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When Obama met Bibi

Translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator

Source: Strategic Studies Group


On Tuesday 6 will take place the meeting between the American president, Barack Hussein Obama, and Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, originally scheduled for last month, but postponed the incident under the Turkish fleet off the coast of Gaza. Relations between Israel and the U.S. would pass its peak and although this quote is taken out a pretty rosy picture of two leaders cordially chatting, is quite complex to reach a good understanding of substance. For several reasons.

The first is the belief by the U.S. administration that Israel is guilty there is no progress in the peace process with the Palestinians, and that it therefore must be the party make further concessions at this time.  Washington is often described in the current Israeli government as a devil on the right, and nothing radical willing to accept sacrifices to reach the two-state solution, but nothing further from reality.  The Executive Netanyahu reiterated on several occasions his acceptance of two states and has done the unthinkable to adopt a moratorium on the growth of settlements, including works in Jerusalem were not such settlements.  In fact, the real problem was not Netanyahu, but the Palestinian Authority, which has received these measures as insufficient and has always asked for more.  But negotiating the partition of Jerusalem is something that nobody in Israel is willing to undertake to raise it at this stage and therefore want to sow mines is the way to any agreement.  It is Abbas who should push the Americans.

The second is the belief that Israel is under a state of paranoia that you can not see clearly their true interests and that leads him to react inappropriately to events such as the flotilla.  Needless to say, things look differently from Jerusalem, where in the last year has seen that Obama preferred approach to Iran rather than the traditional alliance with Israel, as Turkey moved toward Islamization, cutting ties with Israel and how and not only calls into question the legitimacy of the State of Israel to exist with the Goldstone report, but shrinkage and condemns the right to clear self-defense against aggression, as is the case of the flotilla.  And Israel has them and many.

The third, the belief that solving the problem between Israel and Palestine, the region will become a sea of tranquility.  This is a message that Obama has been planting since his speech in Cairo and is still floating around the White House.  And nothing could be further from the truth in the history of a region whose main problems and wars have been intra-Arab.

It is, finally, the issue of Iran.  While Obama for America is all directed at encouraging the negotiation and dialogue with the ayatollahs, for Israel it is important to make them stop the pump.  Time is running out and unless there is a radical shift in Tehran, when the decision on which hacker is just around the corner.  If Obama continues his rhetoric of a nuclear Iran is unacceptable, but a policy of facts also reveals that it is unacceptable to take a measure to prevent it, it will be impossible for a strategic understanding between the U.S. and Israel.

Netanyahu’s people can hope that Obama is talking to reconsider and understand the nature of a complex and changing region and, as Churchill said, ends up doing the right thing after all other options agotadazo.  But at this point the Israeli prime minister could be wrong.  It is not a question of ignorance on the part of Obama.  The underlying problem is that Israel enters a world without America, because America is in a process of withdrawal from the world, including the Middle East.  And against that, there are no words or gestures that are worth.


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