, states that “Zionism privileges Jews and justifies oppression, and this appalls me. Saying I’m anti-Zionist is a sincere expression of my pluralist, minority-respecting worldview.” Weiss has complained of the “suffering of Palestinians that has been perpetrated politically in large part by empowered American Jews who are all over the media and political establishment.”

Weiss also called for a quota on Jews who work in the media, saying, “I would like Jewish participation in mainstream media roundtables on the Middle East held to 50 percent or lower. That is my quota.” He refers to Zionism as an ideology of “apartheid and ethnic cleansing,” and even stated his support for Hizballah when it competed in the 2009 Lebanese elections.[50]

Interestingly, Weiss (like fellow anti-Israel liberal Glenn Greenwald)[51] also has published essays at Patrick Buchanan’s paleoconservative magazine The American Conservative.[52] This odd political alliance seems to find common cause in their mutual hostility toward Israel and willingness to propagate classic anti-Semitic tropes – such as the charge of dual loyalty – while engaging in such rhetoric.[53] [54]

Fellow Mondoweiss blogger Adam Horowitz has said, “[if] they are asking if I support a Jewish state…the simple answer is no.”[55] Cartoons have appeared at Mondoweiss that equate Israel and Nazi Germany, and one recently appeared that falls under the zoomorphism category (Israel as a bloodthirsty animal).

Indymedia: According to its homepage, “Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. Indymedia is a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth.”

Indymedia was founded as an alternative to government and corporate media, and seeks to enable people to publish their media as directly as possible. The site, however, has become a forum for hate-mongers and conspiracy theorists.[56] The uses of terms such as ZioNazis is common.[57]  9/11 Truth narratives are advanced frequently.[58] [59] According to traffic statistics from Alexa, Indymedia is the tenth most visited liberal website.

Carlos Latuff

Carlos Latuff is a Brazilian political activist and cartoonist with a staggering portfolio of political cartoons, many of which openly express anti-Semitic themes. He advances the narrative that Israel is a unique and immutable evil in the world.[60]  His work includes imagery clearly indicating moral equivalence between Israel and Nazi Germany, which he has explicitly acknowledged to be his view.[61] The Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism noted that Latuff’s “portrayal of [former] Israeli Prime Minister Sharon is reminiscent of the antisemitic caricatures…in Julius Streicher’s [Nazi publication] Der Sturmer.”[62]

Latuff’s works have been posted on various Indymedia websites and blogs as well as several newspapers and magazines such as JAMI, the magazine of the Islamic Front for the Iraqi Resistance,[63] the Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar,[64] and other formats such as anti-Israel academic Norman Finkelstein’s official website.[65] Latuff participated in the 2006 Iranian International Holocaust Cartoon Competition, and won second place for his cartoon comparing Israel’s West Bank barrier with the Nazi concentration camps.

Ian Black, writing for The Guardian, a daily not known for its philo-Semitic tendencies, noted that Latuff was among those cartoonists “drawing, without inhibition, on judeophobic stereotypes in the service of the anti-globalisation movement.”[66] Latuff also has employed antiblack racist themes in criticizing President Barack Obama.[67]

*     *     *


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*     *     *

Adam Levick is the Managing Editor of CiF Watch. His essays have been published in the Jerusalem Post and The Guardian, as well as the blogs: Elder of Ziyon and Z Word. Before moving to Israel in 2009, Adam Levick worked in the Civil Rights Division at the National Office of the Anti-Defamation League, where he was responsible for monitoring progressive journals and political blogs in the U.S.


Flotilla focus turning to terror ties

U.S. investigation is moving into high gear

By Joel Mowbray

This image made from video provided by the Israeli Defence Force on Monday, May 31, 2010 shows what the IDF says is the Mavi Marmara ship, part of the aid flotilla in the Mediterranean Sea. Israeli commandos rappelled down to an aid flotilla sailing to thwart a Gaza blockade on Monday, clashing with pro-Palestinian activists on the lead ship in a raid that left at least nine passengers dead. (AP Photo/Israel Defence Force) AP HAS NO WAY OF INDEPENDENTLY VERIFYING THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE VIDEO PROVIDED BY THE ISRAELI DEFENCE FORCE

The fallout from the ill-fated “Freedom Flotilla” appears far from over. The initial reaction focused on Israel’s raid of the ship attempting to break the blockade of Gaza, which killed nine. Now, however, the Turkish charity that sponsored the flotilla is being investigated by the United States for its possible ties to terrorism.

