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Binyamine: A “Bridging Weak Tie”

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binyamine: a “bridging weak tie”

It began innocently enough. An employee of The Client asked if I had copies of Sada al-Malahem, the Arabic-language publication of aQAP. The short answer is I don’t, so I went looking, and not having the Arabic text of the name, I searched for it in English at Internet Archive. What I found were translations to English from Sada al-Malahem, translations claimed by something called Dar al-Murabiteen. From there, two names quickly surfaced, names surely familiar to some of you: insurgent and binyamine.

insurgent and binyamine are part of what I call the Indian Ocean Jihad, as insurgent is from Sri Lanka, and binyamine is from Mauritius.

insurgent appears to have gone missing in the not too recent past. There are rumors of his arrest, but it is also possible he has made hijra to some land of jihad. binyamine, on the other hand, appears to be alive and well, though websites closely associated with him are encountering some difficulties (e.g. the Deen al-Haq forum, the ssjr05.* blog, and the murabiteen forum, to name three).

An examination of online activities by binyamine leads to the conclusion that he is likely involved with Dar al-Murabiteen, and that he links multiple terrorist networks together through his work translating, transcribing, and distributing jihadi media content. He is linked, in no particular order, to

• Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan
• The Pakistan and Afghan Taliban
• as-Sahab, al-Emara, and al-Malahem media outfits
• al-Shabaab and their al-Qimmah forum

This is what Granovetter meant by a bridging weak tie – the kind of “weak” tie that is strong, as he links multiple networks. Among other things, all this helps explain why Samir Khan looks to Dar al-Murabiteen for translations when he’s assembling content for Inspire Magazine.

What follows is a sample of the the data I’ve collected that document binyamine’s activities, his connections, his aliases, and his associations.

binyamine and insurgent were both members of the forum, and I’ll start there with insurgent’s promotion of Dar al-Murabiteen products. For his part, binyamine laid low at clearinghouse – he was a member but never posted.

click to view full size

click to view full size

click to view full size

click to view full size

binyamine operates a blog, currently offline, called “ssjr05”, with the title of “Jihad The Forgotten Obligation”. He is AKA “Abdullah Mujahid” and under variations of the latter name he was active in the community of Anwar al-Awlaki followers who interacted in the comments sections of Sheikh Anwar’s blog., from google cache

Posting from 2009 at ssjr05, as Abdullah Mujahid

More recent posting at ssjr05, as binyamine2012

Postings at Anwar al-Awlaki’s blog, demonstrating the connection with the ssjr05 blog, the use of the ‘Abdullah Mujahid’ name in 2009 at both ssjr05 and the Awlaki blog, and his involvement in translation and transcription work:

binyamine was closely associated with the creation of a forum called Deen al-Haq, and is connected to Samir Khan’s network through that forum, in addition to his other connections to Samir & Co.

“Muhammad Usama Hamza”, friend of Samir Khan, fan of Deen al-Haq forum

binyamine’s account at Facebook

Abu Hanna Al-madni, friend of Samir Khan’s friends Muhammad Usama Hamza,
Abu Fatih al-Hijazi, and Sa’ad Ibn Ahmed

New York City’s very own Tarek Abdullah, friend of Samir Khan’s friends Abdullah al-Amin,
Abu Fatih al-Hijazi, and Sa’ad Ibn Ahmed. Tarek is also a fan of Hizb ut-Tahrir,
as are a number of Samir’s friends.

Speaking of Samir Khan’s network, binyamine was active on YouTube as “mujahidmedia1”. I would assume he had other accounts there, and now that “mujahidmedia1” has been terminated, I imagine he remains active on YouTube under a new name. Despite the removal of his account, it is possible to identify some of his connections, and those connections tie him to Stockholm suicide bomber Taimour al-Abdaly and Germany’s favorite jihadi poser Salahudin Ibn Ja’far.

binyamine linked his YouTube and Facebook accounts.
He was the only subscriber to the YouTube account Madridista052008.

The YouTube account Mudzahedin23 was connected to
both Taimour and Salahudin

at least two of binyamine’s uploads to YouTube made it
into Salahudin’s “jundullah” playlist

binyamine’s profile at the Political Forum helps demonstrate his affinity for Jamia Hafsa and al-Qimmah (this in addition to his activity on al-Qimmah, and on behalf of the Pakistan and Afghan Taliban).

Political Forum profile, click to view full size

binyamine at al-Qimmah, promoting Dar al-Murabiteen content (click to view full size)

Finally – and I say that only because it’s a nice day and I’m going to spend some of it away from the computer – binyamine has been busy distributing jihadi propaganda via Internet Archive. Here are four examples:

An upload for al-Qaida Center’s as-Sahab Media

An upload for al-Emara, better known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, AKA the Afghan Taliban

An upload for al-Malahim, the media arm of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula

An upload of a Dar al-Murabiteen translation of an aQAP product

That should keep you all busy for a little while…


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