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A View From Eastern Libya

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A View From Eastern Libya
-/AFP/Getty Images
A screen capture from Libyan state television Feb. 20 of a local council building in Al Bayda damaged by fire

Editor’s Note: What follows is raw intelligence from a Libyan source. The accuracy of the message cannot be independently verified, but it contains interesting insights into the current situation in eastern Libya.

Village and tribal elders in eastern Libya are exerting control and being obeyed. They have issued instructions to hand in weapons, and most people seem to have complied. While some small-scale looting has occurred, matters generally are under control.

The people are holding the few captured African mercenaries prisoner rather than putting them to death. Young boys broke into the traffic police headquarters, stole uniforms and are now directing traffic at intersections (and apparently doing a good job). People are distributing fruit juice and food at intersections for passing motorists, and shopkeepers are giving goods to customers without enough money.

Good intelligence suggests the air force has just joined the people’s side. They control the airspace at Benghazi’s airport, and now working to get a flight plan, so flights are operating.

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