Key congressmen are pushing the Obama administration to complete its investigations “swiftly.” House Foreign Affairs Chairman Howard L. Berman, California Democrat, and Ed Royce, California Republican, the ranking member of the Foreign Affairs terrorism subcommittee, sent a letter last week to the Treasury Department stating that publicly available information “strongly supports designating” as a terrorist entity the Foundation for Human Rights and Humanitarian Relief, also known as the Turkish IHH.

Although they referenced “the group’s sponsorship of the provocative flotilla in May,” Mr. Berman and Mr. Royce relied mostly on the group’s reported connections to Hamas and al Qaeda, which predated the incident.

For example, the letter cites the statement of French counterterrorism magistrate Jean-Louis Bruguiere, who said that in the case of the millennium bombing plot that targeted Los Angeles in 1999, the Turkish IHH was “basically helping al-Qaida when [Osama] bin Laden started to want to target U.S. soil.”

The letter’s timing was opportunistic. Just one week earlier, the State Department sent a letter to Rep. Ron Klein, a hawkish Florida Democrat, in which it admitted that “U.S. government agencies are taking a close look at IHH” for terrorist designation because “serious questions of support to terrorist organizations have been raised.”

While it appears that the group has been pushing the terrorism envelope for years, it likely has become a priority for U.S. investigators now because of its sponsorship of the flotilla.

Judging by the recent rash of terrorism designations for Iranian-linked entities, the Obama counterterrorism team has been focusing these days primarily on the Iranian mullahs. The Treasury Department, which is responsible for most designations, recently pulled analysts off other investigations to focus on Iranian-related cases, according to a former Treasury official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Designating the Turkish IHH would help thwart its ability to assist terrorists. If it is named a Specially Designated Global Terrorist, the Turkish IHH would be shut out from the U.S. financial system, and it could not work with U.S. charities, nongovernmental organizations or governmental agencies, nor could it raise money here. Such a designation also could help in freezing IHH money flows in the United States and elsewhere.

The greater impact of designation, though, would be political. In branding the Turkish IHH a terrorist entity, the United States would be sending a signal that it supports the Egyptian-Israeli blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza and that efforts to break it will not be taken lightly.

Though the current inquiries were triggered by the flotilla, Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Stuart Levey is a serious professional known for being meticulously careful. “This would not be a political designation; the evidence would need to meet the approval of Justice Department lawyers, based on the facts of the case and available intelligence,” explains former Treasury analyst Jonathan Schanzer, who is vice president of research at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (where this journalist is an adjunct fellow).

For the rest of the article Click Here


Boat trip is exercise in Israel bashing

Ahhhh yes,  it  warms the heart knowing there are charities out there who are bigots and Jew bashing, disguised as a loving charity. Walt

Charity is supposed to be fuelled by a selfless desire to help others, but it’s hard to see any such motivation in the plans advanced by members of Gaza Freedom March (GFM) to charter a boat and sail to the Gaza Strip. On the contrary, the idea reeks of self-aggrandizement and narcissism, along with the usual helping of contempt for Israel.

Canadian activists belonging to the group launched fund-raising efforts last week with the aim of mustering $300,000 to hire and staff a vessel in an all-Canadian effort to sail to Gaza despite the Israeli blockade. The trek’s primary aim is “to bring attention to the suffering of the people of Gaza,” presumably without going into much detail as to why Israel believes its security requires it to take a stand against Gaza’s Hamasrun government, which still refuses to accept the Jewish state’s right to exist.

Read more:


Liberal journalists suggest government shut down Fox

Source: Daily Caller

By Jonathan Strong

#Fox vs White HouseFILE – In this Jan. 22, 2009 file photo, President Barack Obama, center, stands near Fox News’ Major Garrett, left, in the kitchen of the Brady press briefing room at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)Read more:

If you were in the presence of a man having a heart attack, how would you respond? As he clutched his chest in desperation and pain, would you call 911? Would you try to save him from dying? Of course you would.

But if that man was Rush Limbaugh, and you were Sarah Spitz, a producer for National Public Radio (update: Spitz was a producer for NPR affiliate KCRW for the show Left, Right & Center), that isn’t what you’d do at all.

In a post to the list-serv Journolist, an online meeting place for liberal journalists, Spitz wrote that she would “Laugh loudly like a maniac and watch his eyes bug out” as Limbaugh writhed in torment.

In boasting that she would gleefully watch a man die in front of her eyes, Spitz seemed to shock even herself. “I never knew I had this much hate in me,” she wrote. “But he deserves it.”

