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Iranian Corps Commander stating that “only the Qods Force was involved in Iraq,”

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Describe the different sections of the country and Corps Commander

Corps Commander stating that “only the Qods Force was involved in Iraq,” said the Americans have done, but ultimately failed, and that despite all these pressures was a great success.

Commander of Iranian Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Revolution, said Shahid Hasan Thranymqdm efforts result in specific defense projects will be announced in the near future.

According to ISNA, the General Conference of Major General Jafari’s enduring message of December the second anniversary of the Student Basij Jabrabn Hayyan Hall University spoke with congratulations and condolences to the testimony of martyrs Qadir said the recent bombing incident was a particularly painful incident prior to the testimony of martyrs.

He was a unique individual Thranymqdm Shahid Hassan and his experience was that of a holy war in defense of a particular subject and a few years he had tried to develop this capability.

Referring to Shaheed Thranymqdm high spirits continued during the last few years, about ten days before the explosion of technology that had become lost and had to conclude that happiness and said that it all works, and only when all For testing needs.

He expressed that “we still can not announce the details of this technology,” said: The results of these efforts will be announced in the near future, but you should know that things were normal and the incident that happened only because the enemy had no involvement in the The problem is that Israel wanted to win it all does not dare to do such things.

Corps Commander said: Designer and scientific forces that this technology is in their hands, and with all the new organization of work is being continued in the future we will see the results.

Parsley to the Islamic awakening in the area and stated: revolutions in various categories will be analyzed, but in a sort of time is divided into three sections. The first section of this classification system to the development and consolidation of the Islamic Revolution and the great movement of God to prepare the infrastructure and its deployment is concerned, despite all Dshmnyhayy that each one of them was sufficient to stop the continued their way.

The elimination of nationalist, captured spy nest, and the failure of liberalism and the hypocrites from the actions described in section 8-year revolution occurred, and said: Each of these actions could easily defeat a revolution, but At this point, we had good growth in the Revolution and promise of the revolution to world war we’ve issued.

He “was the first stage of our revolution” that was the issue, but other nations did not believe in the mind and words, and especially those who rely on Many look to God there was no doubt that the continuation of this revolution finds or not.

The second section describes the parsley and said that this stage lasted about 15 years since the beginning of the 68th and continued until about age 83, was stopped at this point or revolution or move slowly or to the bottom and the half-life in situ handling, stop or leave the supreme leader, despite repeated reminders, especially the executive authorities.

Iranian Revolutionary Guards chief commander of the Islamic Revolution of neglect and disregard of the principles and values ​​under the pretext of the need for reconstruction and development of the country with the Western model of the most important factor in the Failing to stop at this point, as he said.

He added: In the second section of the diversion approach, we have problems and the black revolution and reform movements of May, which was 8 years ago, there was some work to stop the revolution officially announced and the only one who The incident was stood in front of the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Chfyhay means to fight the opposition to put the neck.

He continued to promote secularism and try out the system of religious democracy and pale to the documentation that clerical authority after a 88 intrigue and it still remains a part of it which I hope later to be part of the events The second point is.

Jafari pointed out: The issues that arose in the zone nations had a right to be skeptical of the Islamic Revolution and its success. Within ourselves because we were also troubled by doubt, and this lasted for about 16 years and therefore can not be expected because of Egypt’s historical message of the Iranian nation and at the same time listen to the people of the revolution was Nkrdyd and the hopelessness of this period. Later this period of stress in the nuclear debate was partly put on their leaves, and this also was another shameful since the reform period.

Jafari said the third point in the description: This section was about 83 years and the great danger of deviating from his path and stopping it after it was found that between 82 and 83 in the Seventh House their main route this time moving back and forward movement that accelerated during this period of time is golden.

He expressed that “the values ​​in the third period was reactivated by the people and officials,” said the approach to the valuable discussions and it was quickly followed by the supreme leader was very clever actions helped.

