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Saying “Damn your Constitution” Pelosi illegally uses House “Observers” to beat anti moratorium act

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Source: Coach Collins

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Shameless puppets from four nonvoting American territories plus the District of Columbia have been used by Nancy Pelosi in a desperate move to kill an effort to stop Barack Obama from reissuing his moratorium on Gulf drilling and oil exploration.

On July 12 when the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Barack Obama could not place a moratorium on drilling for oil in America’s offshore fields we thought this would be the end of this particular attack. It did seemed like America had won.

In order to permanently end this threat to our economy, Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy of Louisiana’s 6th district offered an amendment that would prohibit Obama from reissuing his destructive moratorium.

Cassidy’s amendment was offered and defeated last week during a meeting of the House Natural Resources Committee. The vote tally went against America although it carried 22 to 21 among elected Representatives! “How could this be?” you ask.

It’s who counts the votes…

The Democrats followed their hero Joseph Stalin’s way of “handling” elections. He said, “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an election, the people who count the votes do.”

Although Section two, clause one of the Constitution provides for voting members of the House of Representatives to be elected by the states they represent, the Constitution is always only an obstacle to be stepped around for Democrats. Since they are not elected Representatives, the people sent to Washing to by Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, America Samoa and the Virgin Islands are Constitutionally barred from casting meaningful votes. Nevertheless Nancy Pelosi looks at this bunch as five more Democrat votes in the various Committees they are assigned to.

These “observers” were never supposed to be a factor in Congressional business, but when Democrats lost 12 seats in 1992 and could see what was coming in 1994 they gave the Observers a vote in Committees. Originally if their votes changed the outcome of a tally, there was to be a second vote without them.

This vote was a big win – win for Nancy Pelosi. By using the votes of this gang of freeloading clowns, she was able to offer “CYA” coverage to Nick Rahall (W.V.), Jim Costa (Calif.) and Dan Boren (Okla), all Democrats from energy producing districts, and “let” them vote “Yes.”. They can now claim they “worked” to defend their constituent’s jobs.

Those who can’t get angry about this and the fact that insignificant people from the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico have told us we can’t drill off our own shores, don’t have a patriotic bone their body.

Putting the Congress back on a Constitutional footing has to be done on day one in the new Congress.

Pledge your support to America. Pray for America. Stand and fight now or there will be no chance to do so ever again in our lifetimes.

Our enemies are motivated by fear of freedom. Let’s defeat them with love of country!
What have you done lately to defend our country?
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Knowledge is power.
Learn the truth so you can teach our children the truth. To read more about this story go to this Collins Report source:

Yesterday’s Rasmussen Presidential Index had Obama at –17
This day in history July 21
1925: The “Monkey Trial” defendant John T. Scopes was found guilty of violating Tennessee law against teaching the theory of evolution.

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