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As Rosh Hashanah 2010 approaches—A look back at Obama’s last 19 months

I was doing a search for Obama having anything to state to the Jewish American’s about Rosh Hashanah, and also trying to find where the supposed President of the entire United States of America has even had any respect for Christian Holidays like he seems to have many for the Muslim Americans. I came across this excellent article below.

As I expected very few if even any speeches to the Judea-Christian population, which the last I checked, is the majority in the United States. And Obama has the audacity to state he cannot go around with his Birth Certificate plastered on his forehead because about 1/4 of the United States citizens thinks he is Muslim. Hmmm maybe Barack Hussein Obama it is because we judge you by your actions and not your usual rhetoric. Walt

As Rosh Hashanah 2010 approaches—A look back at Obama’s last 19 months

Source: Canada Free Press
By Christopher Massie  Monday, September 6, 2010

In 1952, the National Day of Prayer formally became law. Prior to that, this day had been recognized by the United States Congress as an official day of religious observance, based on previous calls for a day of prayer by the American government since as early as 1775. No president, regardless of insidious court challenges, has ever bypassed this sacred day of America’s right to closeness with God, so even the great divider Obama could not devise a secular-socialist plot to undermine such a profound day of historical implication.

But oh my, how he would try. According to the National Day of Prayer Task Force “Every President since 1952 has signed a National Day of Prayer proclamation”; ‘the audacity of non-authorship’ would surely have resulted in impeachment for number 44.

No, it would not be through the avoidance of penning the Proclamation that Obama would inflict a permanent black eye on the National Day of Prayer of 2010. His would be more subtle; a southpaw undercut you’d have to see coming to fully contemplate. First, there would be the words—few, well placed, and so subtle that even this author skimmed right past them at first reading. With emphasis added, here is that Proclamation:

“NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America do hereby proclaim May 6, 2010, as a National Day of Prayer. I call upon the citizens of our Nation to pray, or otherwise give thanks, in accordance with their own faiths and consciences, for our many freedoms and blessings, and I invite all people of faith to join me in asking for God’s continued guidance, grace, and protection as we meet the challenges before us.”

It would require comparing the entire article as located on the White House web-site, and as signed by Obama, to that written and signed by George W Bush, and others, before the above became crystal clear. Through the ever so subtle tweaking of the Proclamation to include “or otherwise give thanks”, Obama acknowledged—for the first time in history—an alternative to prayer within the nation’s call to prayer! Furthermore, by adding that one seemingly innocuous word “consciences” to the Proclamation, he incorporated into a document requiring a belief in faith the inclusion of secularists, atheists, antitheists, God-less elitists and more. In short, with 5 well placed words, our once God-fearing Proclamation was rendered the secular-socialists pledge of allegiance.

Additionally, with respects to prayer, no matter the creator one is speaking to, God is a prominent theme; when we pray, we pray to God. As an author of a document calling for a nation of 307 million to pray, it would be logical, even reasonable then, for a majority of the recipients of said letter to witness the occasional reference to Him. Barack Hussein Obama’s Proclamation of prayer, quite to the contrary includes one mention of God; compare that to Bush’s 15 allusions to the Almighty and that’s one “blame Bush” we could do with more of.

Secularization of the Proclamation

If that secularization of the Proclamation had been the sole transgression on Obama’s part, perhaps the issue could have been back page news. Not THIS Liberal; his agenda far outstrips the comparatively mild Clinton improprieties of what seem like centuries past. No, Obama had a message for Christians and Jews, and this day was just the day Barack Hussein Obama II had been awaiting.

Enter William Franklin Graham III (Evangelist Franklin Graham). Reverend Graham was originally scheduled to be the honorary chairman and main speaker at the 2010 annual Day of Prayer event that was held this year at the Pentagon. Obama’s administration, after receiving faxes and letters from the “Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF)”—the group representing Muslim communities in America—decided it would disinvite Mr. Graham. Well, ain’t that swell. Obama, under pressure from the Muslim community, fires one of the most prominent religious figures in the free world.

A lot of folks in the Muslim community point to Franklin Graham’s attitude towards radical Islam as their justification for crucifying the Reverend. The pressure on Obama, precipitated by the MRFF, stemmed from the piecing together of assorted talking points spliced into one overtly biased opinion of Graham by various sources, all dating back to the horrific days of 9/11. Rather than interview Graham himself, Obama allowed out-of-context statements to be used towards the end goal of the complete removal of religion from the Day of Prayer.

