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Afghanistan: NATO Seizes Shipment Of Iranian Rockets – Report

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Source Link: Stratfor

NATO troops in Afghanistan seized nearly 50 Iranian-made rockets intended to help the Taliban in their spring campaign, an international intelligence official said, AP reported March 9. Acting on an intelligence tip, NATO forces intercepted the rockets, which were being carried in a three-truck convoy, Feb. 5 in southern Nimroz province near the Iran-Pakistan border. The 122 mm rockets, whose technical details match other models from Iran, have twice the range of Iranian-provided 107 mm rockets used by the Taliban since 2006, the official said. The official said the increased range of the rockets decreases their accuracy, making them more likely to inflict civilian casualties in heavily populated areas such as Kandahar city. NATO forces seized a total of 48 warheads, 49 fuses and 49 rocket mortars in the raid. The shipment is considered a serious escalation in Iran’s support for the Taliban insurgency, the official added.

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Afghanistan: Taliban Leader Sought Iranian Weapons

A senior Afghan Taliban leader visited Iran within the past two weeks to seek more powerful weapons with which to attack Afghan and NATO forces in the spring and summer, an unnamed intelligence official said, AP reported March 9. The Taliban leader allegedly met a senior member of Iran’s Quds Force, a unit within the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. He is believed to have requested more shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile systems like the two provided by Iran in 2007 that were used against a British and a U.S. Chinook helicopter. The official said that since that time, Tehran has provided only 107 mm rockets; C4 plastic explosives, which have been used in some improvised explosive devices; rocket-propelled grenades; and small arms, such as AK-47 assault rifles.


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