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New Poll Reveals Egyptian Views on Protests

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Source: Washington Institute

Written – David Pollock

A public opinion poll of Egyptians taken by telephone in the midst of the current political upheaval provides an eye-opening perspective on how the Egyptian public is seeing these events. This is not an Islamic uprising. The Muslim Brotherhood is approved by just 15% of Egyptians – and its leaders get barely 1% of the vote in a presidential straw poll. Asked to pick national priorities, only 12% of Egyptians choose sharia (Islamic law) over Egypt’s regional leadership, democracy, or economic development.

When asked two different ways about the peace treaty with Israel, 37% support it, while 27% oppose it – although a third say they “don’t know” or refuse to answer. Only 18% of Egyptians approve either Hamas or Iran. A mere 5% say the uprising occurred because their government is “too pro-Israel.” A straw poll asked: Who should be the next President of Egypt? The results – Arab League head Amr Moussa 26%, Omar Suleiman 17%, Hosni Mubarak 16%, Mohammed ElBaradei 3%. The writer is a senior fellow at The Washington Institute and former chief of Near East/South Asia research at the U.S. Information Agency and Department of State. (Washington Institute for Near East Policy)

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