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Boat trip is exercise in Israel bashing

Ahhhh yes,  it  warms the heart knowing there are charities out there who are bigots and Jew bashing, disguised as a loving charity. Walt

Charity is supposed to be fuelled by a selfless desire to help others, but it’s hard to see any such motivation in the plans advanced by members of Gaza Freedom March (GFM) to charter a boat and sail to the Gaza Strip. On the contrary, the idea reeks of self-aggrandizement and narcissism, along with the usual helping of contempt for Israel.

Canadian activists belonging to the group launched fund-raising efforts last week with the aim of mustering $300,000 to hire and staff a vessel in an all-Canadian effort to sail to Gaza despite the Israeli blockade. The trek’s primary aim is “to bring attention to the suffering of the people of Gaza,” presumably without going into much detail as to why Israel believes its security requires it to take a stand against Gaza’s Hamasrun government, which still refuses to accept the Jewish state’s right to exist.

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