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Video-Obama – The Anti-Israel President

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Obama – The Anti-Israel President


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  1. Developing democracy at South University 2011-11-04

    By Warner M. Montgomery WarnerM@
    Participants in South University’s symposium shake hands and agree to disagree: (lr) Dr. Jim Fisher, Rosevelt Martain, Joseph Haba, an Dr. Abd ‘Allah Adesanya. South University of Columbia held a symposium October 22 on “USA’s Developing Democracy in the World.” Dr. Jim Fisher, philosophy professor, presided, and law professor Dr. Abd ‘Allah Adesanya moderated. Rosvelt Martain, South University Night Manager and political science professor, and Joseph Haba of Atlanta were panelists.

    Haba, a native of Guinea, West Africa, fled his homeland under persecution from the dictator, Lansana Conté. He lived in Liberia, Ivory Coast, and Switzerland before becoming a political refugee in the U.S. in 2000.

    Since Conté died in 2008, Guinea has been struggling to establish a democratic form of government, and Haba is speaking openly. He has written Education, Democracy & Leadership!, detailing his method of transitioning from autocracy to democracy. He has an M.Ed. from the University of Phoenix and is completing his Ph.D.

    Haba began the discussion by apologizing to the African-Americans in the audience for his ancestors who sold their ancestors into slavery. Rosvelt Martain replied, “The apology is not necessary. Slavery has existed since the beginning and exists today.”

    Throughout the symposium Haba pushed the point that France is our greatest enemy, was the cause of the war in Vietnam, and is behind much of the tribal violence in Africa today. He stressed the need to rewrite history to remove the propaganda expounded by the French and the Arabs. “As a bomb I will explode the myths since I am a victim of the French,” he said.

    Martain stated, “ Democracy is messy and allows the best and the worst in man.” He stressed that each nation must have its own form of democracy. Dr. Adesanya said, “Every person wants to be recognized as a unique human being. Democracy is the only way!”

    The three scholars charged through the minefields of political prognostication bringing colonialism, secret organizations, U.S. partisanship, capitalism, and globalism into question.

    Students in the audience entered the fray. A young woman asked Haba to explain why he recommended we should invest in Africa since we would probably lose our money to their constant conflicts. Haba replied, “ We can’t liberate Africa, but our investments will help get France, China, and Iran out of Africa.”

    Another woman said, “ We should stop sleepwalking and help our brothers and sisters around the world.” Dr. Adesanya responded, “ We have made mistakes, but we can correct our mistakes and lend our experience to the emerging democracies. We have to have the courage to stand up for our truth. We must grasp hands across the world.”

    After two hours of heated and inspiring debate and discussion, Dr. Fisher thanked the speakers and students for their participation. He promised more symposia in the future.

    Comment by Joseph Haba — 2011/12/05 @ 8:42 pm

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