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Not In My Name

Source Link: FamilySecurityMatters

Written By Shari Goodman

While speaking to a young Jewish journalist from our local Jewish paper, he mentioned that his office staff will soon be meeting with the leadership of MPAC, (Muslim Public Affairs Council) a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Islamic front group. He wondered what questions should be asked of them. That evening I could barely sleep. My adrenalin was racing as I thought of the numerous questions that should be posed by not only Jewish American leadership, but by our leaders in the halls of government. In today’s atmosphere of inter-faith kumbayas, would we not be better served if today’s leaders had the courage to ask the tough questions?

Question 1: Why do Muslims follow an Anti-Semitic doctrine that refers to Jews as the “sons of pigs and apes” and why should we Jews respect a doctrine that calls for our demise? In the Hadith Muhammad said: ‘The time [of judgment] will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them; until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: Oh, Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him!” (Bukhari 4.52.176 & 177, and 4.56.791.)

Question 2: Why are the nearly 300 verses that advocate violence towards non-believers not purged from the Koran?

Question 3: Since Taqiyya (deception) is permissable within Islam, how can we in the West trust what you say?

Question 4: The Koran states that Sharia Law supersedes all other laws. Do you agree with the Koran? And if you disagree, how can we trust that you are not practicing Taqiyya?

Question 5: Why has there been no fatwa or decree issued by an Islamic cleric against Osama Bin Laden?

Question 6: Why has there not been a decree or fatwa issued by an Islamic cleric against those Muslims who commit acts of terrorism against the non-believers?

Question 7: We see mass organized street protests against the offenders of Islam. Why have we not seen any massive organized demonstrations by the Muslim community against terrorism committed by Muslims here at home in the name of Islam? A demonstration of “NOT IN MY NAME” would have eased the fears of millions of Americans, but such demonstrations have not been forthcoming.

Question 8: The Muslim Student Association has wreaked havoc on our college campuses against not only Israel, but Jewish students and Jewish organizations have been the target of Muslim wrath. What has MPAC done to address and alleviate the assault on Israel and Jews?

Question 9: Many of our elite universities are the beneficiaries of millions of dollars of Saudi oil money in exchange for biased Middle East public policy departments hostile to the Jewish State of Israel. Do you condone such policy and if not, have you taken a public stand against such practice?

Question 10: The Hamas Charter calls for the destruction of Israel. Do you agree with that Charter? If not, then what steps have you taken to influence Hamas leadership to give up that quest? Any evidence to support your claims… releases, letters, etc.?

Question 11: Anti-Semitism today is primarily emanating from the Muslim World. A leading Egyptian Islamic cleric Yusuf al Qaradawi has recently called for the use of violence against Jews and the United States. Have you publicly denounced his comments?

Question 12: The Anti-Semitism we are now witnessing in Europe, not seen since the days of pre-World War II, is a direct correlation to the influx of Islamic immigration to that continent. Is Europe providing a glimpse of what is in store for American Jewry as Muslim continue their influx here at home?

Question 13: Why do Muslim nations prohibit the construction of churches and synagogues within their midst while you continue to build mosques funded by Saudi money here in the United States?

Question 14: Islamic textbooks published with Saudi money are being used here in Islamic schools. Anti-Semitic material has been found in these textbooks. Do you monitor what is being taught and can we see a copy of the textbooks?

Question 15: When we look at a map of the world and the numerous conflicts throughout the globe, we note that just about all of the conflicts are between Muslims and their non-believing neighbors. In India, Thailand, Chechnya, Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. we are witnessing the slaughter of Jews, Christians, and Hindus. Consequently, should we in the West not be weary of the danger Muslim immigration poses to the rest of us here at home?

The questions noted must be asked and answered. Words alone are hollow without demonstrable deeds. It is those deeds that shall determine whether we in the West can rest assured that we have nothing to fear from the Islamists among us, and it is only then when we can begin the Kumbaya.

Family Security Matters Contributor Shari Goodman is Chapter Leader at Calabasas-West Valley ACT! For America, Calabasas, Ca. The views expressed here are hers and do not necessarily represent the views of ACT! For America or of Family Security Matters.

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