Spitz’s hatred for Limbaugh seems intemperate, even imbalanced. On Journolist, where conservatives are regarded not as opponents but as enemies, it barely raised an eyebrow.

In the summer of 2009, agitated citizens from across the country flocked to town hall meetings to berate lawmakers who had declared support for President Obama’s health care bill. For most people, the protests seemed like an exercise in participatory democracy, rowdy as some of them became.

On Journolist, the question was whether the protestors were garden-variety fascists or actual Nazis.

“You know, at the risk of violating Godwin’s law, is anyone starting to see parallels here between the teabaggers and their tactics and the rise of the Brownshirts?” asked Bloomberg’s Ryan Donmoyer. “Esp. Now that it’s getting violent? Reminds me of the Beer Hall fracases of the 1920s.”

Richard Yeselson, a researcher for an organized labor group who also writes for liberal magazines, agreed. “They want a deficit driven militarist/heterosexist/herrenvolk state,” Yeselson wrote. “This is core of the Bush/Cheney base transmorgrified into an even more explicitly racialized/anti-cosmopolitan constituency. Why? Um, because the president is a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama. But it’s all the same old nuts in the same old bins with some new labels: the gun nuts, the anti tax nuts, the religious nuts, the homophobes, the anti-feminists, the anti-abortion lunatics, the racist/confederate crackpots, the anti-immigration whackos (who feel Bush betrayed them) the pathological government haters (which subsumes some of the othercategories, like the gun nuts and the anti-tax nuts).”

“I’m not saying these guys are capital F-fascists,” added blogger Lindsay Beyerstein, “but they don’t want limited government. Their desired end looks more like a corporate state than a rugged individualist paradise. The rank and file wants a state that will reach into the intimate of citizens when it comes to sex, reproductive freedom, censorship, and rampant incarceration in the name of law and order.”

On Journolist, there was rarely such thing as an honorable political disagreement between the left and right, though there were many disagreements on the left. In the view of many who’ve posted to the list-serv, conservatives aren’t simply wrong, they are evil. And while journalists are trained never to presume motive, Journolist members tend to assume that the other side is acting out of the darkest and most dishonorable motives.

When the writer Victor Davis Hanson wrote an article about immigration for National Review, for example, blogger Ed Kilgore didn’t even bother to grapple with Hanson’s arguments. Instead Kilgore dismissed Hanson’s piece out of hand as “the kind of Old White Guy cultural reaction that is at the heart of the Tea Party Movement. It’s very close in spirit to the classic 1970s racist tome, The Camp of the Saints, where White Guys struggle to make up their minds whether to go out and murder brown people or just give up.”

The very existence of Fox News, meanwhile, sends Journolisters into paroxysms of rage. When Howell Raines charged that the network had a conservative bias, the members of Journolist discussed whether the federal government should shut the channel down.

“I am genuinely scared” of Fox, wrote Guardian columnist Daniel Davies, because it “shows you that a genuinely shameless and unethical media organisation *cannot* be controlled by any form of peer pressure or self-regulation, and nor can it be successfully cold-shouldered or ostracised. In order to have even a semblance of control, you need a tough legal framework.” Davies, a Brit, frequently argued the United States needed stricter libel laws.

“I agree,” said Michael Scherer of Time Magazine. Roger “Ailes understands that his job is to build a tribal identity, not a news organization. You can’t hurt Fox by saying it gets it wrong, if Ailes just uses the criticism to deepen the tribal identity.”

Jonathan Zasloff, a law professor at UCLA, suggested that the federal government simply yank Fox off the air. “I hate to open this can of worms,” he wrote, “but is there any reason why the FCC couldn’t simply pull their broadcasting permit once it expires?”

And so a debate ensued. Time’s Scherer, who had seemed to express support for increased regulation of Fox, suddenly appeared to have qualms: “Do you really want the political parties/white house picking which media operations are news operations and which are a less respectable hybrid of news and political advocacy?”

But Zasloff stuck to his position. “I think that they are doing that anyway; they leak to whom they want to for political purposes,” he wrote. “If this means that some White House reporters don’t get a press pass for the press secretary’s daily briefing and that this means that they actually have to, you know, do some reporting and analysis instead of repeating press releases, then I’ll take that risk.”

Scherer seemed alarmed. “So we would have press briefings in which only media organizations that are deemed by the briefer to be acceptable are invited to attend?”

John Judis, a senior editor at the New Republic, came down on Zasloff’s side, the side of censorship. “Pre-Fox,” he wrote, “I’d say Scherer’s questions made sense as a question of principle. Now it is only tactical.

