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Syrian operations against regime opponents in the USA

Source Link: Internet Haganah

Syrian operations against regime opponents in the USA

A grand jury in Alexandria, VA, has returned a 6 count indictment against Mohamad Anas Haitham Soueid. (PDF Copy Below The Article)

Highlights of the indictment:

  • USA alleges Soueid is a Syrian intelligence officer.
  • It is clear from the indictment that there were others in the US who were actively assisting Soueid in his work.
  • Soueid & Co. infiltrated at least one anti-regime group in the USA and acquired what amounts to their membership list.
  • Soueid & Co. conducted surveillance of anti-regime demonstrations with the aim of identifying participants and provided all such data collected to the Syrian intelligence apparatus.
  • At all times Soueid acted under the direction of and maintained contact with ranking Syrian intelligence officials, not to mention at least one individual at the Washington, DC embassy.

The indictment is not without its humorous moments, such as this:

There is also a rather less funny element to the charges against Soueid, namely his purchase of a handgun and three boxes of ammo.

It’s not unreasonable to suspect that individual anti-regime activists in the USA were to be assassinated. Note that Soueid returned from Damascus on/about July 6, 2011, and purchased the firearm on 11 July, 2011. Of particular interest were Syrians who had filed suit against a Syrian government official not named in the indictment, but likely Ambassador Imad Moustapha:

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