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Ads on cabs target honor killings

Source: Washington Times

By Michal Elseth

In a follow-up to its “Leaving Islam?” bus campaign, Stop the Islamization of America has launched a “pro-freedom” cab ad campaign in Chicago against honor killings.

The campaign aims both to offer safety to girls in trouble and to raise awareness nationwide about a little-acknowledged problem. “Honor Killing Victim” is displayed on each ad, next to a picture of a victim of an honor killing in the West — two in the U.S., and one each in Britain and Germany.

Underneath, the ad reads, “is your family threatening you?” with a website, “They wanted liberty They got death” flanks each ad.

Each of the Muslim girls featured on the ads — Americans Amina and Sarah Said and Noor Almaleki; German Gulsum Semin; and Briton Banaz Mahmod — was killed in attacks blamed on family members, reportedly for refusing an Islamic marriage, dating a non-Muslim, or becoming “too Americanized.” The Semin and Mahmod deaths ended in murder convictions; the Saids and the Almaleki cases have murder charges pending against the fathers, though Yaser Said is a fugitive.

The campaign follows the attempted honor killing last week of Afshan Azad, the “Harry Potter” films star who was badly beaten last week by her Muslim father and brother for dating a non-Muslim.

The ads in Chicago are the first in a nationwide campaign that SIOA hopes will raise Americans’ awareness of the honor killings happening in their own country. According to a recent survey cited on SIOA’s website, 91 percent of the honor killings worldwide and 84 percent of those in the United States are done by Muslims.

“Young Muslim girls must know there is an escape from their homemade concentration camps,” said Pamela Gellar, executive director of the group and a widely-read anti-jihad blogger.


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