E-mail Jonathan Strong and follow him on Twitter


It’s Time to Tell the Truth About Killing Women in the Name of Allah, Most Merciful

Source: NewsRealBlog

by Jeanette Pryor

There is a serious problem with Anna Clark’s Salon Magazine article, The Truth About Honor Killings – it doesn’t tell the truth about honor killings.  Clark begins:

“Canada is on the verge of adding honor killings to its federal criminal code, affirming the practice of murdering girls and women who supposedly bring dishonor to a family as “barbaric cultural practices” and “heinous abuses.”

She cites the study at the heart of the new Canadian legislation:

“The government’s action seems to be prompted by a new report from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. Released this past weekend, the report found that honor killings in Canada’s immigrant communities are on the rise. The Report emphasized that these crimes must be acknowledged as a practice that is unique from traditional homicide because of its cultural roots and the targeting of females.”

“It’s a practice with deep, tenacious roots in the tribal traditions of the Middle East and Asia.  Amazingly, honor killings in the U.S. have been largely ignored by the national media.  For her part, Noor has come to represent the profound complexities faced by young women with one foot in suburban America, the other in Middle Eastern tradition.”

Clark cites a Marie Claire article by Abigail Pesta about the barbaric murder of Noor Almaleki, a twenty-year old from Phoenix whose Iraqi father crushed her spine and skull by driving over her in a parking lot.  Noor’s parents had taken her to Iraq and forced her into an arranged marriage. The young American girl wanted to become a school teacher here and already had a boyfriend.  Her father objected.

Inspired by the pedagogical method of Allah, Most Gracious and Merciful, he did the only thing any loving father could do when his 20 year old wants to make her own way in the world, he hunted her down and drove his Jeep over her body.

After six pages chronicling events leading to the murder, Pesta offers this attempt to explain the crime:

“The story of the next generation shedding the customs of the old country is part of the American experience.”

So, honor killings are similar to Italian and Polish grand-parents refusing to learn to speak English.

Both Salon and Marie Claire authors deplore the killings, the lack of effective legislation that differentiates honor killings from domestic violence, and complain that the media has not paid more attention  Repeatedly though, they help create an environment favorable to the killings by refusing to really tell the truth.  What is missing in their reports?

The universal lie about the honor killings is that, except in very rare cases, they are motivated by Islam.  They are condoned by the Quran explicitly, in the case of stoning women who commit adultery. They are the product of the view of women prevalent in Islam, that women are primarily servants of men, easily dispensed with when they “dishonor” men by indulging, or even only seeming to indulge, in sexual pleasure without the consent of the men who virtually own them.

It is very easy to adopt the comfortable version and claim that honor killings are a cultural phenomena because then we don’t have to consider the limits of religious relativism or, horror!, have to reconsider the potential necessity and justification for the Crusades, those clear and patent proofs that Western Civilization is evil – having condoned its own moral equivalent of Islamic Jihad.

Just for argument’s sake, even if honor killings are “cultural,” even if they are a hold-over from tribal societies, the fact is that Islam has been, not only the only official religion of countries practicing and exporting honor killings, but also the predominant cultural societal influence, their formative element. There has never been any significant attempt on the part of major Islamic schools, scholars and leaders to abolish, in practice, the “cultural habit” of slaughtering women for “impurity.”

Pesta does mention:

“Although honor crimes aren’t officially sanctioned by Islam, they’re associated with predominantly Muslim countries.”

Yet she cannot bring herself to admit that Islam itself, and not Middle Eastern difficulty with getting used to America is at fault.

So, what do we do?  We must have to have the courage to acknowledge that it is the Islamic concept of woman and her relation to men and society that generate, justify, and facilitate honor killings.  Laws directed at honor killings that do not recognize them as Islamic will be as effective as AIDS cures that pretend HIV is unrelated to the disease.  Next, we must enforce prosecuting guidelines that considers Islamic motivation for honor killings, not as a mitigating, justifying factor, but reason for harsher penalties.

Finally, we must adopt the suggestion of Geert Wilders and stop importing honor killers.  We do not allow illegal drugs to enter the country, we must stop the importing of the ideology that allows, even encourages men to murder women who do not conform to Sharia.  If we do not want to live under Sharia Law, we must have enough love of our Civilization to speak the real truth about honor killings.  We must stop killing ourselves by welcoming those who embrace and work for the extension of Sharia Law, and all its barbaric fruits, into our country.

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