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Boat trip is exercise in Israel bashing

Ahhhh yes,  it  warms the heart knowing there are charities out there who are bigots and Jew bashing, disguised as a loving charity. Walt

Charity is supposed to be fuelled by a selfless desire to help others, but it’s hard to see any such motivation in the plans advanced by members of Gaza Freedom March (GFM) to charter a boat and sail to the Gaza Strip. On the contrary, the idea reeks of self-aggrandizement and narcissism, along with the usual helping of contempt for Israel.

Canadian activists belonging to the group launched fund-raising efforts last week with the aim of mustering $300,000 to hire and staff a vessel in an all-Canadian effort to sail to Gaza despite the Israeli blockade. The trek’s primary aim is “to bring attention to the suffering of the people of Gaza,” presumably without going into much detail as to why Israel believes its security requires it to take a stand against Gaza’s Hamasrun government, which still refuses to accept the Jewish state’s right to exist.

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Double Down on Iran Sanctions

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Sanctions and talking only go so far with the usual suspects, Russia, China and Venezuela,  not caring what the sanctions  are and would deal with the Devil himself, in this case Ahmadinejad. Walt

Economic pressure is already biting but more will be needed for Tehran to drop its nuclear designs.

Just a month after President Obama signed the Iran Sanctions Act into law, the new restrictions appear to have gotten Tehran’s attention. Gasoline imports into the Islamic Republic fell nearly 50% in July from May, according to Energy Market Consultants. Despite being a major oil producer, Iran needs to import at least 30% of its refined gasoline for domestic consumption, and the sanctions are putting further strains on the regime. To which we say, more please.

This has been a hard summer for the leaders of Iran. There may or may not have been an attempt on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s life this week—the regime can’t seem to make up its mind on how to spin what may have been a firecracker or a grenade—but there have been sectarian bombing attacks against top officers of the Revolutionary Guards, a strike in the bazaars, and a number of suspicious industrial accidents. Add to that new sanctions by the U.S., U.N. and EU and it makes for a regime that’s clearly under pressure.

The problem is that all this is unlikely to force the Iranian leadership to abandon their nuclear designs. Though sanctions have forced many Western companies to stop doing business in or with Tehran, other firms are already attempting to fill the breach.

A report released yesterday by the Washington-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies identifies 18 companies that continue to have substantial energy operations in Iran. They include Russia’s Gazprom, China’s Sinopec, Venezuela’s PdVSA, Turkey’s Tupras, and India’s Oil & Natural Gas Corporation. The report also lists Western giants such as Germany’s ThyssenKrupp, which remains involved in Iran’s refining and petrochemical sectors, and the Linde Group, which supplies LNG technology to support Iran’s natural gas developments.

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Oren decries ties between LAF, Hizbullah

LEBANESE SOLDIERS patrol in Kafr Kila, across the border from Metulla, on Wednesday.
Photo by: Associated Press


After border clash, US defends aid to Beirut for weapons.

WASHINGTON – The distinction between the Lebanese Army and Hizbullah has become “cloudy” and advanced weaponry given to the Lebanese military could find its way to the Islamist group, Ambassador to the US Michael Oren warned on Wednesday.

But Oren, when asked on a conference call whether the US had any plans to stop providing arms and assistance to the Lebanese Army, said “there’s no indication yet” of that happening.

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