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Keeping the Heat on Sanford Bishop

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Source: Big Government

By Andrew Breitbart

For weeks now, our readers have asked a consistent question about Pigford — “Can I get a quick, clear explanation about what Pigford is and why it’s important so I can explain this to friends who don’t want to read a 30 page report?”

Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-GA) has given us an answer.

Here’s the quick pitch — Sanford Bishop is the congressman who admitted he knew about massive fraud in the Pigford settlement that was supposed to help black farmers but when confronted by farmers hurt by the Pigford settlement, he says it’s not his job to do anything about fraud.

Why is Pigford important? Because it’s a perfect example of everything conservatives and libertarians — and, hopefully, honest liberals — hate about government spending programs that cost billions, create fraud and waste, promote vote buying and don’t even solve the problem they set out to fix.

And it’s been covered up and falsely promoted by the media for over a decade now. Repeat after me: The actual black farmers were intentionally hurt more by Pigford.

For 12 years of politicians touting the “social justice” for the black farmer have systematically subverted their justice. The politicians and the lawyers and the “black farmers advocacy groups” have known this very, very well. They are Pigford flim flam artists.

I am committed to getting justice for the bona fide black farmers who faced government sponsored discrimination and land loss. These American heroes were betrayed by the so-called ‘black leadership’ like the Congressional Black Caucus, who sold them out at every opportunity. CBC member Sanford Bishop is a perfect example of the back stabbing that these men have faced.

We’ve issued reports, we’ve posted video interviews and now we’re drawing a line in the sand. Sanford Bishop is a symbol of the Congressional Black Caucus member who has sold out his constituency, both black and white. We’re talking bold action against Bishop and we’d like your help.

We want to inform the people who are most aggrieved by the Pigford scam and by Sanford Bishop. We’ve produced this 30 second campaign-style ad as a way to shed more heat and light on what Bishop has been getting away with in southwestern Georgia for nearly two decades.

And we want to start airing this video on television in Sanford Bishop’s home district in Georgia later this week

We think that by focusing on the easy to understand problem of Sanford Bishop, we can generate interest in the wider story of Pigford. If you support this move, please us know in comments.

In the meantime, please share this video. Put it on your blog, send it to your friends, tweet, like and buzz it. This isn’t about just one congressman in just on district, but that’s where it can start.

Click Here For Complete PIGFORD Coverage At Big Government


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