Corps Commander stating that “executive officials associated with the rapid motion of the third degree and hopes to help other nations to” said sections in the opposition and resistance against the route was changed and this was very serious resistance until that the media was drawn. Clear reflection of the positions in the past 7 years rapid development and impact on other nations, where it helped in any other era, perhaps this was not enough.

Jaafari also said the third level of military and economic threats and arrogance at the top of the rise and its effects in the 78 years since we’ve seen in 88 years and in addition to these direct military threats to Iran by the United States around the its peak was a fabricated story of September 11 was the presence in Iraq and Afghanistan was just an excuse.

He expressed that “America will leave Iraq without any achievement,” said something to them in Afghanistan will not achieve their goal of attending one of these countries to stop the diversion of passive smoking or the revolution.

He expressed that “sanctions and pressure in the third degree in all aspects of political, cultural, economic, and security was at its peak,” said the officials and people standing on the main issue was the failure of the war in Iraq today, the hard The softness in the political field between Iran and America and Americans in Iraq were fighting a holy war and the rest of the Haj Qassem Soleimani, and ate its impact on politics and not military.

Corps Commander stating that “only the Qods Force was involved in Iraq,” said the Americans have done, but ultimately failed, and that despite all these pressures was a great success.

Jafari said the following: Over the past 8 years of internal conflict between the hardness of the thinking or the opposite view and favor the view that the stop was in front of them and also there was a path back to the Revolution, during the reform era because his time was almost one way and the government in power after 83 years, but the value fell to the forces, but they had resisted the temptation to Ryyshhha and measures the height of the conflict and confrontation was 88. 88 enemies to intrigue, and even much hope for it had formed a shadow government.

Sardar Jafari, stating that “seditious 88 sequence was 30 years old,” said the end of January 9 was seditious movement of people did that and came out victorious from this trial difficult to divine the main theme of clerical support in the day because they knew the enemy was aimed at the opposition to put the province. 88 intrigue and oppressed Shiites in many hearts trembled and were extremely worried about the fate of the great personalities so that Hassan Nasrallah said he had been contacted and expressed concern and even cry.

Jafari stressed: an end to sedition, 88, 9 January was valid in that line of thinking took hold.

He continued with the analysis of Islamic awakening lasted only a year and this year even as the reliability of the oppressed nations said they wanted to be sure whether this will pass or not pass? The awakening began and the end of 89 years.

He expressed that “the first 90 years into the fourth stage of the Islamic awakening movement have become,” he said: I had a pest control pest at ninety years of proud history and unique achievements of the Islamic Revolution, pride by people who have an effective role in the and some others had in 88 years and had fallen in 90 years.

Corps Commander stating that “the events of the 90 most disappointed” that the people and authorities in the long term we should be cooked and tempered Ryzshhayy’ve been, but certainly the most growth.

He expressed that “the consequences of 90 years starting 33 years of endurance,” said: If the pride of the pest and the pest have not passed Camera Phone feat Neyo Yet it also has its effects even on the outside, and certainly I believe we transferred to the world that can stand against the American and world domination.

Parsley in another part of his speech pointed out that “the nature of events in Europe and America are different,” continued the corrupt system of capitalism and imperialism are tired and discouraged, and the inefficiencies that have realized the need for this nation for 30 years Today we see people stand up and shout and blessing of the blood of martyrs and heroes stand up to people and the provinces of Iran have realized that he could stand the pressure.

He expressed that “the Basij and Revolutionary Guards are the official guardians,” said the Basij and Revolutionary Guards that their destiny is tied up with the decisive role that has found its way through the exam is difficult. But this question, especially for the student Basij is a duty they are today?

He expressed that “the situation is not acceptable today,” said the forces defending the very idea of ​​what they currently have Rsalthayy Brdvsh, keep expanding and deepening the Islamic Revolution in one of the hard work and our main stage in the Supreme Brshmrdhand revolution led to the Revolution, and the third stage of consolidation and the establishment of an Islamic state. It has successfully passed that stage now for the third stage of the Islamic government in the executive branch not only try.

