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It’s Time to Tell the Truth About Killing Women in the Name of Allah, Most Merciful

Source: NewsRealBlog

by Jeanette Pryor

There is a serious problem with Anna Clark’s Salon Magazine article, The Truth About Honor Killings – it doesn’t tell the truth about honor killings.  Clark begins:

“Canada is on the verge of adding honor killings to its federal criminal code, affirming the practice of murdering girls and women who supposedly bring dishonor to a family as “barbaric cultural practices” and “heinous abuses.”

She cites the study at the heart of the new Canadian legislation:

“The government’s action seems to be prompted by a new report from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. Released this past weekend, the report found that honor killings in Canada’s immigrant communities are on the rise. The Report emphasized that these crimes must be acknowledged as a practice that is unique from traditional homicide because of its cultural roots and the targeting of females.”

“It’s a practice with deep, tenacious roots in the tribal traditions of the Middle East and Asia.  Amazingly, honor killings in the U.S. have been largely ignored by the national media.  For her part, Noor has come to represent the profound complexities faced by young women with one foot in suburban America, the other in Middle Eastern tradition.”

Clark cites a Marie Claire article by Abigail Pesta about the barbaric murder of Noor Almaleki, a twenty-year old from Phoenix whose Iraqi father crushed her spine and skull by driving over her in a parking lot.  Noor’s parents had taken her to Iraq and forced her into an arranged marriage. The young American girl wanted to become a school teacher here and already had a boyfriend.  Her father objected.

Inspired by the pedagogical method of Allah, Most Gracious and Merciful, he did the only thing any loving father could do when his 20 year old wants to make her own way in the world, he hunted her down and drove his Jeep over her body.

After six pages chronicling events leading to the murder, Pesta offers this attempt to explain the crime:

“The story of the next generation shedding the customs of the old country is part of the American experience.”

So, honor killings are similar to Italian and Polish grand-parents refusing to learn to speak English.

Both Salon and Marie Claire authors deplore the killings, the lack of effective legislation that differentiates honor killings from domestic violence, and complain that the media has not paid more attention  Repeatedly though, they help create an environment favorable to the killings by refusing to really tell the truth.  What is missing in their reports?

The universal lie about the honor killings is that, except in very rare cases, they are motivated by Islam.  They are condoned by the Quran explicitly, in the case of stoning women who commit adultery. They are the product of the view of women prevalent in Islam, that women are primarily servants of men, easily dispensed with when they “dishonor” men by indulging, or even only seeming to indulge, in sexual pleasure without the consent of the men who virtually own them.

It is very easy to adopt the comfortable version and claim that honor killings are a cultural phenomena because then we don’t have to consider the limits of religious relativism or, horror!, have to reconsider the potential necessity and justification for the Crusades, those clear and patent proofs that Western Civilization is evil – having condoned its own moral equivalent of Islamic Jihad.

Just for argument’s sake, even if honor killings are “cultural,” even if they are a hold-over from tribal societies, the fact is that Islam has been, not only the only official religion of countries practicing and exporting honor killings, but also the predominant cultural societal influence, their formative element. There has never been any significant attempt on the part of major Islamic schools, scholars and leaders to abolish, in practice, the “cultural habit” of slaughtering women for “impurity.”

Pesta does mention:

“Although honor crimes aren’t officially sanctioned by Islam, they’re associated with predominantly Muslim countries.”

Yet she cannot bring herself to admit that Islam itself, and not Middle Eastern difficulty with getting used to America is at fault.

So, what do we do?  We must have to have the courage to acknowledge that it is the Islamic concept of woman and her relation to men and society that generate, justify, and facilitate honor killings.  Laws directed at honor killings that do not recognize them as Islamic will be as effective as AIDS cures that pretend HIV is unrelated to the disease.  Next, we must enforce prosecuting guidelines that considers Islamic motivation for honor killings, not as a mitigating, justifying factor, but reason for harsher penalties.

Finally, we must adopt the suggestion of Geert Wilders and stop importing honor killers.  We do not allow illegal drugs to enter the country, we must stop the importing of the ideology that allows, even encourages men to murder women who do not conform to Sharia.  If we do not want to live under Sharia Law, we must have enough love of our Civilization to speak the real truth about honor killings.  We must stop killing ourselves by welcoming those who embrace and work for the extension of Sharia Law, and all its barbaric fruits, into our country.


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