As we say, however, the truth will set one free. Here is an actual interview with Graham that Obama COULD have been a part of—if truth had EVER been a part of Obama’s agenda:

Male reporter: “Strong language from Mikey Weinstein. What’s your response to his group’s angry reaction to your invitation to the Pentagon?”

Graham: “Well, first of all, the United States, about 89% of the American people would profess to have some Christian background, connection or faith.Right now the US military is engaged in a war…in two wars…and I believe that ourNation and the men in the military need our prayer. Of course by coming to the Pentagon we’re not talking about Islam or Hindus or Buddhists. We’re just talking about men and women to pray for our Nation during this time of war. I have a son who is in Afghanistan‚Äìthis is his fourth tour. He’s a graduate of West Point. I know many people in the military and we certainly want to support them with our prayers. The majority of the United States are Christians, they are not Muslims. We’re Christians and we don’t want to attack the Muslims. We don’t want to say anything bad about them. We love them and we want them to know that Jesus Christ died for their sins and rose from the grave and, if they are willing to repent of their sins and receive Christby faith, that God will hear from heaven and heal their hearts. I want them to know the truth: that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God…”

Female reporter: “Let me interrupt you for just a moment. Mikey Weinstein’s claim is not whether or not there is a majority Christian population in this country. It’s that the US Military represents people of all faiths and that by having made anti-Islamic comments, the concern is there are people there…there are Islams(sic) in the US military who are offended by what you have said.”

Graham: “Well, you know, I’m offended by what Islam’s done, what Islam’s said. You have to understand, I know Islam very well and I work all over the world. I love the Muslim people but I disagree with the religion of Islam. I do not believe it is the truth. I don’t believe that Muhammed(sic) is a prophet of God. Now, I know they believe it and that’s fine and they can believe it. But I’m a Christian and I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God…and we care for Muslim people and we love them and we want them to know the truth. So, coming to the Pentagon, we’re not attacking the Muslims, we’re praying for our Nation. So, you have a couple of people that have a fax machine and a letterhead and they’ll fax a letter to someone, making a complaint. I think it would be a slap at Christians all across this country if the Pentagon listened to these people. It would be a slap in the face of millions of American Christians, hundreds of thousands of Christian families in the military…”

Male reporter: “But you can understand why people of the Muslim faith would be insulted if you called Islam a “very evil and wicked religion,” even if only a handful of people of the Muslim faith actually carried out evil deeds. I mean, you might disagree religiously on the concept of God, but they feel insulted. How do you assuage that fear of “them” (I think he meant “theirs”) and do you agree that pehaps(sic) your son and other American troops would be in danger if you made an appearance?”

Graham: “No, let me tell you something, my son is in danger every day from Muslims that are wanting to take the lives of American troops. So, it’s not going to have anything to do with what I say or don’t say. We’re at war with Islamic Fundamentalists‚Äìthat’s what we are doing and we can’t ignore that. We certainly can’t allow a few Muslims in this country to deny Christians the right to pray for its leaders and to pray for its nation. I love the Muslim people, I really do. I care for them and I work in many Muslim countries and I’ve spent tens of millions of dollars helping Muslim people…”

Female reporter: “Briefly, before we go…”

Graham: “…I care for them and love them.”

Female reporter: “You do seem to be saying, though, there’s a place for prostelytizing (sic) at the Pentagon.”

Graham: “Well this isn’t prostelytizing (sic)…we’re not prostelytizing (sic). And the Muslims, they go to the Pentagon they have Ramadan and they have Islamic prayers at the Pentagon. But here’s a handful of Muslims saying that we cannot pray at the Pentagon like they do? We can’t have the same rights in our own country? This is ridiculous! I just think it would be a slap in the faceof millions…tens of millions of Christians if the Pentagon did this…and the Christian families in the US military. It would just be a real offense and I just hope that the Pentagon doesn’t even consider this. This would be a great mistake.”

Male reporter: “OK, Reverend Graham, thanks so much for joining us to present your side of the story. We appreciate it.”

Graham: “Well thank you and God bless.”(

Perhaps it was Graham’s mention of Ramadan that drove Obama over the edge; perhaps Obama WAS privy to the interview.

There can be no doubting the palpable charge in the air in New York City today. This feverous pitch can be felt across the country as Americans from both sides of the political fence wrestle not only with one another but within themselves as well over the proposed mosque being planned only blocks from Ground Zero. Thousands of words have been spoken. Countless hours of television time have been dedicated to the people whose passions require face time for the clear expressions of their mutual causes. Millions of dollars are invested by those who would benefit from the completion of the plans to build; likewise millions have been spent by those who would benefit from the scrapping of those plans to build. Lines have been drawn in the concrete; battle lines are no longer hypothetical—you know where you stand on this issue.