He pointed out: we must protect the progress in its efforts to deepen the revolutionary spirit and idealism, and this just might.

He expressed that “the country’s bureaucracy is difficult, and today this task is to mobilize the students,” said my 58 years in the Tehran University’s Cultural Revolution and Chrndyaty that was given to the students wanted the university to close the micro and Bstym .

He is one of the misfortunes of our country is that nothing has been done in the humanities. Students should begin their work for change in the humanities.

Jafari pointed out at the end of his speech: In defense of the revolution has passed the stage of Jihad and its main areas of current scientific and cultural forms. The main problem today is the management issues and you should prepare yourself for solving this crisis.

At the end of the mobilization of students who presented papers and business officials who were honored.


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    By Joseph Haba
    October 2, 2011

    Politicians today believe they are good for the people. While they become multibillionaires, the population becomes extremely poor as they suffer humiliation in the hands of self-serving politicians. To humiliate people, politicians attack the economic power of ordinary people. Next, they engineer social injustice, social division, and interest groups to create enmity and distrust among the constituents. Finally, they enshrine psychological concepts of superiority for the wealthy and inferiority for the poor. In his gripping account of terror, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef who is one of the founding leaders of Hamas (a terrorist organization) wrote, “A moderate Muslim is actually more dangerous than a fundamentalist, however, because he appears to be harmless, and you can never tell when he has taken that step toward the top. Most suicide bombers began as moderates” (p. 12). Are moderate Muslim in the world ready to join American enemies to attach America one day from this comment? This author was a terrorist who is now a born again Christian.

    The relationship between the United States and France, for most scholars and those who care about the United States appears to be harmless, and American politicians can never tell when France has taken the step to attack the United States. However, my research has proved that France is more dangerous than any terrorist organization for the following reasons:

    The United States politicians and the media have not told Americans that France is a viper numb with cold and out of perceived friendship. France is placed in America’s bossom. However, sooner will France be capable of uniting the whole world against the United States, France will turn upon its benefactor and inflict a fatal bite upon Americans. The warning signs are there. First France has to stifle the United States army by creating conflicts and involving the United States.
    For example, “In May 1950, President Harry S. Truman authorized a modest program of economic and military aid to the French, who were fighting to retain control of their Indochina colony, including Laos and Cambodia as well as Vietnam. When the Vietnamese Nationalist (and Communist-led) Vietminh army defeated French forces at Dienbienphu in 1954, the French were compelled to accede to the creation of a Communist Vietnam north of the 17th parallel while leaving a non-Communist entity south of that line.” Was it necessary for the United States to help France to retain control of its colonies?… And everyone knows how the Vietnam war ended.
    France has to prevent the United States from getting lucrative markets, and France will continue to do everything to immobilize the United States economic power. For example, “With the end of the Cold War the list of disagreements between the USA and France increased. France and the USA clashed about the liberalisation of cultural goods, knowing both that the spread of culture goes with that of values and economic powership. They clashed again about NATO’s strategies and leadership, in 1996, and again for the appointment of the new UN Secretary-General, after B. Boutros-Ghali.”

