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Students Asked to Stop Singing….The National Anthem

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Seeing and hearing this gives me hope for my grandson and the future of our country. Great bunch of Young Americans.

Source: Young America’s Foundation

Last Friday night, students attending Young America’s Foundation’s High School Leadership Conference were in for quite the shock when they were asked by security to stop singing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

No, they weren’t singing the degrading, vile lyrics of one of President Obama’s favorite rap stars, Jay Z—which many may find offensive. They were actually singing the national anthem (on the anniversary of the Korean War, no less), when a security guard shouted at them to stop and said they were being too loud. Who were they bothering, the hundreds of onlookers who enthusiastically cheered them on? Perhaps they insulted the many veterans visiting the memorial with their families that night.

It’s quite disheartening to learn that students paying tribute to our great country would ever be silenced, especially in our nation’s capital. As YAF participant, Sean Balcomb said of the incident, “I didn’t know there was a volume limit for our national anthem at a national monument, especially on such an important day in our great nation’s history.”

So, what did these proud patriots do when told to stop singing the Star Spangled Banner? They sang it again, even louder! Watch the video:


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