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More Facebook Stealth Jihad? Was Palin’s Anti-9/11 Mosque Note Censored?

Source: NewsRealBlog

by David Swindle

The 9/11 Mosque is Islam's attempt to tower over us. But apparently such obvious sentiments are intolerable on the world's biggest social networking site.

How many more pro-Jihad pinpricks can we take before it’s too much?

Ben Smith of Politico reports that Sarah Palin’s admirable Facebook Note challenging the 9/11 Mosque has mysteriously vanished:

Sarah Palin’s attack on a mosque two blocks from the site of the World Trade Center vanished from Facebook amid an online campaign to brand it “hate speech.”

Her note, which was reposted soon after a reporter’s inquiry Thursday morning, questioned the views of the builders of a planned moque and community center on the “hallowed ground” and called the plan a “tragic mistake.”

Neither Facebook nor Palin’s camp was immediately sure what happened, but automated systems for reporting abuse have been used effectively in the past to take aim at political speech. Palin’s note now contains a footnote saying the original was “somehow unintentionally deleted by mistake or technical glitch.”

This certainly isn’t the first questionable pro-Jihad move we’ve seen from Facebook. See here, here, here, here, and especially Robert Spencer’s FrontPage article here.

My prediction: eventually these troubling signs are going to come to a head with a Facebook act or decision  so egregious that it’ll cause a serious exodus of users. And all the better. Facebook will not take a stand against Jihad and anti-Semitism unless its bottom line is in jeopardy.


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