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Nick Clegg is clueless when it comes to fighting terrorism

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By Con Coughlin

The threat from terrorists is real and present (Photo: Getty)

With every day that passes Nick Clegg gives us yet further proof of why he is totally unsuited for high office.  As the country’s deputy prime minister, he will have been made fully aware, from the regular briefings he receives from our intelligence and security services, of the very real threat this country faces from Islamist terrorism.

Indeed, it was only through the skill and diligence of dedicated security officers that a major terrorist attack was narrowly averted over the Christmas holiday. The targets apparently included Parliament itself, which you might have thought would have driven home even to pacifist-minded politicians like Mr Clegg the very real and present danger we all face from this pernicious threat.

But in his desperation to pander to the anti-war-at-any-cost instincts of his dwindling band of Lib Dem supporters, Mr Clegg chooses to ignore the obvious and instead is campaigning to replace the control orders that are currently used to restrict the activities of Islamist extremists who do not have our best interests at heart.

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