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Facebook Outrage: Nick Berg Murder Video on Facebook (Bumped)(Bumped again: Video gone & al Jihad Terminated)

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Facebook Outrage: Nick Berg Murder Video on Facebook (Bumped)(Bumped again: Video gone & al Jihad Terminated)


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A new low for Facebook as a group called “al Jihad [official]” posts the grotesque and gruesome video of al Qaeda in Iraq’s former leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi murdering Nick Berg by beheading.

As some of you know, it was the outrage I felt after viewing this video that caused me to start blogging about how our enemies use the internet to further their cause. Just a few comments:

A) Nick Berg was not a “soldier” as “al Jihad [official]” claims. He was an innocent civilian.

B) He was in Iraq to help the Iraqi people. In fact, since he was interviewed by Michael Moore for his anti-war conspiracy theory movie Fahrenheit 9/11, there’s a pretty good chance his political sympathies lay with the “resistance”. The footage of Berg’s interview was cut from the film and has never been made public.

C) I’ll let the Facebook page explain what “jihad” means in their own words (emphasis mine)

About: Jihad Is Not Terrorism. Jihad means striving. It is used to …describe the inner struggle against sin as well as the outer struggle against those who would oppose Islam. Did Muhammad teach Holy War upon those who reject Islam? Yes he did.

I’d tell “al Jihad” to go to hell, but I’d rather one of our missiles sends him there.

PS: D) Berg was not “executed” he was murdered. If this was an “execution” then what was his crime?

Read it All At JAWA


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