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Pakistan acid attack victim commits suicide

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Source Telegraph

Pakistan acid attack victim commits suicide

One of Pakistan’s most high profile victims of domestic acid attacks has committed suicide in Rome where she had been undergoing cosmetic surgery to rebuild her face.

By Dean Nelson

Fakhra Yunus Before and After acid attack by her ex husband Bilal Khar

Fakhra Yunus, 34, leapt from the sixth floor of an apartment building to her death just weeks after Saving Face, a film on the plight of the 100 women per year disfigured in acid attacks in Pakistan, won an Oscar.

Ms Yunus was a beautiful 22 year old when her estranged politician husband, the son of one of Pakistan’s most powerful political families, who allegedly poured battery acid over her face and body in front of her five year old son.

Following the attack she endured 38 surgical operations in 12 years to reconstruct her face and repair severe wounds on her arms and body.

But according to friends the years of surgery had failed to restore her striking looks and she still regularly burst into tears after catching her face in the mirror.

Her close supporter, the leading Pakistani author and her husband’s former step-mother, Tehmina Durrani, described the attack had left her mutilation as so horrific that she “was confronted by open disgust and contempt by everyone who set eyes on her in Pakistan.” Parts of her body had been “melted to the bone,” she said.

Her husband Bilal Khar, who is the son of former Punjab governor and cousin of foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar, initially went into hiding after the attack while police officers sought to frustrate attempts to bring him to justice. He was later arrested in 2002 but released shortly after when relatives paid £2,000 bail.

Since Fakhra’s death there have been fresh demands for him to be jailed, but he denies any involvement in the attack.

In an article in The News International newspaper, her supporter Tehmina Durrani said she had met many women victims of ‘acid terrorism’ but none as brave and disfigured as Fakhra.

“She had not just become faceless; her body had also melted to the bone. Despite her stark and hopeless condition, the government of the Islamic Republic Of Pakistan was not in the least God fearing. She was provided nothing..but disdain..and trashed,” she wrote.

The Italian government, by contrast, had provided free accommodation, schooling for her son, and the medical care of one of the country’s best surgeons.

Despite her extremely disturbing ‘image’, the gracious people of Italy never ever made her feel she was any different to any one of them! In the beautiful city of Rome, Fakhra “She was able to walk the streets, laze in the parks, and enter a shop or a restaurant in the most prestigious of places, without an iota of embarrassment. In fact every waiter served her more respectfully than he did any other, and every person who looked her way smiled and nodded with respect,” she explained.

Professor Charvelli, the surgeon who had spent years trying to recreate her face, said he could not treat the biggest scars. “I tried to mend her physical scars. but was unable to heal her soul,” he said.

Saving Face Trailer

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