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Egyptian Presidential Candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail – “U.S. Authorities Refused to Investigate 9/11, Which Was ‘Fabricated’ To Defame Islam”

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Egyptian Presidential Candidate Hazem Salah Abu Ismail – Whose Candidacy Is In Jeopardy Due To Mother’s U.S. Citizenship – And Mother Discuss Rise of Islam In U.S., Claim U.S. Authorities Refused to Investigate 9/11, Which Was ‘Fabricated’ To Defame Islam – In 2004 MEMRI TV Clip Of Interview On Saudi Iqraa TV

Following speculation that the mother of Islamist Egyptian presidential candidate Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismail held U.S. citizenship, and his denials, Egypt’s electoral commission this week confirmed that the mother, Nawwal Abd Al-Aziz Nur, had become a U.S. citizen in October 2006. Since Egypt’s constitution prohibits candidates whose parents hold dual nationality, Ismail could be disqualified from the race.[1] According to The New York Times, Ismail’s denunciations of American power had helped make him a leading candidate in the presidential race.[2]

In July 2004, MEMRI TV translated an interview on the Saudi-based Iqraa TV with Ismail and his mother, who were identified as preaching and teaching Islam in the U.S. The mother noted that she had come to the country due to “family circumstances” and had taught at universities and other places. At one point in the interview, the host said to Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, “As far as I know, you also go to America to preach da’wa to Islam.” Hazem said, “I live in Egypt, I never lived elsewhere, but by traveling to make da’wa I learn about the situation of the Muslims and non-Muslims abroad.” At another point, he said that he went to the U.S. for visits.

In the interview, the two focused on the aftermath of 9/11 in the U.S., with the mother claiming that Islam had increased there following the attacks – which said had never even been investigated. In contrast, the son claimed that 9/11 was “fabricated from the outset as part of the global groundwork for the distortion of Islam’s image.”

  The following are excerpts from the interview (to view this MEMRI TV clip, visit; following that are links to more MEMRI TV clips of Ismail.

Host: “I would like to ask you about the image of Islam and Muslims in the U.S. following the events of 9/11. Was this image completely distorted?”

Nawwal Nur: “No, not at all, praise Allah. The number of Muslims over there has risen, and people know more about Islam. Initially, they were very surprised to hear that there is a religion such as this, and then they began reading about it more and more. Islamic culture increased in this period. I do not believe that–”

Host: “Did this horrible event, condemned by all the Muslims in the world, not change the image of Islam in the U.S.?”

Nawwal Nur: “No, not at all, it has not even been proven that Muslims committed it. There hasn’t even been an investigation, there is nothing. They are confused about what happened. That is why they started to learn about Islam. Is it really possible that Islam would instigate such a thing? No, impossible. That is why more people converted to Islam.”

Host: “Even if we were to claim that some Muslims committed such a thing and we would accept this hypothetically, then the responsibility for this lies squarely on those who committed it, not on Islam.”

Nawwal Nur: “True. The U.S. is full of terrorism and gangs, and it has violence, murder and perversions. Is Christianity responsible for all this?

Host: “No, of course not.”

Nawwal Nur: “Not at all, I mean, these are individual cases.”

Host: “Even if one Muslim made a mistake, it’s his responsibility and not Islam’s, not Islam’s.

“Sir, do you agree with your mother’s description?”

Abu Ismail: I “Believe These Events [9/11] Were Fabricated From the Outset As Part Of the Global Groundwork For the Distortion Of Islam’s Image”

Read the rest of the article at MEMRI

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