Organizations in favor of the mosque—and it IS a mosque (by definition: any place wherein more than one Muslim gathers en mass to pray, in a pre-planned, scheduled and ordained way, is a mosque)—are dubious in nature at best. One such group in favor of the building—known as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), directed by National Executive Director Nihad Awad—recently scalded not only Republicans, but the Obama administration as well, for what they perceive as complacency towards the enforcement of their community rights. Speaking for CAIR, Awad said:

“The Democratic leadership also could have been more forceful in defending the American Muslim community’s rights (one notices the obvious lowering of the head by Awad here—a tell-tale sign of Taqiyya) uh, to freedom of religion.”

As the leader of CAIR, he—and CAIR itself with him as the head of the organization—flagrantly tosses about such bigoted rhetoric as “Islamophobia”, “Islama-phobe” and other such words of the ilk. Nihad Awad has been allowed to deceive without remorse (a well-known practice taught in the Qur’an, identified as Taqiyya): (Video)

Practice of Taqiyya

This practice of Taqiyya leads to the acceptance in his mind and heart of the use of such deceptive terms as “moderate” to describe himself and CAIR when Awad speaks to American journalists. When in reality, CAIR, Awad, and other groups he is affiliated with have been condemned by the FBI to such extents that all relationships have been officially severed between CAIR and the Feds; a direct order from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. These actions, to include a now alleged co-conspiracy between Awad and the imam funding the mosque near Ground Zero, Feisal Abdul Rauf, unequivocally establish him and his groups as extreme: (Video)

One last matter of utmost importance as it relates to the false truths so frequently spoken by Nihad Awad. The vast majority of readers will have never cracked the pages of the Qur’an; much less have studied it as this author has. It is a disturbing piece of work. If no other nugget of educational information is extrapolated from this article, may the sole message be this: (Video)

The imam, whom has become the face of the mosque near Ground Zero, too is shrouded in mystery to the average American; spending more time on “missions of understanding” overseas than here in the States answering questions regarding the money trail. Research into Feisal Abdul Rauf reveal precisely the same double speak one unearths when delving into the despicable world of his counterpart in deceit, Nihad Awad—indeed, two peas in a pod. Rauf’s words to the English speaking world would have those of us so inclined towards freedom of religion, tolerance and other such Constitutional aspects believe he’s a classic example of misunderstood intentions; a man scorned and persecuted for his religion.

On one hand, he preaches to a New York paper thus:

“My colleagues and I are the anti-terrorists. We are the people who want to embolden the vast majority of Muslims who hate terrorism to stand up to the radical rhetoric. Our purpose is to interweave America’s Muslim population into the mainstream society.”

Yet, as truth has revealed, through reading numerous quotes of his, written in Arabic on his websites, Arabic news-sites, and in Arabic newspapers, Rauf’s true intentions actually align more with the teachings of the Qur’an: the complete subjugation of all religions worldwide (particularly Christianity and Judaism in America—known as the infidels in the Qur’an) to Islam. Considering that Americans have neither the requisite time for scanning the internet in search of every news-worthy source of Arabic-written Islamic propaganda, nor—more than likely—a solid working knowledge of the language, how then are we to know of Rauf’s printed words as found in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere “over there”?

Glad you asked:  (Video)

Considering these issues now come to light, it begs the question: in what manner, precisely, Mr. Awad—and you as well Rauf, considering you fellows are considered co-conspirers by the FBI—would you have liked to see Obama “be more forceful”? Did you not recall that Mr. Obama worked VERY hard at the secularization of this nation’s National Day of Prayer? Did it escape you that number 44 does NOT condone a religious figure of any kind being associated with this nation’s most sacred days? Can you not understand that a day as important as the National Day of Prayer, or 9/11—as has already been established by Obama’s actions back in April—simply MUST be devoid of religious leanings, implications or references to God, Godliness or worship of any kind? (Video)

Obama’s actions on the mosque near Ground Zero, plainly stated, can no longer be considered political correctness. Waffling, flip-flopping, back-tracking be damned—Obama’s first response was his answer. From centrists to radical right wing nut jobs, America was outraged, and rightly so. This statement from Obama—a nation splitting, spirit eviscerating, scathing comment along the lines of “Let them eat cake”—was so unbelievable, so surreal that no other president in history could have uttered those words.

