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Consumer Watchdog is looking to hire hell-raisers

You cannot make this stuff up. This arrived yesterday in my Email. To actually qualify to be a hell-raiser you must have at least 2 years experience. Who is a Professional Hell-Raiser? I have never met one. Never saw it offered as a Major in any Universities. It is the first time I have ever seen it as a Job Title. Is it something like a Community Organizer?? Or a Union Boss who breaks your skull open and/or break your legs if you disagree with their methods?

The Consumer Watchdogs are going after the people who actually pay salaries and produce a product, Corporations and Wall Street, unlike Big Government or Union Bosses who produce nothing. The Email even makes what appears to be a threat stating “The 2008 election was supposed to settle the score with Wall Street and the corporate elite”.W

The largely peaceful revolution in Cairo and Americans’ celebration of it raises the question:

What would it take to mount a peaceful revolution in America against the Wall Street and corporate powerhouses that have turned the government against the best interests of our people?

In America, the corporation is king and the abuses of corporate power are the subject of our people’s greatest grievances.

The 2008 election was supposed to settle the score with Wall Street and the corporate elite that have ransomed, ransacked and run over the average American. The change never came, and it’s even less likely in 2012.

At Consumer Watchdog we build populist revolutions one spark at a time where the public has spoken but the rich and powerful won’t listen. While our work cannot compare to the heroism of the Egyptian people, we are inspired by their example.

The revolution in Cairo showed the power of online platforms like Twitter and Facebook to authentically air outrage and connect change makers. In Washington, DC, we are fighting to protect your freedom online, which is being threatened in the name of greater profit, by some of the very corporate innovators that created these platforms.

Thanks to all of you who signed the “Do Not Track Me Online” petition we started in September. Your protest worked.

On Friday, the “Do Not Track Me” revolution began with the introduction of legislation by Congressional Rep. Jackie Speier (HR 654) to force corporations to respect our right to keep personal information and online habits private. You can now weigh in with your Congressional Representative to pass the legislation here.

Health insurance companies like Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross thumb their noses at our democracy daily. They hijacked health reform to give themselves a guaranteed market, even as they fight daily to erode the consumer protections in the new federal law. Consumer Watchdog is working with regulators to force the health insurance companies to live by the new rules and with California legislators for “Do Not Gouge Me” legislation — giving government the right to stop unnecessary premium hikes. (You can weigh in for AB 52, if you have not already, here.)

What happens after a revolt is as important as the uprising itself. Insurance companies like Mercury Insurance, Allstate and Farmers have been fighting for two decades against the ballot box revolution of insurance reform Proposition 103. Consumer Watchdog’s lawyers fight back daily to protect and further that voter revolt, which has saved motorists $62 billion on their auto insurance, and to show that even the biggest and most powerful companies have to respect the people’s will.

If you would like to play a bigger part in our revolution there are a few opportunities:

• Our new “Take Action” page lists all the current actions in our campaigns. Visit it to join the efforts.

• Our attorneys are always looking out for corporate abuses that cross the legal line. If you have been cheated, fill out our complaint form and send in your grievance.

• Join our community on Facebook and Twitter to share your experiences and ideas.

•  Read more about our tactics, strategies and successful battles in my latest book The Progressive’s Guide To Raising Hell.

Consumer Watchdog is looking to hire hell-raisers with at least two years experience fighting for justice. If you have the passion and some basic experience, as well as excellent oral and written communications skills, send your cover letter and resume to

• Your tax-deductible donations to our cause are always welcome and very much appreciated.

Thanks for keeping our revolutions evolving. Dramatic changes in ideas and practices are the results of long, hard marches toward freedom and accountability. Together we will take the next steps forward!

Thanks for all that you do,

Jamie Court
President, Consumer Watchdog


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