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Libya: Rebels Take British Diplomatic Convoy Captive-Update Set Free

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Source Link: Stratfor

Libyan rebels have reportedly taken captive a British diplomat and an accompanying Special Air Service (SAS) team in Benghazi, Al Jazeera reported March 6. An unnamed rebel source confirmed the report, saying it was unclear whether those captured were friends or enemies. They are being held for their own safety and are being treated well, the source said, adding that the rebels expect the situation to be resolved soon. The Human Rights Solidarity group has also confirmed that the SAS team has been taken captive, while the United Kingdom’s Sunday Times earlier reported the team was captured after a covert diplomatic mission to contact Libyan opposition leaders failed. British Foreign Secretary Liam Fox confirmed that a diplomatic team had been deployed to Benghazi and that the government is in touch with it, though he provided no further details.

Libya: Captured British Nationals Set Free

March 6, 2011

The eight members of a British diplomatic mission who had been captured in Benghazi, Libya, have boarded the HMS Cumberland and have left the country, Al Jazeera reported March 6, citing opposition officials in the city. According to the officials, one of the detained individuals had in his possession advanced computer equipment, which will be displayed in the near future.


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