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Oslo accords and “Peace Process”

Oslo accords and “Peace Process”

The Oslo “Peace” accords have not brought peace. The number of terror attacks against Israel and the number of Israelis killed by Arab terror bombings greatly escalated after Oslo to a level that has not been seen since 1948 (see statistics below). The Palestinian Authority has repeatedly violated all aspects of the agreement (see full report of violations below).

Recent armed violence by the army of Arafat confirm the predictions that this agreement would escalate the conflict rather than subdue it (see article). In the history there are many examples of international “peace agreements” that were rapidly followed by major wars. A well known relevant case is the Munich agreement signed by Chamberlain from Great Britain and Hitler from Germany in 1938, which was rapidly revoked by Hitler as German armies invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939 (see article).

The P.L.O.’s Charter (See Below) still calls for the destruction of the State of Israel. Fatah Constitution that is adopted as the unofficial constitution of the Palestinian Authority also calls for the destruction of the Jewish State in most of its clauses.


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Peace or Terror?

The chart above shows the number of Israelis killed each month in Palestinian terrorist attacks from the start of the intifada riots in December 1987 through August 1998. It is divided into segments marking significant changes in the political situation. The red line shows the average level of fatalities within each political period.


1. In December 1987, a traffic accident in Gaza sparked widespread rioting which came to be known as the Intifada. Despite the widespread violence, however Israeli fatalities were low in the early months.

2. After Israel’s June 1992 elections, a new governing coalition was formed, led by the left-wing Labor party. It began to relax the tight security policies of the previous right-wing Likud-led government. An upsurge in terrorism followed soon thereafter.

3. Terrorism shot up again after September 1993, when the Labor government broke with longstanding Israeli policy by brokering a deal with the PLO terrorist organization. In the 30 months after that date, more Israelis were killed by terrorists (213) than in the preceding decade (209 from January 1983 to September 1993).

4. Since the end of a wave of mass suicide bombings in February-March 1996, and since the election in May 1996 of a new government led by the Likud party, the level of terrorism has fallen dramatically. There have been far fewer successful major terrorist attacks, and fatalities in lower-level terrorism have also dropped significantly.

Sources: Peace Watch, Shalem Center, Yesha Council, Jewish Action Initiative, news reports.

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