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Joe Klein’s Upside-Down View Of Evil

Source: NewsRealBlog

by Joseph Klein

Cordoba Center Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

After childishly mocking Sarah Palin’s use of the term “refudiate” in her appeal to “peace-loving Muslims” to oppose the building of a huge mosque and community center within the vicinity of Ground Zero, Time Magazine’s Joe Klein turns serious in calling Palin’s position “totally evil.”

Joe, I am afraid you have it all wrong as usual. You see, total evil was committed on 9/11, and many of us who lived through it and experienced the horror first-hand share Ms. Palin’s concerns. Some don’t, of course, and that is OK.  But to cheapen the word “evil” and turn it into something you disagree with is far worse an abuse of language than “refudiate.”

Joe Klein just couldn’t help himself in his latest rant against Sarah Palin on the Swampland blog:

If there ever was a place to demonstrate this country’s core value of religious tolerance, it is at the site of the World Trade Center. As regular readers know, I am an intensely proud New Yorker–from the outer boroughs, even–and Palin’s intolerance runs counter to my all-American value system
Joe Klein and the other defenders of the Cordoba House, as the proposed mosque and community center complex is called, confuse skepticism with intolerance.  They believe that building this massive $100 million, 13-story complex in the vicinity of Ground Zero will show how enlightened we are  in bridging the divide with so-called “moderate” Muslims who had nothing to do with 9/11 andwho just want to pray in peace.

Here’s a new flash for Joe Klein. Muslims have more freedom today to assemble and pray as they wish in this country than they would in many Muslim-majority countries. And that freedom includes the center of diversity, New York.  However, we have a right to question the bona fides of the backers of this particular complex, given its huge size and its proximity to what many Americans consider to be a sacred site for remembering those who perished on 9/11.

If Klein were doing his homework as a journalist rather than lecturing us about tolerance, he would want answers to such questions as the following:

  1. Where is the funding for the Cordoba House coming from?  Has any of it come from Islamic countries (and, if so, which ones) or from Islamic organizations with ties to the radical Muslim Brotherhood? Are there any strings attached to the funding?
  2. What did the leader of the Cordoba House initiative, Feisal Abdul Rauf, mean when he said shortly after 9/11 that the attacks were “a reaction against the U.S. government politically” and that the U.S. “policies were an accessory to the crime that happened?”  Rauf even expressed skepticism as to whether Muslims were involved in the 9/11 attacks:  ”Some people say it was Muslims who attacked on 9/11,” he declared. How do these sentiments square with the good faith intention to heal the wounds and bridge the divide that Rauf and his wife Daisy Khan profess?
  3. Does Rauf’s belief that the “American political structure is Shariah-compliant”  mean that he will expect special accommodations for the community center that will be an integral part of the Cordoba House complex? For example, will the swimming pool be segregated by gender? It looks that way given Rauf’s quip that “one young American Jewish woman came up to me recently and said she would be so pleased if she could attend a pool and gym that was segregated for men and women!”

Joe Klein, along with his politically correct multicultural pals, may think that healthy skepticism in the face of such unanswered questions is “totally evil.” Most Americans with any common sense, who are truly concerned about protecting  their “all-American value system,” would think otherwise.


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