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“Bombshell Video: Wikileaks contacted Obama Admin. before release of documents but got no response

Obama caught in yet another lie. How much more are the American People suppose to put up with, as children we are taught to not lie, because you have to lie in order to cover up the original lie and then on and on. I have known long ago when B. Hussein Obama was running for office that he is a liar and a sneak, he will not show any of his school records and continually lied about the Radical acquaintances he has around him. Wake up People!!!! I am tired of being lied to…….. Walt

Obama is downplaying the importance of the leak of thousands of classified documents. But he won’t be able to laugh off the latest allegations. We have now learned that with quick action he and his White House Staff may have been able to limit the damage, but they were too incompetent to act.

The video interview below blows this scandal wide open.

When asked by Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News why he should not be held responsible for potential deaths caused by the leak, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, answered that he contacted the White House about the leaks before they were released and asked them to review them.

The White House’s response?


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