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Statement by H.E. Mr. Mohammad Khazaeeat the Expert Panel Meeting on: “Nowruz and the Earth: Harmony between Culture and Nature”

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Statement by

H.E. Mr. Mohammad Khazaee

Ambassador and Permanent Representative

of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations

at the Expert Panel Meeting on:

“Nowruz and the Earth: Harmony between Culture and Nature”

(21March 2011 – New York)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

بهار آمد بهار آمد بهار خوش عذار آمد

خوش و سرسبز شد عالم اوان لاله زار آمد

ز سوسن بشنو ای ریحان که سوسن صدزبان دارد

به دشت آب و گل بنگر که پر نفش و نگار آمد

Spring is nigh, spring is nigh
Beautiful spring has come by
the whole world is green and fresh
Tulips raise their heads up high.

Listen to the Lily, sweet Basil
Lily in ten tongues speaks so well
watch the waters and the roses fields
how colors and shapes multiply.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the distinguished scholars, researchers, academics and guests to this event and to express my warmest greetings and heartiest congratulations and on the occasion of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, and the joyous revival of the nature.

Our intention is to explore various aspects of Nowruz and the messages it carries. The recognition of Nowruz and making it being recognized by the world community along with its characteristics are significant steps to be taken.

Nowruz is the transformation in time and nature. Great lecturers and poets have accordingly called it “the festive of revival”, symbolizing the resurrection and rebirth of the world.

Nowruz marks the commencement of the spring; the season of movement, dynamism, excitement and emotion. The enchanting beauties of the nature in spring have been a great inspiration for the people to recall the charming spirit of creation; while, through observing the amazement of creatures attest to the might of the creator.

The infinity of Nowruz has to be attributed to the fact that it has neither been an artificial social contract nor a politically imposed celebration. It is the birthday party of the earth, the commemoration of happiness in world, fiesta of blooming, excitement of rebirths and the overwhelming resumption.

While other festivities mainly involve closed ceilings and limited spaces with man-made ornaments and symbols, Nowruz drives the man out of such limits to the eternal and free domain of nature. Where the ceiling is the sky and the walls are the mountains and the green uphill; the weather gentle as spring, warm with sunlight which is shaking by the excitement of creation, charmed by the artistic moves of breeze and drizzle, beautified by blossoms, sprouts, buds and grasses, scented by the smell of rain washed bee balm, soils and branches, and overwhelmed by mesmerizing merry carol of the singing birds.

Nowruz, this aged celebrated occasion which has lived with us since the legendary mystical Iranian king – the Jamshid has always been an auspicious occasion to wipe the color of plight and grief off the face of the people and mingling their souls with the joyful and reinvigorating spirit of nature. Moreover, Nowruz has in one hand bonded consequent generations of different nations, while brought closed together different nations and peoples living in every given period of history up to the present, on the other.

Following the footsteps of our ancestors, in these moments which correspond with the commencement of the first day of creation, we officially and for the first time hoist the flag of Nowruz as the symbol of friendship and unity among the nations of the world in the United Nations and demonstrate the true beauties of togetherness.

Nowruz can open a new chapter to bring together all the nations. The table of Nowruz calls all members of the human family, regardless of their distance or political and geographical borders, to come together under the roof of friendship and compassion. Nowruz has the potential to be set as a means to assemble humanity and to sweep the stains of distance, discord and quarrel away while strengthens peace, friendship and solidarity among peoples. It is an invaluable inspiration which deserves to be promoted throughout the world.

The principal building elements of Nowruz are attention to the revival of nature and its poetic resemblance of the resurrection of human-being himself, philanthropy and revisiting pure moral and social values, cleansing the carnal and spiritual bodies from filth and dull repetitions and dressing them with fresh and new outfits, and reconciliation and harmony with nature and the environment.

These are the very key factors that the modern humanity tired of all the filths and worrisome of the materialistic culture, thirsty for spiritual respite and humane life in reconciliation with true humanity is questing for so many years. This is the reason behind recognition of Nowruz and its commemoration by Islam as celebration of divine, humane and natural values. As such, Quran the holy book has a distinct place in the Nowruz proceedings and table.

Promotion of shared humane feelings throughout the universe is the goal of the Nowruz festival. Stirring common sentiments of humanity and strengthening solidarity among people regardless of all seemingly divisive racial, ethnic, economic and political factors are the symbolic specifications of Nowruz.

Alongside the rejuvenation of the earth, Nowruz promises the restoration of the grounds of friendship and reconciliation; and collaboration based on our common values and perfectionist temperament.

Happy spring, happy Nowruz, and
Thank you very much


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