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Why French People Hate The United States, Africa, and Israel?

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Why French People Hate The United States, Africa, and Israel?

BY Joseph Haba, ME
PhD Candidate in Business Administration

American veterans, American businesses, American people, Israel, African patriots, and friends of Africa will finally analyze the legal issues of French Anti-Americanism by (a) identifying the issue, (b) explaining the rule of law, (c) applying the law to new facts, and (d) giving a conclusion.

a. The issue is whether, besides general anti-American perceptions, the French constitute a threat to anti-Americanism movement; given that a poll pre-Iraq war in France showed that “The French regarded themselves not sharing Americans’ ideas about family (58 percent), ethics (69 percent), work (76 percent) and, of course, life-style (81 percent), with democracy faring a little better at 49 percent” (Roger, 2006, p. 449). The second factor is the “switch in the very nature of anti-Americanism, from elitist, intellectual rejection of a boisterous rival to populist-extremist hatred and resentment against the ultimate enemy, half Terminator, half golden calf” by the French (Roger, 2006, p. 451).

b. Significant ties to an American-French treaty include “ The most Christian King and the United States … having this Day concluded a Treaty of amity and Commerce, for the reciprocal advantage of their Subjects and Citizens have thought it necessary to take into consideration the means of strengthening those engagements and of rendering them useful to the safety and tranquility of the two parties” (Miller, 1931).

c. The rules of this treaty have not been respected by the French, and the French think Americans are untrustworthy, provincial, individualists, egoist; therefore, they should focus “on the domineering presence of the United States, which needed to be countered, either culturally or politically” (Meunier, 2005, p. 128). The idea of countering the United States presence around the world culturally and politically is a relevant precedent case Americans must fight according to international laws.

The issue under discussion is profound because the French has built of “a critique of the self-centeredness of America…the French also offer a “liberal” critique of America as not living up to its ideals…look down on America because of the lack of education and taste of its citizens. The French negative sentiment about the beliefs that their country used to be a better place before the United States, but today many people from all walks of live have embraced the American culture instead of theirs (Meunier, 2005, p. 134). Meunier concluded:

Finally, the most recent type of anti-Americanism in France comes from some Muslims who partake in the “clash of civilizations” idea. Over the years, some disenfranchised youths of North African origin have become religiously radicalized, in a society in which they have not “integrated.” They consider the United States as the Great Satan, whose goal it is to lead the Western world in destroying Islam, and they believe in Jihad against an American nation (p. 135).

Now, this disenfranchised youths and French politicians have used their anti-Americanism to pollute a great number of Africans in their hate crime scheme. We need to join hands to fight back.

French Venality and Politics in the United States

Though scholars, educators, and the media have written about anti-Americanism, little link exists on French direct and indirect financing of some American politicians and lobbyists, friends of French political machines around the world and its venality. What do the some American politicians, Friends of French venality know about the funding of the American politics unknown to the American public? What do American veterans don’t know about the monetary statistics some American politicians receive from French diplomats to conceal vital information about French political entrepreneurs who use America’s good intention of promoting democracy as a catalyst to breed anti-Americanism around the world?

Before, going further, let me give you something to refresh your thought. French has forced more than 16 African countries, to keep 65% of their countries’ bulged in the French treasury. For example, let me assume the bulged of an African country such as the Ivory Cote (la Cote d’Ivoire) to be 5000 billion CFA. Just for the country of la Cote d’Ivoire, according to my assumption, France keeps one trillion CFA in its treasury because it keeps 65% of Cote d’Ivoire annual bulged. This means 40 billion dollars in French treasury plus 20 billion dollars in Cote d’Ivoire treasury equals 60 billion dollars.

Let’s assume that if we convert this sum of money in US dollars, we have about 50 billion dollars. Now, let’s assume that the average bulged of those 16 countries is 45 billion dollars, and French is keeping 65% of these amounts in its treasury and giving 35% to individual 16 countries.

African countries
Bulged per country
35% in Treasury
65% African countries in French treasury

Country 1 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 2 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 3 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 4 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 5 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 6 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 7 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 8 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 9 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 10 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 11 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 12 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 13 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 14 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 15 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US
Country 16 45 billion US 15 billion US 30 billion US

Total 720 billion 240 billion US 480 billion US

Do you see why Americans should never join with French people? France alone is keeping 65% of about 20 African countries, besides the effects of la Francafrique in Africa. Again, the 35% of the money that should be used for Africa development, France selects the African elites to steal 65% This means, out of the 15 billion US, only about 5 billion is used. But the 65%, which is 10 billion US belong to France and the members of her occult system. This means that About 85% of 20 African countries’ bulged are taken away by France. Why do people don’t see this? Can African nations use 15% of their bulged to develop their countries?

Now, instead of taken full responsibility of stealing about 85% of the bulged of 20 African countries, France almost always use the United States to mislead African. Now, when we look at how thousands of families accept that their love ones volunteer to fight for their countries, but the French use the United States as a partner to steal 85% of 20 African countries, you understand why some Africans get mad at the United States. How much money are the United States veterans getting of the these trillions of US dollars France have been taking out of Africa? The French are like snake; according to some sources, the French use a few American diplomats, and give them a few millions of dollars so that those Americans support the French in their dirty tricks. At that moment, African countries will be blaming France and the United States, but the French keep the money while the United States is blamed.

In la Cote d’Ivoire, for example, France used the United States and Israel. President Gbagbo wanted to work with Israel and the United States, according to a French writer and journalist. So France had to teach Gbagbo a lesson which states that France former colonies in Africa should and must remain under Francafrique. Even the United States cannot protect her friend, President Gbagbo, against France. French politicians know how to use the United States for their own interests in Africa.

Should the American public know about this? In fact, only French companies, which pay less salaries to Africans, prosper in Africa. American companies, which pay high salaries to Africans can hardly get contracts in Africa. Why? As American, I want the American public to ask Americans, Friends of France to answer these questions. The United States should protect President Gbagbo from being killed by Ouattara who is supporting those who want to kill Americans. Our government needs to send a clear message now to the French about Anti-Americanism.

Joseph Haba, a native of Guinea, West Africa, fled his homeland under persecution from the dictator, Lansana Conté. He lived in Liberia, Ivory Coast, and Switzerland before becoming a political refugee in the U.S. in 2000.  He has written Education, Democracy & Leadership!, detailing his method of transitioning from autocracy to democracy. He has an M.Ed. from the University of Phoenix and is completing his Ph.D.


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