    France has been dismembering American business in Africa, and the French consider the United States as a threat to their national security. According to French officials, “US threat is a genuine concern for French authorities, as admitted by Michel Roussin, then Minister of Co-operation : a series of meetings were held at the highest levels of the French Government, in 1993-1994, to discuss strategies to defend French interests against those of the US. While visiting Gabon in July 1995, President Jacques Chirac verbally attacked “the Anglosaxons (who) dream of pushing France out of its position in Africa without paying a price”.
    Finally, and maybe most important, France uses American officials to weaken and undermine American security For example, Barack Obama has declared that France is America’s greatest ally, yet France exported nuclear technology to Iran, according to U.S. intelligence reports, which had an active nuclear weapons program at least until 2003. France also sold nuclear technology to Pakistan (…/nuclear-power-in-france-setting.pdfSimilar). “U.S. intelligence officials claimed Pakistan was a key supplier of uranium enrichment technology to North Korea, and some media reports suggested that Pakistan had exchanged centrifuge enrichment technology for North Korean help in developing longer range missiles” France also delivered and built Saddam Hussein’s Osirak reactor in Iraq that was bombed by Israel in 1981. “France’s Areva nuclear engineering firm said it would sell China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp. 20,000 tons of uranium over a decade. The contract is worth around $3.5 billion dollars.” “For French President Nicolas Sarkozy, nuclear reactors are the bridge between the West and the Islamic world… Since December, Sarkozy has signed deals with or offered nuclear technical advice to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Libya, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco.” “France hopes to sell a nuclear power station to Libya in 2010…French firms also want to gain access to Libya’s massive unexploited oil reserves, as do the rest of the world’s oil companies. France has a 1.3 billion-euro trade deficit with Libya, mainly due to oil imports.” “French nuclear scientist with involvement with a terrorist group Monday, opening a formal investigation into his suspected links with Al-Qaeda in North Africa” ( More troubling, “Did you know Obama is using your tax dollars to support pro-Al Qaeda brigades in Libya?”
    What does it mean for France to sell nuclear technology to countries that support terrorists? First, it allows France to have many friends while America’s enemies are emboldened. Second, Muslims who want to attack westerns will consider France as their protectors against the United States. As a result, more Americans will be trying to fight emboldened enemies as billions of dollars are spent for war on terror and thousands of Americans are killed and wounded. In addition, many tourists will not consider the United States as their destination for vacation, and many investors will prefer doing businesses elsewhere, but the United States. America will continue to spend her time defending itself against enemies while French people continue to create jobs for the French people. Should we say that all of these are making the United States to lose millions of jobs? Should Americans care? Do you understand why France was against President Bush for the Iraq war?

    Many Americans don’t know that by 2050 Muslim leaders will be ruling Europe because the number of Muslims will be more than the number of White Europeans. Europeans know this and they are doing their best to befriend them. In the United States, there will be about 26 million Muslims in 2050. If war breaks out between Europe and the United States, will Muslims in the United States support European Muslims? The Qu’ran is clear:

    In another development, France has used the United States to remove pro-American presidents from power in Africa. We saw the cases in Guinea and Ivory Coast where France financed Al-Qaido through Muslim rebels, and burning pro-American Christians (See picture). What Americans don’t understand is that if the French occult network, Francafrique, was dismantle, America could create more than 20 million jobs by doing business in Africa. “On top of its mining opportunities, the continent offers interesting agricultural opportunities, “such as the plantations or outgrower production of tea, coffee, cocoa, cotton, sugar, and the like” as well as “some low-tech manufacturing for local markets, such as beer and soft drinks, plastics and cement, and a very limited amount of export manufacturing (eg textile) by subsidiaries of foreign firms, especially under the Lomé Convention which gives African countries special access to European markets” Not only that if American businesses could legally supply weapons, logistical support to courts and police units, training of soldiers and officers, and the organisation and management of “presidential guards” to about 50 countries in Africa. Do you understand the stakes?


    “Pro-French elites in Africa are selected through various means, including the promotion ofFrench language (as opposed to English), in general, and the maintenance of close relations between the main actors, including heads of states. These relations are very similar to those in force in crime syndicates, with the promotion of a fake friendship based on the share out of riches, private meetings involving exchanges of gifts or supply of prostitutes, implying in return a secrecy linking accomplices, and even familial ties, with, for instance, current French President being the godfather of one of Senegalese President Abdou Diouf’s daughters”

    Comment by Joseph Haba Respects Gbagbo — 2011/11/27 @ 8:17 pm

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