Should we have been so shocked? Consider what the man has done to the Jews of this nation; another dubious achievement award he’ll have a stupendously hard time fitting into the trunk as he drives off the front lawn in 2012. Bibi has a framed photograph of Winston Churchill prominently placed upon his office wall. Churchill, Britain’s father of Zionism, the man who wrote the Churchill White Paper of 1922 that was to establish peace, unity and mutual respect between the Jews and Arabs of Palestine at his meeting of the Zionist Organization in 1921, is one of 2 of Netanyahu’s great heroes. After the devastation of 9/11, the United States was proudly presented with a bust of the great Churchill—a bust that has graced the Oval Office for a decade. Obama’s first order of business upon taking up residence was to return the beloved gift so graciously dedicated to our country. Obama’s first insidious gesture would be far from his last.

At the end of March 2010, Bibi was scheduled to meet with the chosen one to present plans that would satisfy Obama’s demand for the cessation of Israeli plans for growth. Typical for such meetings are the proverbial photo shoots with the media—scrapped for this event. Also customary, polite, and well, down-right expected, is dinner between the heads of state. So dissatisfied with the first moments of their meeting was Obama however, that he literally left the room, stating crudely, “let me know if there is anything new”. So infuriated was the Jewish community that Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America called the insult, “racist”. So infuriated was Netanyahu by his treatment that it led to accusations of “hazing”, with Netanyahu’s newspapers stating it was “treatment reserved for the President of Equatorial Guinea”. Faux pas? Gaffe? NO; a trend in the making!

As I reported just days after the incident occurred:

“A Turkish backed flotilla, against the warnings of Israel (also ignoring the invitation by Egypt), and harboring what many reports called mercenaries (confirmed as carrying gas masks and other non-humanitarian related cargo), under cover of nightfall, sailed towards Gaza at the end of May, 2010. Sailing into hostile waters, the flotilla was warned to turn back, as this region has been sealed off by blockade to secure Israel from further bloodshed as it endured when Hamas took control of Gaza three years ago. When the flotilla continued its course, Israeli troops descended and took control of the flotilla. International outrage against Israel ensued, as the world was convinced this flotilla was humanitarian in nature, yet Obamarefused to weigh in for days; other than to, in classic form, throw Hillary under the bus, having her comment that this situation in Gaza was, “unsustainable and unacceptable.” When Obama finally DID gesture towards the Middle East, his response was NOT a gesture towards the true victim, Israel. It would be to invite Mahmoud Abbas to the White House—the first week of June 2010—to sign a taxpayer backed check for nearly a billion dollars for “aide” to the Palestinians.” (

This check to Abbas, these actions against Israel and Netanyahu, these blatant, arrogant ally-destroying maneuvers by Barrack Hussein Obama—not to mention the removal of Christianity and Judaism from the one day Obama was forced to leave in place (very much to his chagrin)—serve to etch into stone the promise made when he swore to Abbas, Palestine, Arabs, and the world that: “Jerusalem will belong to the Palestinians”.

As the Holy day of Rosh Hashanah quickly approaches—officially beginning in 2010 at sunset September 8—Americans of faith are encouraged, once again, to observe the divider-in-office.

Not a single important national holiday has been observed by this president.

Memorial Day and D-Day were snubbed. The Fourth was blasphemed by his verbal assault on the Constitution and very near cursing of the Founding Fathers from his balcony overlooking pre-selected guests. The National Day of Prayer came and went with nary a mention; yes, the Proclamation was written—but the crass actions, secular vernacular and insults leveled against a prominent religious figure spoke volumes as to Obama’s TRUE intentions for our day of Prayer.

And what of the days Obama has celebrated? Never in 65 years of its remembrance has a president of this country attended the celebrations marking the Hiroshima bombings. Yet on August 6, 2010, that’s precisely what Obama called for; sending a representative from his administration on the road—to continue along with the “apology tour du Obama 2010.”

And, lest we forget, there is this, all important, extremely American past time—an event that every president should consider as a unifying moment in our nation’s new destiny: (Video)

So, as we search this week for those sweetest apples, remembering the customs of this most Holy time of the year, let not your hearts be weary—nor let your minds be even a fraction of a bit shocked—when the least-holy and most un-patriotic president to ever have the audacity to sit within that hallowed place called the White House completely overlooks Rosh Hashanah 2010—he’ll probably be golfing with Rauf.


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