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Greek Authorities Hit Back at Anarchists

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Source Link: Stratfor

Greek Authorities Hit Back at Anarchists
Greek police outside anarchist safe-houses in Athens raided on March 14

Greek police raided two apartments linked to members of the Conspiracy of Fire Cells anarchist group in the early morning of March 14, arresting seven people and seizing weapons and other equipment. Greek anarchists have increased their activity this year in response to the trial of 13 alleged Conspiracy of Fire Cells members. The March 14 raid provided authorities useful intelligence and evidence and may disrupt the anarchist group for some time.

The police raid targeted two apartments — one in Holargos, a suburb of northern Athens, and another about 326 kilometers (200 miles) north in Nea Ionia near Volos. Police arrested 25-year-old Constantinos Papadopoulos and his girlfriend, who was later released, in the Holargos raid. Authorities detained Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Bolano Ntamiano and Christos Tsakalos, aged 25, 24 and 32, respectively, in the second raid. These individuals have been wanted by Greek authorities for the past year for their alleged connections to Conspiracy of Fire Cells. Two other individuals, Olga Economidou and Giorgos Polydoras, were also arrested in the raid in Nea Ionia.

During the raids, police uncovered various weapons, including two to three automatic assault rifles, six to seven handguns, a large amount of ammunition and metal clubs. Authorities also discovered other items such as wireless radios, bulletproof vests, police uniforms, wigs and computers. Results from ballistic tests run on the weapons indicate they have not been used in any anarchist attacks, although authorities are carrying out more tests.

The anarchist group, Conspiracy of Fire Cells, believes in the rejection of authority, capitalism and consumerism. The group has carried out and attempted many attacks in the past few years. In November 2010, the group was implicated in parcel bombs addressed to the Mexican, Belgian, Dutch, Swiss, Russian, Bulgarian, Chilean and German embassies in Athens, as well as to French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. On June 24, 2010, an employee with the Greek Ministry of Public Security was killed when he opened a parcel explosive device allegedly linked to Conspiracy of Fire Cells.

Following the serial parcel bombings, Greek authorities began trying 13 individuals for their alleged connections to this anarchist group. In the lead-up to the start of the trial on Jan. 17, Conspiracy of Fire Cells and other anarchist groups stepped up their rhetoric, attacks and cooperation.

The raid on March 14 continues the authorities’ push to disrupt Conspiracy of Fire Cells in Greece. The intelligence and evidence gathered from these raids, such as fingerprints, ballistics and weapons tracing, and telephone and computer records, will enable Greek police to continue their ongoing operations to take down the group. Authorities have stated that they believe some of the individuals arrested in the latest raid were leading figures within the group. If so, this could leave a gap in the group’s logistics and operations functions — not to mention raise concerns about operational security — that Greece security forces could further exploit.


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